Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Orange day - Happy Halloween

Somehow it feels like an orange day today, I think it is the pumpkin influence. Did you do anything special for Halloween, we had very few children around here this year - I think they are all growing up! Do you use orange in your card making. I found I was using it a lot in the summer with lime green, and now it is perfect with browns as Autumn has arrived.The plain grosgrain ribbons are ideal for card and scrapbooking projects and teamed up with papers are perfect. I have shown a few examples of items in the shop - but there is a lot more to see.

I have been having a wander around the web, I rarely have time to browse through sites - and thought I would set aside some time each day to have a look around. I remember when I first set up my card web site - 7 years ago there were only a handful of sites that featured cards on the internet, you could find and visit them in an evening....now things are totally different. There are thousands of them out there now, although I think in the US Scrapbooking is the winning force - I found this blog - Sentiments by Denise I thought her selection of cards were worth a peek. I will have to find another tomorrow....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Not working

I am not working today, as Alameda School (and the rest of Bedfordshire Schools) have a day off! We popped over the Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands to get fireworks for our annual party, so now need the food and the mulled wine ready.

So I caught up with orders, and also made a few cards. Another template has been launched on the forum. Here is the sketch, and I did make a couple of cards that were almost matching the template, I know the Christmas one has missed a few bits out - but it didn't look right with it left in!

Maybe I will be selling a few tonight - they have gone out with the Country Markets, although have to say it is not always a good sales night this function.

We are having a weekend challenge in two weeks time that will be covering card making, altered art, scrapbooking and all sorts - so if you are around pop along.

Back to work tomorrow - seems like ages since I last went.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Owen and I had been doing a jigsaw in the evenings - which made a change from playing the normal electronic games - so we thought we had better take a photo of it before we put it back in the box.

Today we headed off to Canterbury - which was quite a drive from where we were staying - but worth it, it is such a characterful place. We went around the Roman museum - which did have a bit too much 'reading' for owen - but he still enjoyed it - and it kept us occupied for an hour. Quite an insight into the way they lived - and I know Owen has been doing the Romans at school. We did do some wandering around the shops - I found another craft shop - but the same as one I had found in Tunbridge Wells the day before and a bit samey!

A great holiday, and nice to spend some time together.

Friday, October 27, 2006


We went off to Hastings today - the weather was lovely and sunny so I took a couple of pics of where we were staying, before we set off. The oast House was the main farmhouse, and the other picture is the converted barn that we werein. It was quite small but ideal for a few days. There are other bigger properties there but they were all fully booked.

Hastings took me by surprise, it was a really nice wander in the Old Town, we went to the Aquarium and the fishing museum. There are loads of these sheds all along the beach - which were the old net storage areas.
- I know there was a craft shop but I didn't actually visit it! We also did the penny machines and won loads of little rabbits and pencils - kept us occupied for ages at £1 each!

They have two cliff lifts and we will have to go back one day just to say we have been on one - but for today we just watched them!

We did also pop along to Battle and do Tunbridge Wells for an hour, so was very busy.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Today we went to Rye and surrounding district. It is so pretty there and it is just nice having a wander around. I went armed with my list of 'craft shops' as posted on the forum - thank you ladies. We went to the tourist Info first and spent ages looking at the the very old penny machines they had there. There were a lot that were tableau style, and when you put your penny in various things started moving, some were from as long ago as the 1840's. Owen spent absolutely ages spending 7 old pennies that had cost us £1!

We managed to have a nice lunch and a general wander around and then luckily found one of the craft shops on the list! I didn't buy much just a few things as I thought I might have a go at stamping again. Owen also managed to find a cuddly toy in the other shop mentioned that had a variety of wool and other haberdashery bits. I didn't actually buy anything in there - but had a lovely wander around.

Finally we wandered back to the car and took a couple more photos:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sorry best I could do for a title after the excitement of yesterday today is a little mundane.

I just caught up on orders and sent off my Halloween Wedding card that I made. Not sure it is really one of my best cards, but this is it - it does look better in the flesh. I had to make an 18th birthday card and used the little black dress card with a different label included her name and age. I have to say that looked very nice so I am sure she will be pleased.

I am still struggling at the template challenge set by Susan, and did come up with this card, this is probably my last offering as I am away for a few days and by the time I come back there should be another launched.

Went to the pictures this afternoon with Owen and saw 'Click'. Wasn't a bad film although I felt it could have been a lot better! Nice afternoon out anyway. And then this evening I have been out for an Italian meal with the girls - great to catch up - although we mainly seem to talk about the school and the children's progress!

Monday, October 23, 2006

We are in the money

Paul did the Lotto, the Euro lottery and first ever Thunderball this weekend and he won on all three.....

...and we are just off to buy a new house and a Ferrari in the morning....I just wonder what you can get with £22.40.....amazing to think he won all three, and even more amazing to win only that amount - tee hee

Made another card - for the template challenge - sorry very similar to yesterdays, I can't get out of the pink mode. I will try harder, but am probably off to the pictures and got to catch up with some orders so not much time for playing.

The CJ is getting busy and we have had a few examples posted for inspiration....this is a page from Susan's CJ which was completed a few weeks ago.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Today I only went to the post office and back to post orders and cards, and then I played mainly. I have a commissioned card for a halloween wedding which proved a little tricky - but I actually enjoyed making it.

Well you have not got long to enter the big competition on the web site, Carol showed some fab SB's to get us all in the mood, this one is just so fab. Cards, altered Art, beady and cards are the categories - so get your entry in ASAP!

I have been making some other cards too - I did this one for the template challenge...maybe I could get into this eh!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crafty shopping

Today I realised that some of my emails have gone missing too, so no idea if I have deleted them in error as I have so much spam or whether they are lost in cyber space. So this morning faffed about setting up new emails for friends and customers...shan't post them on here - bound to get picked up by the spammers!

Also have had a card go missing in the post....

I have just placed an order for some charms as stocks are running low, and have ordered some new ribbons too - I have found some nice argylle prints - so hope everyone will like them.

We went out to lunch to Poplars Nursery in Toddington, and I wandered around Craftability, I managed to find some papers ready to use with my CJ, some nice pink themed ones and some other bits and bobs. Had a nice chat with Vanessa haven't popped over there in ages - she was telling me all about the new die cutter the Clutterbug.....so now I don't know whether I may have that on my Christmas list!

Don't forget that it is the last week to enter the picture comp and wordsearch on the web site, and the chance to win these crystals:
CBC - Competitions
and also the big comp on the forum

Friday, October 20, 2006

From good to bad

The day started well really - well apart form the weather! I even tidied up my 'still to be finished' kitchen. Then I went to see Bex and her little scaredy cat dog!

We had a lovely time - opened a parcel of paper that had just been delivered, and opened my parcel of paper that Sue had left for me. Looked through various crafty bits she has - it is all so tidy and nicely labelled...shame she put her new rubber stamps in the drawer entitled dies - otherwise she would have found them much quicker! We also sat and tidied up the last of her drawers!

I also received some dies I bought from Sheliagh, and Bex gave me a couple too and I know I have some on the way that Carol is giving me too - how lucky am I.

Then I came home to find that I had another order that had gone walkabaout from beginning of last week, this week has been a disaster several have gone missing, as well as several hours on the forum. (We all need extra hours not less!) And now it looks like I may have lost emails. AND I have had a parcel go missing...so just not my day (well second half anyway :(.

I have organised the next competition that Sheila (Bookworm) will be organising ans giving a prize for....so watch out for that very soon.

I have constructed my Circle Journal book - so I guess I best start thinking about doing something in - can honestly say I am scared stiff, kind of regretting putting my name down now.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tuesday a little late

I know I was supposed to blog on Tuesday, but I changed my working week around so that I worked Monday to Wednesday, and now I have the rest of the week off!

We seem to be having a huge mushroom problem in the garden, and one appeared on the edge of our drive - absolutely amazing - it pushed the edge of the drive up, how strong are they? I dug it up and weighed it and was amazed to see it was well over 2lbs, it seemed such a waste to throw it away - wonder if we could have eat it! We also a fairy ring on the lawn....

It was my turn on the Country Market stall today, and it actually didn't rain on me - just very windy. Managed to sell 9 cards today, which I have to say is unusual, our market in Ampthill is very small so sales can vary widely! Also sold 3 in the office yesterday, so successful week. I need to get making more now.

Next big project that I am already worrying over is that I am part of a group to do a circle journal...must think of a theme before the end of the day.

Tomorrow I have coffee with Bex planned - not sure we will do anything crafty - but hey you never know.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Been Playing

I did a really funny this week and manage to make a wedding card and mispelt 'Love' I have a scan of the card and now I am glancing back at it I just can't believe how I missed it. I showed Paul and he didn't notice it either! I took it into work and Vanessa noticed it, so I ended up hurriedly fixing it before I met Sue at lunchtime. What a day! I guess you are wondering how the heck I misspelt it - well so am I!

The little black cloud that has hung over me this week is beginning to lift and I hope things are getting better, looks like they will - time will tell.

I have also been playing today and have made a couple of 'Artist Trading Cards' ATC something I have never attempted before - they are just something you make about the size of a playing card and work to a theme. The theme is set weekly on the forum, and this week it is Glamour & Glitz.

I was also due to pick up a pile of fabby paper that I ordered with Sue - but of course in all the excitement I forgot to pick it up in MK on Friday...was looking forward to making some cards with it! Oh well hope I can get it soon. I was lucky enough to be given some vouchers in May (you know who you are girls!) and I had only got round to spending it.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Eye opener

Well the last few days have been both shocking and distressing, and a complete eye opener for me. They say life is full of surprises and it sure is. But hey ho onwards and upwards. On the other side of the coin I have been very pleasantly surprised at other people and their kindness, support and thoughts.

I guess my trust of friends has been knocked for six, but today is a new day, and I hope my headache soons lifts.

Mum and Dad came over and have both got awful colds so although they had planned to stay until tomorrow they have already gone - coughing and spluttering loaded up with throat lozenges for the journey home.

So we didn't do much yesterday, they took longer than expected to get here so we only went to the new Waitrose in Ampthill, to buy our dinner. They saw the new kitchen - which is still waiting for new doors and floors - but should be done soon.

I have really got into card making and have been making a few each day - so must keep this up....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Titles are so hard....for a blog

Well I have not travelled far this weekend!
I did have a nice time making cards - I needed to make a wedding card - and really need to make something different, which was pretty hard for me. I shall post it next week sometime after the wedding has happened! I also made lots of other cards, just need to start selling them really, I have even wrapped them ready
I thought I would put a couple on here as I printed the paper, long time since I have done that sort of thing, and with so many lovely fonts around I thought it was high time I made use of them.

Also got a bit sidetracked looking through Ancestry.co.uk at some census records and the fact that I couldn't find the lot I was looking for in 1861 but found all other years quite odd really. I shall return to it another day. I would love to go and visit a records office - but wouldn't kow where to start, I shall have to find a friend to take me. Really enjoying the "Who do you think you are" on the BBC atm.

Mum & Dad are coming this week so must get on making the bed...and got off here!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Another day at home

Well Owen still seemed under the weather so I took the day off work. We didn't do so much today, just played draughts, and sat around. I did leave him to his own devices and got my orders done. I had a card order for 4 cards, and I made a few extra too, so quite aproductive day. Boy did it rain as well....

Made a visit to the new Waitrose as I was running out of tea bags - but didn't really have a good look around...will leave that excitement to another day!

Oh and I forgot to say - I have got new specs for reading....taking a bit of getting used to, the words seem to big to me!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poorly Boy - or is he

Today Owen didn't go to school I had picked him up early from school yesterday, but I have to say he really didn't seem that ill. He had a lie in this morning, and then played with his hot wires - first time it has been out in ages - but it did seem to keep him occupied! He managed to make an alarm for the door and a fan.
We also did some baking together and he made some gingerbread cookies and he used the cookie maker to pipe them onto the tray, have to say it was great fun - although more washing up, and a bit of a knack to using it!

I actually finished some cards that I had rubber stamped - and although not anything amazing made a change to go back to stamping. I shall have to be more adventurous next time. I still have some more stamped images to put onto cards.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today I saw this quote and I thought of me...

My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?
Charles M. Schulz
US cartoonist (1922 - 2000)

...a quiet day really - a friend popped round for coffee and ran me down to the garage to pick up my car from its service and MOT - luckily it passed

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gosh - I am so sorry

I really don't know where the time has gone and I have left my blog all cold and lonely. I guess life in the last few weeks has been more mundane, and not much to report.

I have already booked next years summer holiday and we are returning to Cornwall, a different place this time as we were unable to get into the one we went to last year:
trenancefarmholidays, so a long time away but thought it was better to get it booked and then not worry.

I went to Sue's a while back and spent the day rubber stamping - I have to say I really enjoyed myself. I shall scan some of the cards I make - still got to construct them, I have not done stamping for year and years, and was spoilt for choice on designs. I hope that she invites me back.

The Ampthill Farmers' Market changed location and eventually got busy, I hope it is a success, I did sell about 6 cards - a little down on numbers - but still fun!