Sunday, April 25, 2010

Around Ampthill - back up

I forgot to let everyone know that it is back up....see you there

...the weekend has flown by as usual - next weekend is another long one yay!  Will do a proper update later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Digi images

So do you like digi images? I have only recently started using them, I do find sometimes that the ink will run if I get the images too wet, especially if the image has quite a lot of printing.  I stumbled across this blog recently that has links to lots of free images.  Particularly useful if you have not tried before....

..some of them are just not for me - there is a wide variety out there.  What I have found is the ones that I do like when I go to save them there is rarely anything in the filename to indicate who it was from - so I have been changing the names as I save them, so that I can revisit their blog/shop/site and see all of their images.  I have only realised that I should have done the same with all the free downloads that are available on the site - so I will have to gradually get around to changing them!

Some do seem to have strict copyright notices, but others are happy to share freely.  I am not sure how you keep track of a copyright notice once you have saved the image - and as there are loads to choose from - I have decided to steer clear of any that won't allow me to publish or sell my cards, that way I can't make mistakes.

Here is the site:

And the card here is a bear from wendymade check out her blog and download him for yourself.  He can be made into any size you fancy...I just chose him to be small and cute

Monday, April 19, 2010

Site update

I have just started sending out a newsletter for the CraftsbyCarolyn - there is a copy here if you want to take a look.  I have just released this image for you to download for free, I hope you like it.  Please let me know if you have any problems - I have never done anything like this before - so bear with me while I am learning :).

There are also folded cards, scrapbooking and some papers all in the update - if you have not already registered for updates (or the forum) - enter your details on this form, also I have a market research form - would be lovely to hear your views about the site.

I am now getting the hang of this blog lark again - how long will it last!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a quick note - is not available at the moment.  We are taking the site back on - so while it is being moved it will not be available.  so call back in a few days time and it will all be back to normal

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swapped images

I organised a stamped image swap on the forum recently with a summer theme and have used a few of them already..and this is one of them.  I can't remember who sent it - and not sure what the stamp is - I really like it and may end up buying it!

I chose the papers first and then coloured the image to match,  It is just done with watercolour pencils and water after.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sue introduced me to the Denami stamps - they have some lovely designs.  I don't have many but love to keep up with their blog and see the designs - Denami Blog The shoes in this card are a set of 3 stamps, and I often find they just fill a 'gap' if not make the entire can never go wrong with shoes!

I know I had a some comments on this card: this is another Denami.
You will love Sue's new well as beautiful creations - well worth a visit :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

At home and in the garden

A lot of my time has been taken up with non crafty things for the last few months as we have had a conservatory built...which has led to work in the garden, and other things indoors.  I sat down and made a very long list of things that needed doing, and I am amazed at how much we have got on with :)  There is still a lot of work in the garden to be done - but it is starting to take shape and some of the shrubs are now growing back after a severe haircut!

this was what it was looking like:

We have taken out old shed down (the pile in the corner - now needing to be disposed of!) and painted the new one, sowed grass seed on patched of 'flowerbeds' that have been removed (the big brown patch in the middle of the lawn).  I now need to plant some new shrubs etc at the here it is so far - still very much work in progress...but now that the plants are coming into leaf it feels better already.

So now we have a big space where the shed was.....

I have put some pics of the conservatory here if you fancy a nosy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So what do you like to see in a blog?  I thought I would occasionally post some links to blogs I enjoy wandering through - often may include a freebie or two!

This time I thought I would let you know about the Silhouette blog.  This is a machine that is the same as the Craft Robo but has slightly different software...the software is free, and there are literally thousands of files that can be bought for 99c once you have installed it.  I have written some guidance all about it here:

And on their blog they announce free files from time to time - and well worth keeping in touch with it:
Silhouette Blog

This skier was a freebie - although I actually didn't realise until I went to pay for it!

Don't forget to stop by the forum  to see what we are up to! :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

I am back

Back from where....well actually nowhere I just have been posting on the forum and doing other things!  So how is life with you guys out there?  I never actually know what to put on a blog....I tend to use the web site for posting all of my creations on there, but never sure if the same people visit.  So once again I thought I would try to remember to post here too!

So on the forum we have started a new section "Time to Create" - everyone wants to 'challenge you' but I thought it would be nice just to craft and share creations.  Hopefully we will come up with some themes to give us a start on what to share, and maybe with a few other items thrown in.  We will put up a new one probably fortnightly, but again no strict rules - just time to have fun and get inspired.

SO to start with I have chosen lilac as a theme - this must be the main focus (can be more purples etc if necessary).  I started with one card and have now made another to share.
It would be lovely for anyone taking time out to create with us...follow the links to the forum and join in.