Friday, June 30, 2006

Grafham Water

Today the school closed and so we all had the day off and thought we would go out for the day. Having dithered on several places...Paul had said he would find somewhere nice to go on last night we were frantically looking around the internet....we finally decided this morning to go to Grafham Water. Although we did quite fancy the Space Centre, Cambridge and Rutland Water....

Well the weather was fantastic, and we foolishly said we would hire bikes. I didn't realise that the boys were intending to cycle to full course around the water, it was 10 very long miles that took us 1 hour and 40 minutes map here...but it was fun really!

Owen went on ahead several times - somehow he seemed much fitter than me, I am amazed that I actually got all the way around. It was certainly thirsty work....

And Owen cooled his hands down in the water that was very clear. The lake itself was very quiet, and not much sign of boats, just ducks and other water birds.

There wasn't too much to do there unless you go to proper organised sailing classes, and have to say the visitors centre was just a shop now with a few posters that were pretty much obscured by various items in the shop. Lovely to visit on a sunny day.

We had a nice lunch at the Wheatsheaf - I had a grape and brie Baguette, and so did Paul...Owen had fish fingers and chips! And J2O's

Geoff the builder had a free day so he came over and has started to put the cupboards together and they are looking very nice. So this weekend we will have to clear the kitchen.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well today the kitchen was delivered and it is all in the garage...many boxes and I have checked that it is all there! Then this afternoon the oven arrived - so everything is ready to go (I think and I hope). A nerve wracking time - hope I have got it all right.

OWen has had two of his SAT results - Maths he got 5B (5A being the top) and 5,5, 4 in English (each paper has top marks of 5). So we are very pleased, and so is he!

Popped along to the Ampthill Town Plan meeting this evening and I didn't realise that the man in 'The Royal' - sorry don't really watch it so not sure what his name is but the one that plays the main doctor - well anyway he lives in Ampthill.

I shall go and find him on the internet.....

Stop Press just found his name is Robert Daws - and he was in Roger Roger which I have to say I did used to watch...!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ampthill Festival

I had a busy weekend in one way or another...the busy - ness kind of started on Thursday when I suddenly had to do a market duty as the person I had swapped with some time ago forgot...!! I then made cards for the Ampthill Farmer's Market and caught up on craft orders.

Then it was work on Friday....

...Saturday I got up popped my cards down to the market and then made cakes for Scout refreshment tent - at Ampthill Festival Sunday - I made melting moments, lemon cake, chocolate brownies and carrot cake...all seemed a success, next time I will be baking it will be in my NEW kitchen!

Sunday did some orders and caught the post, then it was down to the festival to take the cakes and do my bit of manning 12 - 2. It was a really lovely day - and the festival was really busy. The theme was Circus and the lower schools and guides and cubs/scouts were all in the parade. There were some great costumes interspersed with some 'professionals' - the children really seemed to be enjoying the day.

There were a lot of morris men - around and about - they started in the town before heading off to the park, there were several 'visiting' from various parts of the country......

Our new Lady Town Mayor opened the 'festival'. Well done to the organisers, another great success, really clever they way they seem to organise the weather these last two years as well! And the tea tent sold out (well pretty much) which made some money to help along the scout activities.

You can see a lot more photos here: Ampthill Festival 2006 photos

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Need to do some proper blogging - but have been very busy - although seemingly not doing much!

I did a 2 hour session on the Country Markets this morning - I had swapped with a friend but she had forgotten - so was all a bit last minute! Oh well got me out of the house eh (thanks Jane tee hee). I didn't sell much, but for some reason it spurred me into life for making a few cards for the Farmer's Market. Decided to do some tall ones again - not done any for ages and think that Ampthill maybe ready for a different shape this time!

I ordered my new oven and it will be delivered on Wednesday...went all round the internet and then finally decided to phone up John Lewis so I could get a delivery date there and then and two year guarantee! Could have saved myself about 2 hours.....but things have to be checked....

Oh well next project to design a banner for this and to update the web site for some new bits and pieces....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Have just heard that the kitchen will be fitted Monday week - so need to pull my finger out and get the rest of the things I need. Excited but not looking forward to the mess!

The entire Woodruff household have had their haircut tonight - so we are all nice and smart but nowhere to go! At least I will be looking nice and tidy for my trip to B & Q tomorrow.

Must really make some cards, bit stuck for inspiration atm...Ampthill Farmer's Market this weekend. We also have the Ampthill Festival on Sunday - I will do a stint on the Scout tea tent and will make a few cakes on Saturday.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well here he is with his new Ampthil TFC trophies.....he gets a trophy for the year and one for the Players player of the year. I even got a nice smile out of him this time rather than the normal grimace.

Today it is much cooler we seem to have a lot of cloud cover - was planning on sitting in the garden later.

Yesterday I bought a new toy - a cordless hedge trimmer - and wow what fun I have had with it this morning - the bushes out the front have been attacked big time.....easily pleased! These days I have been getting mainly craft toys - not had new tools for a long time!

The strawberries are still disappearing - seriously thinking of getting a camera rigged up just to see who the culprit is....

Owen and I went a shopping trip yesterday to get a better water pistol, well it certainly was much bigger than the one he already had, but didn't appear to be much better. We had a water fight last night and I am sure I won as I was dry and he was soaking wet.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ampthill Boys TC footie awards

It was the night of the Ampthill Boys Football awards and luckily it was much shorter than on previous occasions. Owen won the players player of the year award he was very pleased and got appropriate praise from the manager. Looks like the weather is going to be good over the weekend....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another busy day today....

...the old lawn mower was taken by someone that saw our posting on the ampthill today forum...and she took the old computer too. I really hope they do her a turn, the lawnmower needed a bit of tlc - so we managed to do our own freecycle.

...then the Parcelforce man arrived with some fab goodies from the US a new company for me Maya Road. Had fun unpacking and getting the bits on the site....already proving popular!

Got some new charms yesterday too - just waiting for some little bags from ebay - these are quite cute.

Walked into town to collect my cards and the town is getting more choatic day by day! More parts of the Ampthill Oxlet car park boarded up. I notice that there is always someone guarding the gate to the demolition site...I guess that is for insurance reasons. I did wonder whether if it was actually against H & S rules to have the demolition going on with the market as we could have all done with ear defenders.... someone commented it was taking longer to knock down Budgen's than to build Waitrose :D :D

Managed to make a few cards tonight while the footie was on, will get some pics up later....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fab Day

Well as days go this one was really nice!

I wasn't at that is a good start.

Then after a conversation on MSN with friend of mine from my craft forum, we suddenly decided to visit Stamp Addicts on the Woburn Industrial Estate. So she came round to pick me up...just as we were leaving a friend of mine that lives in Australia rang :shock: let me know that she will be coming to live in the UK for a year starting in August. So that was exciting news and Owen is looking forward to seeing Tom again. By all accounts they breed them big over there and I think Tom is taller than me - so Owen will be quite small :)

She left Ampthill nearly 3 years ago - so she will be able to see the change in the town!

Anyway we managed to get to Stamp Addicts - what a lovely shop, I bought a few bits and Sue bought a whole lot more...then we had lunch at The Chequers on the way back.

Delivered the last few Ampthill Festival Programmes, quite enjoyed the wander round - maybe I should get a paper round.....

The only bad thing was the sun had gone into hiding...I hope it is back tomorrow. :)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tent Down...

Well the boys were back in the house at 7.45am - not quite sure what time they actually woke up, come to that not sure what time they actually went to sleep! But I think a good time was had by all.

After the BBQ Owen used his scout skills to make a bonfire...

As you can see he has learnt them very effectively - step aside Ray Mears....

...and Liam seem to think that building bonfires was great fun too.

Today we packed away the tent ready for its next outing Scout camp in the summer. Not long now I suppose only 8 weeks, no other camps before then :(

I delivered Ampthill Festival Leaflets to Rushbrook Close residents, and also added a leaflet about, so hope there are a few more visitors! Paul did Manton Close - and Firefly came round to get her Ailesbury Rd lot.

Oh well back to work tomorrow - I need to make some cards before bed as I have had an order from the web site...but I have caught up on all the craft orders.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another type of birthday day...

Today was a very relaxed day really. I put some new things on the web site, and sat in the sun too. Owen and I put together a bbq ready for his next treat...camping in the garden! We put up the tent as well and he is ready to go:

He invited a friend round and they have enjoyed a bbq and made a bonfire, and are now in the tent! Sleeping may come later! I did take some photos of the bonfire - I shall sort them out another day.

It was so nice having a sunny day....I guess it won't last that long...

....I did have a look at some of the flowers and decided to do a bit of still life

Not something I have attempted before - but thought I would have a play with my camera....

Friday, June 09, 2006

Owen's Birthday

Well my little lad has reached the grand age of 11 - not quite as tall as me - but seriously getting there. What a fabulous weather day for a birthday too, something I have never had being a january baby, I haven't even been abroad on my birthday either.

He still had to go to school - which always seems mighty unfair, but 'rules is rules' I suppose. I had to go to work! He had the PSP that he had been wanting for ages and my aren't the graphics fab. Also the mobile phone was an early birthday pressie, and he also got money from various people. What a lucky lad...when I was 11 I guess I got an Enid Blyton book, an annual and a jigsaw probably....

He had fun playing with water in the garden with two friends, and then we had a chinese takeaway followed by homemade chocolate cake. Unfortunately I didn't think of taking a photo until it was almost too only a couple of bad snaps!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

..the sun still shone - well almost

Well the day seemed to come and go, even though I found some time for sitting in the garden.

I did some orders this morning and then popped out to see how the little birds were doing, they were tweeting away, and coming right up to the hole. I then nipped out to get petrol - such a pain now - I had to go all the way to Tesco's...and a little bit of sunshine menas everyone goes shopping. Put the order in the box to catch the 11.15 post, got my cards back from a country Market member.

Once I got home, had another little look at the birds! Went in to get the camera - got sidetracked...eventually went out....and they had gone

Oh well will have to wait til next year now!

I started cutting some bushes down - that are spring flowering...and noticed another nest - so I decided to leave it just in case. We popped out again later and saw a blackbird sitting in just as well I stopped! Also had baby thrushes in the garden today - so all in all a wildlife day!

I have taken most of the photos of the new ribbon, just need to spend ages cropping etc....

Finally, I took a pic of the reclaimed card stand, not full! - but very pleased at the look of the stand.

...even better to think the stand was going to the tip.

Then just as I thought I would have another sit down the sun went in!....came over all grey for a while.... :?

Owen played cricket this morning, and then spent ages on a school project :shock: amazed at the amount they had to do!

Back to work tomorrow

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sunny Times

Well what a fabulous day weatherwise - long time in coming...

Bognor wasn't as sunny as it could be - we played crazy golf and wandered around the town, and did the penny machines. Had a nice lunch out at the Royal Oak, so a lovely break even though we were only away for one night.

When I arrived home there were 2 parcels of ribbons, I had already received one earlier on in the week, and I have calculated I have 1800ms of ribbon. So I got my act together today and added the first lot of ribbons pictured left, and now I have those on the right still to do.

It takes quite a while to get them all on the site - but am getting more efficient with this new shopping cart

I then did a spot of gardening – well I couldn’t resist with all that sun, I may have gone a little mad, but I don't think I have gone red. I planted the rest of the vegetable plants out – sweetcorn, tomato plants (from Dad) and runner beans, it is looking very neat and tidy....just realised I don't have any courgettes

All the time I was in the garden the little Blue Tits were busy feeding their babies in the nesting box, I managed a few photos:

They are just so cute - and they were tweeting all the time, I reckon they will be flying the nest very soon, and it will be very quiet in the garden once again :(

The garden is looking more colourful, I really must add some new plants and add more interest, but never seem to make the time for gardening now...just weeding!

.. the second picture was only planted last year - but is starting to look a bit more through for larger pics.

Well seemes to have been a busy day - I hope the sun shines tomorrow, it certainly makes a difference.