Thursday, October 08, 2015

Last few

So I have finally finished my bags, I have 4 from the cut offs and 6 from Owens jeans, that are a black denim.

Green fabric was all the way from Florida and flower crocheted by me - with beads too :)

Pockets have press stud fastenings as came with the

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Buttons and Zips

On August bank holiday I decided to order some bits and pieces, for sewing as I was missing my regular shopping fix now that we have moved offices at work!
They were all from China and Hong Kong,  so took a little while to arrive.  I also ordered some magnetic clips, and other things to play with for closures.   

Managed to find some more clips for holding fabric instead of pins, at a bargain price.
So here is some of the things I have had, these wooden buttons are lovely.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

And a few more

I still have more to finish...but these are the last that I took pictures in the daylight at the weekend, another from the top of the cut offs, did wonder if I should have put something through the waistband.

And the one below is the front pocket, so a long bag, still can't decide if this will be popular, a crocheted flower included.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Jeans bags more

Here are a few more bags, I bought these cut off jeans, slightly thinner than some, at a charity shop as I was drawn to the pockets. so have added some interfacing to the larger ones.

I did have to join the fabric together to make the strap as I had no long pieces left, but once attached to the same fabric as the liner it all looks OK.

The first one is from the leg.

And this is a bit more of them, this was the top, that I used the front half and the back half, so there are front pockets and back pocket all included.  Played with one of the new clips that I got as a fun way to fasten.

So the last picture is the back with the extra paocket :)

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Jeans bags

This pair of jeans of Owen's had lots of pockets,  and we, well Paul, managed to ruin them in the washing machine ages ago.  I kept hold onto them just in case.  
Here are a side pocket and a back pocket,  transformed into 2 bags.  As there were so many pockets I struggled to find fabric for straps.  The check fabric is a good weight from the bargain roll in Dunelm Mill.

I crocheted the flower whilst in florida :) and thought it looked great with this fabric.

I have more to follow and more to finish.