We are in the money

Paul did the Lotto, the Euro lottery and first ever Thunderball this weekend and he won on all three.....

...and we are just off to buy a new house and a Ferrari in the morning....I just wonder what you can get with £22.40.....amazing to think he won all three, and even more amazing to win only that amount - tee hee

Made another card - for the template challenge - sorry very similar to yesterdays, I can't get out of the pink mode. I will try harder, but am probably off to the pictures and got to catch up with some orders so not much time for playing.

The CJ is getting busy and we have had a few examples posted for inspiration....this is a page from Susan's CJ which was completed a few weeks ago.


Bex said…
That is VERY funny - but also a bit total pants!!!
I mean that is only like 4 jars of Prima Flowers????

Not enough to run away on eh?
Best stay put and entertain us all then!!!

Love Bex