Monday, July 21, 2014

Little buckets

I have been shopping in Poundland as usual :) and I happened upon these little metal buckets, they also has them in bright colours, but chose the cream to go with the arbour.  So have potted them up with a couple of lavender, and also some pinks - which have been left in a small pot for too long so need to catch up with the others, sure they will soon be there.

You can see the buckets next to the watering can - which was also a bargain from the market - I can't decide whether to make holes in it and plant it - or use as a watering can what do you think?

Will have to take picture of the buckets only, one for another day.

I took the photo on the phone and downloaded straight to google+ and it 'made' this moody photo - what do you think?

The pinks should look like these below (I think) I raised them from seed, and they are lovely in pots.  Or I have some paler pink ones - will show you when they are out.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Picking flowers

I have grown some marigolds (seeds originally from Kath on the forum), cornflower and rudbeckia from seed, and have been picking them.

The Rudbeckia is the large yellow flower in the centre, and is the first out - but can see that there are many more to follow.

The white flower in the centre is a phlox - lovely and scented, I do sell them on the market when I have some available, they are just all coming into bloom now and stand up nice and strong a good plant for the back of the flower beds, or I also have a plant in the veg patch just so that I can pick some.

Unfortunately the cornflowers fell over whilst I was on holiday so are a bit bent, I have now staked them and they are starting to sort themselves out, so hopefully will be looking better picked in a vase soon.  I love the these little flowers, and although they don't last that long I will be putting some seeds in next year.

so maybe if I have some left there will be some for sale on the Ampthill country Market.