Friday, May 29, 2009

A card

So have you all managed to download your free birthday papers. I have downloaded them all and have had a play with a couple and came up with this, I got the tags out that have been in the shop for a while and have had a lovely time stamping up a few. I have lent a little elephant stamp to a friend and need to get it back as he fits nicely on these tags. The pic is maybe a bit too bright as I took it in the sun!

I will have to make a few more with these tags - making a lovely change - you do forget what is in the cupboard!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


OK - I am not sure why - but I have joined twitter - I feel left out so thought I should give it a go...have now installed TweetDeck, but no idea if I can keep it up!

I am CBCarolyn on there...maybe I will see you there.

Lovely to see the entries coming in for the Wordsearch - it is nice that people read the newsletter and join in, makes it all worthwhile. I must get downloading Kanga's card kit too.

The newsletter is here in case you have missed it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots and Lots to see

I just thought I would let you know that I have added loads of new pages over at Crafts by Carolyn there are projects, free downloads, craft robo files, templates and more - just check it out and see. Also the forum is keeping busy with a variety of activties, challenges, swaps, and chat and lots of advice. There is more to follow...and hopefully a prize or two...

Crafts by Carolyn forum

A BIG thank you to all the contributors...if you have something to offer I am always looking for more content - so let me know.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A wanderer returns

Where does the time go - all you blogging guys are amazing that you find so much time for this!

Well the forum seems to have settled down and I think I have got it as folks like it. I have just changed something so that you can choose another style if you don't like the standard one, not sure if I will keep it - will depend on what you guys think!
Crafts by Carolyn Forum

So I have finally made a few cards - we had rubber stamped image swap on the forum and I got these two yesterday. The top one I did and then realised it fitted Nikki's challenge on her blog

The next one is one of Nikki's stamps that hs been drawn by Sally-Ann - I just love her designs. Isn't he cute. I don't do many kids cards - so was a bit stuck tbh - and have made it look a bit grown up!

We have some new sponsors on the forum now - and a really nice selection of people - a lot that make and design their own products so are very unique...check out them here

I have been busy getting some new web pages together, a bit of everything - some have already been seen on the forum - but I need to get all the menus sorted out. So hopefully by next weekend I will have everything together and will send out a newsletter.

Finally I have been playing with the craft robo and set up this - you can use it for post it notes - or just a card...details to follow later. Along with a template for you to trace and cut