Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stamp storage

So I store all my mounted stamps in the little drawers shown in my bookcases last week, but the small unmounted stamps I have decided to put in a file like this.

I bought trading card pocket holders,  and bigger ones suitable for CDs, and then I bought a 4 holed file from the works which came with pockets for business cards.

Here is the result,  now I can find what I am looking for.

I did end up buying 2 new folders when I had loads of ring binders as with the weight I found that I really needed 4 ring bits rather than 2 as the sheets were flopping about too much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday presents

I went to the craft shop in Letchworth for my birthday, and I bought these stamps.  The lady was included in a set of stamps free with a magazine that was half price, so a bargain, being a mean crafter was can never resist a bargain.  :)

The poppy was bigger than I realised, so took up a lot of the card, nice stamp though.

Kath posted on the forum about a Wink of Stella brushes with sparkle, and was tempted yesterday at Hobbycraft they only had a few, so instead I decided that I should use my twinkling H2Os that I bought years ago, so dusted them down!  They are nice paints and should come out more often :)

Will show the card later, but of course I did get side tracked and ended up ordering a few more colours as I spotted some bargains on Amazon, pots at between £1 and £2 so couldn't resist.  They arrived today when I got home from work so am now raring to go!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A little retro

I love the 1950s style - but just can't find that much out there to use, I found these stamps free with a magazine in the summer, not too sure about some of the stamps in the set, but like these.

Did you see the Sewing Bee recently that featured the 1950s?  Loved seeing it, but don't think that I could actually wear the clothes,  just like the idea of diners and the style :)

Photos have a shadow on them, sorry.

Would love to hear about any retro themed stamps.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Little pots

I am still in a tidying up mode, and  trying to think of space saving ideas.

Today I wandered through Milton Keynes market and spotted these little pots, 8 for £1, and they fit perfectly into my little drawers in my new bookcases, as shown in my previous post.

Perfect for all of those little items like brads, gems, eyelets and beads.

Quite hooked on them - might have to get more....but did buy 2 packs already.

I also went to Stamp Addicts yesterday and bought a couple of stamps, the first was a moped, will have to take a picture and also a pear - not sure what I am going to do with it, but at £1 I couldn't resist, did find a picture on a web site, it is by stamp in the hand F1714...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A couple of cards

So I decided to make a quick card with the crochet flower as promised, it was influenced by Liz's picture as it was a crocheted doll, and I have had these little flowers that I crocheted ages ago, and they were 'unearthed' in the room move!

Now I know there wasn't a lot of work in it - but I do like this stamp.  I also found these papers in the back of the cupboard - so this move has definitely been worth it.

I made this card on Sunday, and realised that some of the colours are also in the Rapunzel - so am sneaking this one in as part of the challenge too!

The feather was given to me by Cieran who lives in Ampthill and is just getting into card making, I gave him lots of bits and pieces that I was clearing out and he cut me some of these feathers as a thank you.  I added a bit of ink to the edges and decided to add a little bit of sparkle too.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A challenge and a new craft room

Liz has tasked us with a challenge on the forum, I have yet to get around to it....I will honestly she wants us to use a picture from her pinterest board to influence a craft project: check out this post. I am thinking of adding some crocheted flowers to a I must get cracking. I have been hopelessly sidetracked on decorating.

For ages - in fact years I have been meaning to clearout the craft room/study and swap it with the smallest room that is Owen's bedroom - well we have finally done it, the room is all decorated and new white bookcases/shelves have been placed along the wall. The rest of the furniture is what we have had in the other room and once I have decided on the size I hope to replace it.

But it is OK for now

So maybe I might need to reduce this lots....the bottom cupboard has lots more too, the top cupboard is not craft :)