Sunday, November 22, 2015

Denim bag - sorry I know another!

I bought a pair of shorts from a charity shop a few weeks again, they have been sitting washed and ready to go for some time, and I finally got around to finishing one half of them yesterday.

I tried out one of the stitches on the machine as well as doing a button hole - which on this machine is a joy as you just pop the button on the holder and it does it all for you, no measuring, marking - or generally faffing about.  I don't think you can see the stitches as they are on the flap, and didn't take one from the right angle.

Walked into Ampthill to visit the craft fair at the White Hart and also the Food fair at Parkside Hall.  Embarassed to say I didn't buy anything apart from a loaf of bread from Jo's loaves.  I bought a Goats Cheese making kit for other halves birthday pressie, so had gone to get Goats milk for it, and thought the loaf would go with it!  At the moment the cheese is not made, so have frozen the bread!

Some interesting food at the fair, but just nothing I needed or wanted this week.  Craft fair was tiny but some nice things there, lovely little venue.

I did spend some time playing on the sewing machine, played with the zips I got a while back, making some little purses, have learnt where I went wrong and know for next time.  Will have to take some pics later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Phone stand and more bean bags!

I made a phone stand a while back and realised I didn't put it on here.  It is a simple design and has rice to weight it down with normal 'toy' stuffing in the top half.

Having made the bean bags since, am more of a fan of the bean bags as you can put your tablet in various different positions and it also moulds itself to the surface it is on ie your lap, or the arm of the chair.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tablet or book bean bag

I have had this in my to do list for a long time, and finally got around to buying some polystyrene beads.  It didn't take long to sew...took quite a long time fighting with the 'beans' to get them into the bag, they go everywhere...I am sure there is a better way to do it.

I made a funnel from card and used a glass jar pour in.  I kept a box by me to place the jar when not in use, keeping the mess to a minimum, I got there in the end, and am pleased with results,  you can rest ipad/tablet/ or book in any position, on your lap on the settee arm etc.

Needed to get the vacuum cleaner out, but wasn't too bad!

Sunday, November 01, 2015


I have not made Christmas cards for a while, so thought I would give it a go this weekend, so have made a batch and that is me all done now :)

 Here are a few of them, took the pictures a little late in the day, so quite orange and long shadows.