Thursday, April 16, 2015

Curtains - for shelf

As promised here are the curtains - nothing amazing but they do the job and cover up the ugly shelves of my craft room,

Net rod does the job perfectly, so when the door is open to the room it looks much tidier, I do still need to downsize some of the things and am starting to use stuff now that I know where things are :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bag for tablet

I thought a bag for my tablet would be good, this is for it with the slim hard case on it, so just needed something soft but not necessarily super padded, so decided to line it with an off white plain fleece.  

My first go at sewing with fleece - was pleased with the results for first attempt.  I made this on the old machine and have not actually finished it off - as couldn't decide about a flower.  

It is still just resting there, I used a new Kanzashi template that I borrowed from one of the ladies the Ampthill Country Market stall, as I have introduced her to these :)

The button and loop was again a first, I did notice that a lot of people use hairbands for this, but I didn't have any around that looked 'new', so made this instead, which I think looks nice.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tissue Pouches

A friend of mine used to to lots of sewing for the Ampthill country Market stall, but she has now retired to Cornwall, so I told her about my new obsession of sewing and she suggested that I made some tissue pouches as they were always popular on the market.

So I set to work on how to make one - have to say I did have one of hers to start with.

But I am a 'logical' template type of person - so I had to get a template drawn up on a piece of card!

I decided to have a go at a top opening one as well, I have loads of the pink flower fabric so played with that and had a few failed attempts - I also discovered that there are slight differences in each make of tissues. 

Have stuck to Kleenex from Poundland!

So I have 2 designs of each of the openings.  First the one with the bias binding is a simple one piece of fabric about 6 X 5.5 inches, Edge with bias on the 5 inch sides and then sew along the 6 inch side, with binding in the middle.  I use my template for stitching lines and centre lines, then trim with pinking shears so they are not too bulky.

Tuck in the corners once tissues inserted.

Will come back to the to other ones another day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New sewing mahcine

I needed to take the car to Clapham Renault dealers, and had an hour or so to loose so asked them to give me a lift to Tudor Rose at Oakley to have a mooch around, I clearly didn't need any fabric as just bought some....and stumbled across at the back their sewing machine area.

I have to say I had already been researching a new machine as I had just been given some money for 25 years service in Local Government (exciting for me as you don't ever get given bonuses etc) and thought this would be a nice thing to get.

The model I had decided was the one for me the night before on the internet was there :) same price with the same offer of a free quilting set - this includes a top feed dog and an extension table  Can't see the set on the Janome site, but this is it on another site quilting set.

Here are all the things with the machine - the items in the bag are the extras the rest are all as standard with the machine.

They have to order it - but it came the next day, so I popped over there yesterday, and coincidentally my friend was in the area from Cornwall so we went there and had lunch and picked it up :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oh no started a fabric obsession

I think this might be a new problem and I am starting to want to buy loads of fabric, and find myself staring at all of the lovely fabrics available on Milton Keynes today I bought a metre of each of these fabrics...spending £9  - so now what to make with it all?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Little Tote Bag

Something different from me this week, I have got the sewing machine out.  It literally hasn't seen the light of day for 10 years at least, possibly more.

I started out by making a curtain to cover the open shelf in my new craft room, I am awaiting a new pole to complete it - so will take a photo later.  But as I was at the fabric stall I decided to buy a metre of fabric and searched around the internet for inspiration and found this cute mini tote - see on  my pinterest board the yellow one.

The instructions are really easy to follow and it is fully lined so that all the ends are neatly tucked away.

I did also add a little pocket ... just because

.......and have now made another with a bright pink flower this time.

Loved making them and am now looking for similar simple projects like this - anyone got an ideas?

So onto the flower, I bought a Kanzashi flower maker whilst on holiday last summer, and I have finally broken it out of the package - and have to say it really is great.  They are so simple to make and quite addictive - but I nnow need more things to put them on, not so sure brooches are really the way to go? This one was my first attempt, have done a few more now.

This is the actual one I used: 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Making miniatures using the silhouette

A few months ago I had a lovely time playing with the Silhouette, making miniature boxes these are supposed to be 1/12th scale, I just found various images off the internet and made up boxes and packets by filling in the colours, and creating logos on the side.

I also made use of my new Martha Stewart score board that I bought on a recent US trip as of course it was a bargain

And these were a few Christmas decorations with boxes made on the Silhouette, sorry old new news...but thought it was worth a share.

Quick cards

This first one not so quick, but a stamp I got whilst in Florida last summer, pretty stamp, looking like the Rudbeckia that I grew from seed last year, and flowered into the Autumn.