Saturday, June 30, 2007

Muesli Bars

Owen made these at school not so long ago and they were very yummy. He did them all himself including cutting them up.....

Muesli Bars
100g Margerine
50g Sugar
2 tblspn Golden syrup
200g Porridge Oats
teaspoon mixed spice or cinammon
2 tblspn flour (any)
2 - 5 tblspn of water or milk

75g of dried fruit, nuts etc

Melt margerine, sugar and syrup togther. Mix oats, fruit and spices together, then add the melted mix, then the flour. Then gradually add milk or water - it needs to be stiffish, so you may not need all of the liquid.

Put in a baking tin - around 8inch square and cook for 15mins on 180c

I have been busy digging up the potatoes for dinner - this was a pic of the first plant - we have had lots more since. I also have a good crop of lettuces - in fact quite a glut at the moment! The loganberries are starting to fruit - although probably not lots and lots - but enough for me to have some most days. tomatoes have some little toms on them - so if the sun shines soon maybe I will be picking some.

THe utility has been finished at last, Paul has been busy painting in there today, which was nice, as I tend to do the painting. So it should all be done soon, need to sort the wall tiles next.

Well I presume we will have some summer again - very soon - so thought I would make a summer card!

Tomorrow it is the Ampthill Festival, there is a parade and then a 'fete' type of thing in the park afterwards. I have offered to 'man' the scout tea tent for a couple of hours - but the forecast is really not looking good. The theme is Pirates in the Caribbean, not sure how that will pan out as a theme - or whether everyone will be dressed as pirates! Normally it is a wider theme, so lots of different interpretations, but I am sure it will be good fun.

I have launched a new Rubber stamped challenge on the forum - Okey-Dokey (Jackie) has prepared this one - stamping on fabric, and it is looking great - so why not join in. Sue has a new template challenge too - with a bit of a twist.

Something exciting is just about to happen on the 'bead' front, and there are scrapbook challenges to get stuck into. Monthly swaps for cards, die cuts and ATCs are taking place - so loads of different things to get stuck into! See you on the forum

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Can't keep up with this....

Somehow things seem to be so busy - the weekend was taken up with clearing the utility room - can't believe the junk we had in there. So have thrown a lot of things away. Then the fitter came and fitted out the room so it looks all nice and neat now. So I need to decorate the room, and get the floor sorted and it is all done.

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning - thought I had better make the effort as parents were arriving! So they arrived and we just stayed local. Today we areoff for a wander around Bedford.

Just seemed to have neglected my crafting apart from a few odd ones. I need to get some photos taken.

The weather has been awful - although nowhere near as bad as some have had it. Terrible news to see peoples lives so disrupted.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More about books

I finished the Chocolate Lovers Club - which was a good read - with some funny moments...and I then went on to read the Yorkshire Pudding Club - as recommended in the Bedfordshire Libraries publication. It was quite good - but can't say it was the best read - somehow a bit long winded and predicatable

Well been to work today so no crafting - and the weekend looks quite packed too....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Banana Muffins

Well as promised these are the Banana Muffins that I made the other day. They are lovely fresh out of the oven, or slightly warmed in the microwave...although Owen likes his cold!

They are so easy to make:
Banana Muffins
Mix in one bowl the following:
7oz pl flour
2tsps baking powder
3oz sugar
1tsp salt
3oz raisins

then in another bowl mix
1 egg
1oz butter melted
70ml milk
3 bananas

Simply combine the two by stirring together and then divide between muffins cases I made 10 but I reckon they could have been a little bigger so maybe divided between 9.

Gas 6 200c 20-25 minutes

Sales on the market were poor this week after 12 last week I was down to 1 this week! Oh some, lose some!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

busy week

Well such a busy week, work Mon and Tues, and rushed around with cricket and football for Owen in the evenings! (well I admit I didn't get that involved in the footie!)

Today I went to see Susan for the day in Loughton. We had a really nice time - I did some stamping and made a card doing shadow stamping - although it was the same as one she had done before - but what the heck! I used a patterned brsyer for the first time too! We had a lovely natter and sat out in the garden and had lunch. A good journey both ways on the M25 too - so all in all a fab day.

I had time to wander around Wingate Drive delivering the Ampthill Festival programmes - which was good excerise, only got one road left to do now!

I really need to get some photos taken of the cards to put up for the challenges...but tomorrow is another hectic day. I have my market duty for the morning and then it is a committee meeting in the afternoon.

Mum and Dad are coming next week and we are having the utility done on Monday at long last - so the weekend will be taken up with clearing that out and taking as much out as possible. Just do not seem to have time for anything else!

I never put up the recipe for banana muffins - so will have to do that tomorrow...and a new wordsearch. Oh well must go now as need to price up my cards for tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Good weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend - I actually didn;t get round to crafting much - just made a couple of cards - one for Sue's Challenge - Blue and Green must not be seen.....

It started with the school fete on Friday evening - which was packed and noisy - so I left Owen to it. Saturday we walkedinto town, and in the afternoon I saw a friend (jane) who used to live next door. Not seen her on ages and it was great to catch up.

No idea what happened to Sunday but did manage to tidy my desk....will pop a pic up tomorrow.

Oh I deleivered some of the Ampthill Festival leaflets - did Rushbrook Close - so only 150 or so to go!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

International blogger day

Well according to Steve Wright in the afternoon it is Inernational Bloggers thought I had better blog!

I really, really must make a lot of cards - made a few yesterday and one (how pathetic) today. I have been sidetracked with the web site over the last couple of days, and am almost ready to launch the events database. I have also launched both of the Chinese Whisper Challenges on the forum - there are now card and a Scrapbook groups started with for another on the Scrapbook if you have missed it.

The latest rubber stamp challenge is also up and running, Angelnorth has been kind enough to set the challenge - stamping using get your thinking caps on. I will be sending a stamp from or Pixie dust

Here is a link to the forum just in case you are not sure where to find it.

So the recap the week so far...

Went out to lunch with Vicky - we went to the White Hart in Maulden - just as it was easy and sat out on the deck in the back. The sun shone in the end and we had a great natter. It is not long before they will be going home to Australia - I will miss her and I guess she won't be coming back again! It is a popular place for Ladies who lunch saw a couple of familiar faces there!

Today I took my cards to the market as usual - last week I sold 0.....this week I sold 12 - so how fab is that...which is why I do now need to make some cards! I even had an order from one of the Country Market Lady's - which I shall pop round there in a while.

Owen was playing his first cricket match at the school today - so he has taken all of his kit in and it is tipping it down here - so I guess I had better go and meet him straight from school as he could barely lift his bag!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Chocolate Sponge

Here is a really excellent chocolate cake recipe, I got it from a free cocoa recipe leaflet years ago and it is in ozs not grammes - like many of my recipes - sorry.

Hot Milk Chocolate Sponge

Makes a 7 inch cake
3 eggs
8 oz Caster Sugar
4 oz Plain Flour
2 tbsps Cocoa
2 tspn baking powder
4 fl oz milk
1 oz Margarine

Chocolate Butter Icing:
3 oz butter softened
8 oz icing sugar
2 tbspn cocoa powder 3 tbspn boiling water, mix and cool

Whisk the eggs and sugar together really well until the mixture is thick and pale. Sift flour and cocoa and fold into egg mixture. Sprinkle the baking powder on top of the mixture. Heat the milk and marg together (I do mine in the microwave), make sure all the marg has melted and the milk is hot. Pour this on top of the mixture and allow to froth up, fold together. Pour into two 7 inch sandwich tins.
Cook at gas mark 4, 180c or 350f, for about 40 mins, cool on a wire rack.

Mix water and cocoa powder, then beat all ingredients together. This should be enough to fill and top the cake.

I often fill with fresh whipped cream, and just sprinkle icing sugar on the top. I have also drained a can of crushed pineapple and added to the cream....yum yum.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Owen's birthday

Yesterday it was Owen's birthday - he was 12...they really do grow up fast!

He wanted Wii and so that is what he got. We did buy him a book and some other bits and bobs just for something to unwrap as he had been with me when we go it! We had a small problem setting it up - as weappear to have lost the TV changer and found out that the 'universal' one we have bought does no do all the functions for setting it up and finding it. So after initial panic and wobbly lip I got the TV down from our bedroom and it works fine on that.

Have to say it is good fun and definitely different to the other long it lasts until the novelty wears off I am not sure!

I then made a chocolate cake and Owen decorated it with buttons. A couple of friends came round and they had a water fight in the garden and we all had a piece of cake, after a blowing out the candles ceremony.

Then I went and got a take away chinese - he seemed to think that was a fine and dandy birthday.

Today he went to Bedford to the Oasis pool. There were 3 of them and they were there for hours and bought their own lunch. The first time for him that he had a day out on his own (they got lifts to and from Bedford) - so grown up already!

I will do the recipe for the cake tomorrow, as I need to type it out.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Ladies Who Read

I just thought I would catch up with my first 'book club' experience! Sarah who has organised it has got 8 of us together, so Sarah knew everyone but each of us didn't know a few of the others iykwim.

She has registered the club with the Ampthill library and they organise getting 8 books together for us free of charge. It obviously takes a while to get all the books organised, so you give them a list and they get onto it. So this time Sarah made a decision and got "The Accidental Mother" by Rowan Coleman, as it was nice and easy.

The library provided us with a list of books that they have 8 copies and we selected a few titles from there to get us started for next time. We will be meeting every 6 weeks, and will chat about the book, choose some new books and chat about other books we have read.

We all have some common interests, so we had a general natter as well that was good fun, and we seemed to get on famously.

Yesterday, I met Sue for lunch - we decided to go to Stamp Addicts first. I just couldn't decide what to buy - so ended up buying very little - how shocking is that! I did get one of those water brushes that we chatted about on the forum...I have yet to try it out. Tomorrow is Owen's birthday, so I will bake a cake in the morning.


Following a hectic week I am now back...sorry for the delay. But I have not made a crafty thing....but thought I would put up a gardening card I made earlier!

So to summarise:
The BH monday rained all day and the garden show at Wrest park was cancelled - so my cards never came out of the box!

Tues - Thurs - Owen and I went to Bognor - Wed was yet another day of rain - but the other two days were fine...we didn't get up to much - got Owen a Wii for his birthday. Played Rummikub, did the penny machines, wandered on the beach (briefly!)

So then we were back home and I had to rush around and get the toms, courgettes and runner beans before we went to MiL in Taunton on Sat - back Sunday...So all the plants are planted along with a raspberry bush that Dad had got at a bargain price!

Last night I went to the first meeting of the 'Ladies Who Read' book club - and was great fun. We have all come away with a book to read and we will discuss it at the next 6 weeks time. I will tell you more about the books in my next post

have been to work....finally today I have some time to play catch up!

SO - congrats to Celosia who won the Wordsearch comp and to all of the girls that completed the BIG challenge - all prizes will be posted today - really sorry for the delay...just off to start the SB chinese whisper, and will do the card later.

Two card challenges are running atm - rubber stamping make a fold, and CAC a list of items, and there is a Scrapbook challenge "Dreams" set by Freebird....

I think that is it for now - prizes are up for grabs too....