Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well this week Owen has been at Alameda School - at Game Academy. They do three different sports a day including, cycling, football, netball, yoga (!), karate, tennis - I can't think of any more, and then tomorrow they have a fun day with some races. He has had a great time so far. Somehow it feels a different type of summer holiday this year as Owen is growing up and doing lots of things on his own....getting to the age where he doesn't need his mother!

Today my friend Wendy and I decided to have a picnic in Ampthill Park after - with her three children, and a couple of others....well of course at 4.00pm when we were due to go we had a massive downpour. But by 5.00pm the sun was shining again. So we all went over there and had a lovely time. The park is huge but hilly in most places, a lot of it was landscaped by Capability Brown as part of Houghton House. I did take my camera but failed to take any pics, although I missed an excellent photo opportunity when Wendy did the splits while bowling at cricket! The grass got quite slippy as the sun went down!

So a good day...I even sold some cards this morning on the market stall, the Country Markets stall had moved once again as the market had reduced in number of stalls this week. Apparently it will be on the move again next week......

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not much to report today, but thought I would pop up the tiling photos from yesterday. I have actually finished the emulsion on the walls now - so there is no yellow - and I should have taken some pics today!

The tiler worked hard to do the job, he was due to go on holiday after he left yesterday!

Owen played cricket today and was put in as man number 4 - so it was the first time he has had a chance to play properly, but the team they were playing were the best around so he didn't stay in that long - BUT he scored a 4 and stayed in for the whole over....which was one of the best performances of Eversholt. He also made a fantastic catch (I wasn't there but was reliably informed by Paul!).

Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer week

Well this week certainly has been hot hot hot. I really should have tackled a bit more decorating - but my excuse was that I thought the tiler was coming....he is now coming tomorrow.

I did manange a bit of painting after my friend that popped round for coffee had gone home...but it was just so hot.

The garden looks like scrubland, and some of the established shrubs are wilting, so it must be so dry. We have an enormous lime tree out the front of the is quite a pain at sheds leaves and the aphids that live in give out a sticky stuff, which has now stopped. But we have been thankful for it this week as it has been shading the house. ONLY we had arranged several months ago to have it trimmed - we get it done every 5 years, and the chap turned up today!

I thought you might like to see some of the pictures.

Here is the tree as I left it this morning, view from the front of the house and the view from our back garden.

I was very disappointed that I missed him as I went to work. He just climbs up the tree with his chain saw hanging from his belt.

And here are the two 'after' you can imagine how sunny it was indoors today!

This was what the lawn looked like after he had finished.....

I have not spent my winnings yet - been spending on Owen and getting his new holiday wardrobe for camping...managed to find some really great T Shirts on MK market for £1 - and he loves kitted him out for a fiver! Wow am I a generous mother!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Well today I went to work - usual day - although have to say it was a pleasant change to see that the AC is still working, it does not usually last this long in hot weather!

Got home, and read Owen's school report - which was good, and nice to see he is doing well - except he needs to improve his handwriting and presentation skills (no surprise there). Sorted through my post and left it - didn't look very exciting! Had my tea and eventually opened my post AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT....I have won £50 on the premium bonds - so how fab is that!

Shame it was a little more.....but winning is winning - so what shall I get?

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Today I have mostly been painting....not the Rolf Harris type but the gloss type! I have painted 3 doors, 2 radiators, the window and all the skirting and architraves in the kitchen, I also decided to do the white woodwork in the downstairs loo and the radiator. I then started doing the cutting in for the emulsion and have filled in seceral holes around - so hopefully will be able to sand down and make a start on the walls tomorrow. Paul had already painted the ceiling and Owen had done some of the skirting :)

Paul and Owen went to a football tournament - they left at 8.00am and arrived home at 5.00pm...I am sure Owen has a touch of sun stroke - he has a headache! Mind you with them out of the way all day it meant I didn't have any reason to get sidetracked. Needless to say they only got to the quarterfinal - no idea what time they would ahve come home if they had won!

I hope to go and the tiles tomorrow (was going to get them today but I painted the window and didn't like to go out leaving them all open!). And the tiler is going to try and fit me in a couple of afternoons this things are moving along.

Fabulously sunny - although not seen much of it!

Karen and John over the road moved out yesterday - they have chosen the right weekend to move to their new house with a swimming pool! Karen always used to take my cards to work and regularly sold a few...... :(

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One of those days

I decided to start my orders early so that I could go out later, so got up popped into the garage to get more envelopes. Paul and Owen went off and locked me keys were in the garage door! Luckily we have other doors in the house so I could get out!

So all orders done, get my list ready for the wholesalers and off I go to Craftability at Poplars nursery as they are having a craft week. Get there and find it starts tomorrow AND the craft shop is not open at all due to flooding! So go home via the wholesalers....having left my list on the lounge floor....

Then go back upstairs and find half of an order on my desk...the rest I have just posted (sorry Rhi!)

So what a day eh?

At least I managed to get hold of the tiler and he is coming over tomorrow....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sports Day

It was Alameda Middle School's sports Day today, and what fantastic weather. I guess it may have been a little too hot. This year they had organised a couple of large gazebos from the Scouts and had barrels of water in there.

The event lasts all day and they do all sorts fo running and jumping events! We went for the last hour or so and watched Owen's group doing the long jump, I was amazed at how tall some of the children are....tee hee

Owen was in the relay year 6 boys, but unfortunately one of the boys dropped the baton and they came last - they really tried hard though and it was only that mistake that lost them the race I am sure....

The school organised the whole event very well, and the children all appeared to have a great time.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday...unpacking cupboards

Today was one of those days that I was busy for most of the day - but there is still loads to do. Went to Tesco's Flitwick - not been for a long time as I have been shopping on the internet - so was quite a treat....not! As usual there were several things they should stock that they were out of stock, and we now have a glut of peas as Paul added them to list before checking we had an unopened packet...wouldn't mind but I don't even like them.

I then have spent the rest of the day unpacking everything back into the kitchen and even got sidetracked tidying the understairs cupboard. All boxes have been emptied, and the skip out the front is full!

It is Owen's sports day on Tuesday so I will probably leave work early to watch the end - it is on all day, so the last hour or two will be enough methinks.

Here is another pic of the kitchen as I didn't include that one yesterday....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Alameda Summer Fair

The Alameda Middle School (Ampthill) Summer Fair is one that is always organised with a big participation from the children. Many of them think of ideas to run stalls, there were all sorts of things going colouring, crepes, chocolate fountain, ping pong balls in jars, Hoops and bean bags, decorate a cake to name a few...along with the several of them ran a cake stall jointly. Many of the children made cakes, although I know some of them were made by Mum's and other were from a the Co-op!...Neverless they laid out the cakes neatly on plates and got to work selling them at 10p each. I reckon they could have charged more! The boys wandered round with signs trying to drum up business...their entrepreneurial skills clearly shining through....must be how Richard Branson started out!
We started worrying that we would be left with some at the end as overall there was rather a lot of food to be consumed at the event, so we sold a plate of 7 for 50p and manged to get them selling, offering to wrap them up to carry them home!

The builders have finished the kitchen now, although I think I will gett he utility kitted out by them, just using similar budget cupboards from B & Q in a few weeks time. I like these tiles, and want a selection of these, but not sure which ones.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Final SAT's results

Owen got his Science results and he was 1 mark away from a 5A, but I reckon a 5B is excellent - and we are both really pleased. Owen seemed to think it was worth a special present for doing so well...not sure how special - maybe I need to do a poll!

I went home via B & Q - makes a change - had to take things back and get a different light, boy was it slow getting a refund. I left work idea why other than the boss came into ask some questions, and then the other boss Julian started asking questions. We had quite a laugh at work today, the new 'team' seem to be getting on well! (I know some read this so have to be nice about them!)

Once home Owen announced that he was 'manning' the cake stall at the summer fair tomorrow and it would be nice to have some cakes....(time of this statement approx 7.10pm) So managed to find some ingredients in the boxes that are stacked high in the spare room...and made some rock cakes and some melting moments. Owen did do most of it - and it was nice to see him so enthusiastic about his duties tomorrow. Alameda Middle School encourage the pupils to organise the summer fair and the winter one is more by parents and teachers. AND it was a good test of the new oven that seemed to work just fine...

...talking of which the fitting of the kitchen should all be finished tomorrow morning (it is pretty much done now) better get shopping again!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Woburn Safari Park

I helped with the Alameda Middle School year 6 trip today to Woburn Safari park. I was very sceptical about going and was persuaded by Owen to go! He had come home and told me that he would like me to go, and that it wasn’t on a day that I worked, and it would be a ‘free’ day out – and really not to be missed. I reluctantly filled in the forms, but have to say I had a lovely day, and the 4 boys in my charge were much better than expected! Although a couple wanted to go round everything very quickly rather than take in each ‘area’! My friend Pauline was also there – which I didn’t know until I got to the school. So we had a lovely natter on the coach and also kept seeing each other around the park. The weather was humid and overcast and we did have a few spots of rain - but nothing to worry about

The monkeys were not up to their usual tricks, although there was some lovely cute babies. But the lions gave us a lovely show – with rough and tumble games. There are two cubs in the pride, and here is one playing with a ball. Sorry the coach window has made it a bit ‘misty’!

The lemurs were lovely and I know we could have stayed longer….the children were fascinated to be up so close to these fab creatures.

The kitchen is progressing, although Jewson's have held them up as there are two end panels missing, and they still hadn't arrived. Also there was a bit missing from the taps, so the plumber had to go back and change them
Although it looks like we have the oven - it is not actually installed, so we had Fish & chips for tea!
The breakfast area is also taking shape, and is almost finished. So need to look at getting new doors, tiles, flooring and wall colour….

Monday, July 03, 2006

...The start of a new kitchen

Well the weekend was busy and hot...

Saturday we spent all afternoon at Ampthill Town FC while Owen played in a 6-a-side tournament, and Paul was the manager (he was quite excited really). They managed to make it to the quarter finals...we just knew they would get past the next lad must have been 6ft tall...and these were under 11's. It seemed a long day with the heat...we arrived at 12.45 and got home just after 5! I also had the honour of handing over the trophies to the under 8's winners and runners up as I had sponsored their event. I even had to choose a man of the match!!!!

And just for added excitement Owen seemed to injur himself on most of the matches, it didn't help that the ground was so hard when he took a tumble.

Sunday Owen went to play cricket, so Paul took him and stayed there - they arrived home around 1.30. While I painted the wall in the breakfast area as I thought it would be easier than trying to do loads of coats when the cupboards were up...I knew it would take a bit of effort to cover up my stencilling! It was far too hot for painting so once I had covered the back wall I gave up!

We spent most of the weekend emptying out the kitchen, everywhere in the house now seems to have a 'bit' of the contents of the kitchen.

So when I left the house this morning at 8.20 the two men that are installing the kitchen were left with two mugs, the kettle and tea bags....and an old kitchen....
....and when I came home at 5pm it looked like this, I think they kept themselves busy:

As the weather is so fab we had a BBQ for tea!