Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photos again

As the photos are proving popular, I went through some of the picture I took last year and made a few different ones, ready for the market this week.

Jersey cows in Maulden, these are just so nice and so nosy when you walk past them in the fields across the road. And I think they are quite naughty and seem to escape into nearby fields!

I took this one in Maulden last year and had not done anything with it before, the little thatched cottage has been renovated recently along with the surrounding garden, keeping the card simple - so suitable for a man maybe?

I used the Kings wood bluebell picture to do this one again, I know this one has been used a lot before but it is a lovely picture, looking forward to walking back there in a few weeks time to see the bluebells again:

and this one is from an old postcard that I thought would be interesting to add to a card:

and this one is a friends garden - that I thought was really attractive, but the picture o the card is not so good - sorry. My friend sent it to her Mum :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy this week

I have made a few cards this week for the challenges that have been set on the forum, as it is our 10 year birthday.

Just like buses - nothing for months and then 4 in a row! I hope that you pop along to the forum it is small friendly and we just love sharing crafty ideas.

As you can see I have got the white embossing powders out - I seem to be a bit addicted to this at the moment and did a whole page here

Sunday, March 11, 2012


As you can see I don't seem to keep this up to date....

...but I am always busy on www.Craftsbycarolyn.co.uk, and have recently updated with new pages you can see the newsletter here, and all the new pages are listed on the what's new menu at the top of the page.

Here is my latest make for the challenge on the forum

This month the forum is 10 years old, it would be lovely to see you there, new and existing members - everyone is welcome to this friendly forum. The challenge is take 10 - you need to have 10 items on your project to celebrate the 10 years, please feel free to join - you don't have to be a member just post on your blog....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crochet bracelets

I thought I would share some of my makes...

I have really got into playing with crochet and found a couple of fab blogs that have patterns for bracelets with beads:

Firstly, Mrs Micawbers Recipe for Happiness
So here are some bracelets I made, I have since made a few more. They are made using 4ply cotton (a bargain in John Lewis, I asked if she had any odd balls and the lady brought a box out from the store room - all marked down from £5.20 to £1.50 - so will pop back)

and secondly (this was the pattern that got me started) - see post from May

Future girl

These are more of the same like the first one I did - made by the pool in Jamaica :) Using crochet cotton - same size beads so they move a lot more as the cotton is much thinner. I bought the pink beads just before I left and on the web site they were much pinker, so mixed them with the blue as I didn't have as many of those:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photo cards

I have been walking at the weekends a lot recently so have started taking local pictures, and decided to make them into cards. I had already shown the one that I swapped with Melis, and here are a few more in the same idea. Sorry the camera one is out of focus and I don't have it anymore to take another pic...but do have more planned. Would love any ideas that I could theme some more. I nipped down and took some of the allotments and also a friends garden, that maybe I can add some garden embellies to them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Double up swap

My challenge - I have already put this on the forum but thought I would add it here - this is what I was sent from Melis:

and I will admit that I struggled with this as it was such a 'blank canvas', and so much paper just didn't know how to incorporate it all on one card! So I decided to make some roses by cutting spirals using deckle edged scissors and rolling them up from the outside in - iykwim. I added some glitter and then used a brad for the centre of the flower.

All became very clear once Melis had showed me her creation, what a fab card:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I saw this link on one of the crochet sites, and just knew I had to give it a go.

I have the crocheted cotton from long ago, but didn't have any suitable beads. I managed to get some when I went to the NEC recently, and so finally got around to finishing it this morning, as I was off out to lunch with Sue and Clare, and it matched the top I was wearing!

I did need to make it a few more rows longer than the pattern - not sure if it is because I have large wrists or tight crocheter...I assumed the second reason....

We met up in Baldock for coffee wandered to Scrap Revolution and Wool n Things, then went back to the coffee shop for lunch. It was sunny enough to sit outside :)