Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today was a chilling type of day...Owen was resting after he social activities, getting ready for our night away tomorrow night. Off to the seaside - Bognor once again. I hope the weather is better than last time.

We popped into Bedford and wandered around a few of the shop - picked up some fun things in Poundland...Owen has a neat USB light for his laptop!

I also ordered my kitchen from Jewson's today....took a long while but got there in the end.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another few days have slipped by....

Currently listening to - Dido - Life for rent

Well it seems to have been a busy few days, Owen went camping with the Scouts for Friday and Saturday night - so we went over to help him pitch his tent. By all accounts he had a great time - even if he got very wet. Climbing walls, bbq, cooking breakfast, zip line - and even washing up (that was the worst bit!) He was at home on Sunday night and has now gone away for the night with the school to York...back home tomorrow evening. I think he may be a little worn out on his return.....

I have been making cards for the Farmer's Market and for the Garden Show at Wrest Park - both of which were hampered by the bad weather:

you should be able to click on these to see a larger image.

Wrest Park is a lovely place (English Heritage) - especially if it is sunny and warm - but this time it wasn't a perfect summer's day. I did make sure I wore my walking boots and notice that many people were walking around in fab wellies...

I certainly was serving many people with marmalade and chutneys - although sadly not many were buying my cards. Oh well that is life - made me knuckle down and make some - which I hadn't done for a very long time.

And finally we have decided on what to do with the kitchen - only taken 5 months - so I will go and order it on Wednesday.....just before the sale ends.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well it has taken me a little time to get around to updating my blog, I think I was still traumatized from the weekend! I have to say I really had such a lovely time and it was so nice to put faces to names. Funny I don’t think I had imagined how anyone had looked but had always got a voice in my head for each and many of these just clearly didn’t match. I guess the ones that throw you are the ones that have a regional accent but are no longer in that region…Nicki from Switzerland…probably the biggest surprise, although my Essex accent was a shock to her too. My lack of height caught a few people on the hop!!! Was nice to share this with Tracey who had the same problem!!!

There are already two fantastic accounts of our day on these blogs, and I will struggle to top them:

Jane (Puss)
Although when we arrived at 10.20 there were already loads of people there, even though it didn’t start until 11, it was just those that had to sort out the room that were supposed to be there, so you can see how excited everyone was…so at first it really did look like organised chaos…but we soon got things moving, no idea where all the chairs were from and somehow more and more kept appearing…..when there was some assemblance of order it looked fab.

I really enjoyed looking through the ‘show and tell’ and having a quick rummage through the bring and buy and managed to find a couple of punches….I just don’t know how the day went so quickly and I am not really sure if I spoke to everyone. I think and hope I did…

There was some great demo's but tbh I seemed to flitting here and there that I only saw glimpses of them, but everyone seemed to enjoy.

We had a fab raffle, with prizes blagged by Bex :AA and we also had a secret pressie that everyone took and popped into a big bucket and then we all drew one. I had some great ribbons and stickers. The day was busy from end to end.

Here is a pic of the lovely quilt that was made by a group of forum members:

There are lots more photos on the gallery:
Birmingham Gallery

Some of us went for a meal afterwards and that gave me a chance to chat some more, it was a bit disappointing that we couldn't all sit together.

Well it was truly a fabulous day, and I can't believe that all these friendships have been made through my forum.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Went to work today as an extra day....and the stationers on the corner of our building has closed down. Out the front of the shop they had a huge pile of racks and spinners - that I just couldn't resist having a good look through. I found a few things I fancied and was getting them out of the pile just as the Managing Director walked past.....not sure he knows me, but the last time he walked past I was in my frayed jeans sitting on the floor clearing out a cupboard. So I guess he must think I am the local bag lady!

So now I have a variety of wire racks in the garage. I went back at lunchtime to have another look through and some had already disappeared!! But found something else I fancied, I mean it is recycling

I had to go into work to co-ordinate a mini office move - so that may be a recipe for disaster, all will be revealed when I go in Monday

The capacity women have for just hanging on is depressing to contemplate ....Stevie Smith in Tribune c1945

Born on this day - Dodie Smith (1896- 1990)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ready for the off

Currently listening to - Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

I had a lovely morning baking, something I really enjoy but try to avoid as I like to eat cake too much! Managed to make 6 more different cakes, although some were new recipes so never sure if they will be Ok or not. Would like to find a few nice things to make, spent ages looking through the internet and resorted to a cookery book!

Well I think I have got everything ready for the big day tomorrow, a long list but all done now, just need to make sure I have the map and the directions.

I have to say I am really looking forward to the big day. I hope it doesn’t rain, although we are inside a big pain to take everything into the hall.

I never see any home cooking. All I get is fancy stuff.
….Prince Phillip in the Obeserver Oct 1962

Today was the day that Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Preparing for Birmingham

Well I have a bit of a do on in Birmingham on Saturday. There are 50 odd of us from my crafts web site that are meeting up. We even have 2 from overseas (Canada and Switzerland) and also two from Scotland - how exciting!

I have been busy getting things from the shop to take and also I am getting prepared to make some cakes - for our afternoon tea!

We have all sorts of things arranged from demo's, shopping and a good time shall be had by all. Then some of us are going on for a meal after.

So I have been to Tesco's and bought my baking ingredients and have made a cake today. This one I had never made before and looks like it is a good keeper. I think I will have to test a slice before I take it...always nervous using a new recipe for the first time...this one is a bit different a carrot and honey it may be awful. But just wanted to have a try.

Got an order being delivered tomorrow, hopefully there will be some exciting goodies that I can take along....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oops another week has gone by

Well another week has gone by and I have not updated my blog. Now I know you must all think I have a busy life and wold be able to fill a blog...but at times my celebrity life is very mundane!

Today Owen has become the proud owner of his very own mobile, and boy is it exciting? So many new setting to set and loads of buttons to push, photos to take....ring tones to listen much!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well today we went to take our Son to Quasar for 3/4 of an hour, so we wnet and wandered around Comet. Which I have not been in sonce January and it has changed big time and they have loads of ovens....

...Ovens I hear you say, is this the most interesting thing she can tell us about! Well as some may know I have been planning to have a new kitchen and the other half has not been very proactive in this...well except to tell me he wanted an oven where it was now (fitted in the air, not on the floor). Now this has taken me ages to decide how to do the rest of the kitchen as I really didn't want one. So plan finalised builder due to come and give a quote....and HE says in Comet - why don't we have an oven like that.....yes you've guessed a slide in floor standing a voice of 'I have had a brilliant idea that no one had thought of'

I will let you guess my reaction......So now back to the drawing board for the plans......

Did you know that today Winston Churchill came to he was the same...always had to have the idea himself.

I also got badly stung getting rid of a stinging nettle in the garden
...missed the parcel Force man as I nipped out into the garden (but did drive and find him in town)....noticed that all my lettuce seedlings have disappeared .....

...but the good news one of the splinters I got on Sunday (my leg is grazed and looks like that of a small child) has finally come out....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Office Move

Well today I went to work and I had all the excitement of my work place now being down the corridor AND newly painted - never before has that happened in the 8 years I have worked there.....

We were working in what I can only describe as a cupboard - 4 of us, then the problem was alleviated slightly by not replcing someone when they left.....but I now have a window I can see the outside world and there are 10 of us in one big happy office!

I was chief Mrs Shifter and organised the plans....must remember to add it to my CV.

Today it rained quite a bit - but funnily enough a lot more in Ampthill than MK...quite pleased really I know my garden could do with it, my new lettuces were positively smiling

The town of Ampthill is certainly changing one of the old buildings a 1940's cinema has almost been demolished, and the frame of Waitrose is pretty much there by the seem of it.

I also notice that one of the thatched cottages is going to get a new hat...I just love watching that takes shape. I think rain stopped play for them today, I really must take some photos.

And for Owen day 1 of his SAT's have passed and he had 2 bananas from Waitrose...although apparently a little too green for him

Do not on any account attempt to write on both sides of the paper at once..
...W C Sellar

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Gardening

Currently listening to - K T Tunstall

Well I guess it is that time of the year where you have to get out into the garden before the weeds finally take over....I have tackled to top flower bed, and just can't believe the number of weeds that arrive. It is now looking loads better, although still more flowers beds to tackle! Manage to string up the loganberry, although it has decided to grow in a different direction this year, I hope that I will be in for a nice crop this year. Planted my runner bean seeds today too, so all in all a gardening type weekend.

The excitement of the weekend was a trip to the dump....well it must be exciting judging by the number of other people were there!

I did also do some work for the craft shop, updating the site and sending out some orders. Although I spent most of this morning looking for something I have added to the shop...still have not found it - feel quite silly now someone has ordered it I guess it will turn up just as I send out an email apologising

I took Owen on a sponsored swim with the scouts and he swam 42 lengths...much to my surprise as I expected him to only do around 10, luckily I could add a max to his sponsor form while I was at the pool

A big week for Owen this week he is sitting his SAT's, Waitrose are giving free bananas everyday...

For every person that wishes to teach there are approximately thirty that don't want to learn - much...
.....W C Sellar

It is Tchaikovsky and Eva Peron's birthday today if you feel you need to celebrate

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Been to the theatre

Just been to Mk to the theatre to see 'Girls Night', quite a comical and fun play with lots of music:

Girls Night

I have never seen so many women in the theatre before - I reckon there were only about 10 men in the whole place...and they probably went to the pub at the break!

Gwynneth Strong was obviously chosen for her acting skills as she didn't sing on her own - but all the other girls sang well, and was a great clap along at the end. Gwynneth was good - although I did want to pull up her trousers!

Good night out tho - worth seeing!

And what a lovely day it has been very hot, and still warm now. People sitting outside pubs - like it is the middle of summer, amazing. Although I see the weather men are saying it won't last!

On this day in 1979 Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister, the first woman and so far the last......maybe it will be Nadine for Mid Beds soon

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Having had a nice relaxing weekend - back at work today, fairly busy and successful! I wandered round M & S at lunchtime and they have really changed now and have their own 'radio station' playing and their food seems to be ever expanding into a feast of rather yummy things.

Was also amazed to learn that planned is a "£472 million expansion of thecentre:mk, already the UK's longest indoor shopping centre" and thought that maybe I would need longer lunch hours in the future....In fact was generally gobsmacked to see what is planned for the centre... The future look of MKWorth a look if you are local to MK.

As Bill Bryson said...We used to build civilisations. Now we build shopping malls.

Did you know that born on this day was Harry Lillis Crosby (1901 - 1977)...Bing to his friends
Arnold George Dorsey (1936 - )...Engelbert Humperdinck to his friends...must have been something about names!

As promised here is my scrapbook page...a fab day out at Woburn Safari Park last summer - hey maybe I will be doing one for Center Parcs soon.....