Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More from the garden

 I love this time of the year when things are just starting to flower - each time I wander around the garden I see something new has grown and is flowering, should have taken some close ups so that you can actually see what is growing!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fabric remnant with a bird

I saw two pieces of fabric in Hexton - they were 12 inches square with a bird on each piece, so thought they would make a lovely bag.

So here it is finished - but have to say I have now added a flower - well I would of course.

I took a strip from each piece to make the handles, and added a strip of pink fabric to the strengthen.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jeans bag

So Owen was throwing out a pair of old jeans and the pocket was just perfect to add to a front of a bag, so after a bit of fiddling about I cam up with this.  I think maybe I should have made the strap longer, but I just kept it simple as I would have had to join two pieces of fabric, so maybe I know for another time....I have more old jeans to work with.

Of course I will be adding a flower in the same fabric as the lining.

I also added a nice big pocket inside as well as the pocket outside being usable.  Finished it with a button just to keep it closed.

Might try one that folds over next time and then button down, keeping it all enclosed.


Well not high tech ones these - but thought I would share, I seem to be addicted to buying little things off the internet that are gizmos!

So I have a 14 in 1 measuring 'tool' which is so simple, but fabulous - already can't do without it.

And these little clips from Clover that you use instead of pins.  I actually have some little clips from Poundland years ago that work quite well as well.

I noticed in our local Martins that there are 10 free with a magazine this month - definitely worth getting as they are not cheap - I think I paid £4 odd for these 10, but they are great for 'craft' sewing.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Indoor weather

I was intending to be in the garden this weekend, but the weather wasn't that favourable, so as I decided to have a day making a 'stock' of little bags, so that it will pay for all the fabric that I have bought, and then I intend to have an experiment with some other things.  So this morning I had go to this stage, a few more have been put 'finished' tonight whilst watching TV.  But I have been hopelessly sidetracked making a bag from a pair of jeans of Owen's (he was throwing them out when he was here at Easter), and the pocket looked like it really should be used.

I will take a picture of my first attempt tomorrow - have to say pleased with the result :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

sedums and succulents

I have been looking at lots of succulents and sedums in various planters on pinterest, I saw these two pots in the Range last week.  I guess they won't last long, but thought worth a go.  I got the drill out and made quite a few holes in the bottom, mixed in loads of grit, and put in these plants.

I am hoping that they will look after themselves in the drier weather, makes a change from the normal pots that I have..

These are the ones that I got last year and they are looking good in these terracotta pots

And these were sent to me a few years ago by Kath from the forum and they are doing much better here than where I originally put them, I lost the red ones, but these are fine and dandy.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I must admit to be a fair weather gardener, I don't seem to get motivated in the garden until things are starting to grow, and then I realise that I should have cut some things down earlier. :)

So this weekend I have been busy in the garden I tackled one of the veggie gardens, I think I may not grow as much this year, I will see how things turn out.

I managed to get this one sorted out quickly, so ready for lettuce plants, toms and a couple of courgettes.  I have grown the courgettes from seed but the rest I will get from the Country Market stall on Thursday.  As you can see the other is full of forget me nots and I will sort that one out next weekend.  They soon lift up and they seem to have kept the other weeds at bay :)  I do find them much easier to sort out since I have had them raised slightly and have a neat edge to them.

Last year I cut this Deutzia – rosea Carminea down by a third, have not given it much love in the last few years, and a big haircut has rewarded me with a spectacular show this year.

Sadly it will only last for a few weeks, but lovely this time of the year when there is not much else in the garden.

This is looking lovely this year it is Choisya - aztec pearl, I even cut some and put in a vase :)
And this little Phlox is looking lovely in the sunshine

Thursday, May 14, 2015

More bags

I know these are more of the same - but thought I ought to show you all so that I can prove I have cut up the fabric!  I did make these on the old machine over the Easter weekend as the weather wasn't so good.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Just a quick selection of the cards I made this week, all rubber stamped, got the lace, beads and pearls there is an emerging theme!

I need some inspiration, need to make something new as they seem a bit similar to me....where can I get inspiration.

Monday, May 04, 2015


I thought I would have a go at sewing hearts, they are harder than you think as you need to get the round bits identical, otherwise you end up with a lopsided heart!

Being my usual self I just have to get it right and then make a template so that I can make them quicker each time.  So I now have two card templates one for the cutting and one for the sewing line that I draw onto the fabric.  I use much smaller stitches on the curves which makes for a smoother finish.

I also tried sewing the ribbon into the middle but it often puckers and so decided the easiest cheat was to sewing the ribbon afterwards, and put on a button as I have a good selection of these!

No idea if they will be liked - but have put lavender in some of them, but not all of them just in case it isn't popular.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Peg Bags

This week I have made a few peg bags, I did wander around the internet for some inspiration and also looked in some shops to see what is out there.

So after much mulling about I decided to buy some wooden children's hangers from Dunelm Mill, which at the time I thought the colours were perfect - but as you can see the finished article you wouldn't know what colour they were!

The fabric isn't super thick so I decided to just use it double so the inside is as pretty as the outside :)

I used the new machine and did a one step buttonhole for the hanger to poke through - wow that was so impressive, so easy once I watched the Youtube video

I then made a couple of others the pink doesn't have any ribbon or ric rac - couldn't decide if it needed it or not, so just added a flower.  I could put some bias binding along the top, but didn't have enough in the right colour.  Will walk into MK market next week - we have moved offices so it is a long walk now...but need a fabric/haberdashery fix!

Can you see that I am a little addicted to the Clover templates for the Kanzashi flowers, I have borrowed these two, I like the pointed one have just bought it for myself.

Pastiche in Ampthill have just started stocking them, but only one style at the moment, and had already ordered my latest choice...