Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mother's Day

I sat and made a few cards at the weekend, and put Mother's Day greetings on them, can easily swap a birthday greeting on them after, but thought they were all good for Mums!

So thought I would share them here:

It is not that easy getting this stamp as a really good image, I used a versamark copper one in the end, it needs to be nice a 'wet', lovely image when done right!

This one is a stamp I have had for a long while now, but still love it.

This one I bought second hand last year, glittered this one up to match the paper, not sure if you can see it in the picture.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Origami Dress

Spotted a link to make an origami dress on pinterest, so had to give it a go.

I remember doing shirts years ago, and they were fun to make. Have to say I think a shirt and tie on a card is not very exciting these days, many men don't wear ties these days even at the office, so gave up on them a long time ago.

Loved to do origami when I was a child - brings back memories :)

I used this You tube video

Origami dress

To put on a a6 inch square card, I used a 14cm square piece of paper.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New stamps

We went over to Letchworth the other day, just for a wander and of course I went into the craft shop I absolutely didn't need anything, but somehow I came out with 4 new stamps and my purse a lot lighter!  So had some fun playing with them at the weekend.

This one I stamped and then got out the H2Os that have not been out for a while:

This one I used watercolour pens onto the stamp, and then stamped onto watercolour paper.  I then used water and a brush to drag the stamped colour. 

This has just been stamped and coloured, I like to use watercolours and watercolour paper these days.

This was a 2 stamp set from Creative Expressions - Daisy, so first stamp was with watercolour pens direct to the stamp, and then the second one stamped over the top to give detail.