Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poorly Boy - or is he

Today Owen didn't go to school I had picked him up early from school yesterday, but I have to say he really didn't seem that ill. He had a lie in this morning, and then played with his hot wires - first time it has been out in ages - but it did seem to keep him occupied! He managed to make an alarm for the door and a fan.
We also did some baking together and he made some gingerbread cookies and he used the cookie maker to pipe them onto the tray, have to say it was great fun - although more washing up, and a bit of a knack to using it!

I actually finished some cards that I had rubber stamped - and although not anything amazing made a change to go back to stamping. I shall have to be more adventurous next time. I still have some more stamped images to put onto cards.


Lythan said...

lovely cards Carolyn. And i do hope the little man is well enough for playing I mean school today

Sue said...

oooo they do look familiar lol

we must have another crafty day soon

Kel said...

Ooh, like the cards! You must do more of this stamping lark!

Rachel said...

I love those stamped cards Carolyn - Ive never taken to stamping (although have a few and the heat gun etc, but do feel inspired to have another go)

Hope Owen is feeling better now