Thursday, February 21, 2008

Card challenges

So how are you all getting on with the downloads on the site? Would you like some more? I thought I would have a look at the weekend if I get time to do another set...they maybe similar but just different colours. Don't forget this is where I have been adding the updates

I set a nice easy challenge on Sunday - Mother's Day cards - as simple as that - but would be lovely to see what you have created. It is Mother's Day cards that I sell the most - no idea why - but al of these three that I have made have gon not bad.

It is Ampthill Farmers Market this Saturday so I have tried to make a few - but somehow keep getting sidetracked with blogs and the web site etc etc. Yesterday, I did quit a lot of baking, just as well as there were only 3 of us baking! I should have done more...but decided by 11.30 I had had enough baking!

It was back to work this week - I loved being lazy and having no work to go to - especially as it was quite busy when I got back due to leave and sickness!

I still have not managed to do either of the cooking challenges on the cooks Journal - I feeel really bad - I must do something.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Katie of Apple & Spice tagged are the
Select five people to tag - mine are:
1) Domestic Goddess in Training - Jules
2) Farmers Girl - Janice
3) You say Tomato I say tomato - Pixie
4) A Year at Oak Cottage
5) All Things Lovely - Anna Garden Girl
Next, send them an e-mail or let them know by commenting on their blog that they have been tagged. They are then encouraged to select 5 different bloggers and to tag them. Here are the things to blog about and my answers...But somehow I can't manage to complete all of the answers:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
My son was nearly 3 so I was just changing jobs to my current job - how embarrassing to know I have been in the same job for that long...and was just getting into card making in a big way!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
..oh dear not much now crafting and gardening, just starting to get into cooking as I had my kitchen donw in the summer

Five snacks you enjoy:
...I am not a big snacker so have included some light lunches
1) Banana - my afternoon snack whilst I am at work - it helps me through the end of the day
2) Chocolate – Well it had to be - but I eat it in moderation.
3) Crumpets - with scrambled egg...the egg has to be still alittle 'sloppy I don;t like it when it is overcooked and dry...with a sprinkle of grated cheese
4) Cake - I have to restrict myself on this one - but I do love cake...anything really...probably best to say the ones I dislike - nuts and coffee
5) Soup - I am getting into homemade soup - I hope that this counts as a snack.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Get a nice house with a fab kitchen
2) Own a tea shop that sells homemade cakes and crafts
3) Go on some cookery courses
4) Get a new car
5) Go on some 'dream' holidays

Five bad habits:
1) Loving Chocolate!
2) Way too untidy
3) Hate housework
4) ...I must have more but can't think of them

Five things you like doing:
1) Baking - what a surprise!
2) Making cards
3) Shopping
4) Meeting friends for lunch
5) playing on the internet

Five things you would never wear again:
1) ...well I see that smocks are back in and I wore them in the 70's they were bad then and I am pretty sure they are bad now....
2) The brown boots in my wardrobe that I love - but hurt everytime I wear them
3) Platform shoes - (again they seem to be back in the shops) I am far too old now!
4) Hotpants with a bib
5) ...notsure I can think of anything else!

Five favourite toys:
1) My computer
2) My die cutters and rubber stamps (I know that is lots but couldn't name everything!).
3) My MP3 - every CD I own is now on it WOW - and it fits in the palm of my hand
4) My Kitchen - does this count?
5) My Camera - after all I could show anything on the web if I didn't have it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Orange Sultana Loaf

I made this for the Ampthill Country market stall last week, the recipe was for one 2lb loaf - but I split it into two 1lb loaf tins and cooked them for 50 mins. Trouble is I never actually tasted them - but they looked and smelt lovely - they both sold!

The recipe is from the Finer Cooking with McDougalls - printed in 1972! so only ozs available.

12 oz Self Raising Flour
pinch of salt
2 oz Caster Sugar
4 oz Sultanas
4 tablespoons of orange marmalade (this is about 4 oz)
2oz butter or margerine
2 eggs
1/4 pint of milk

Grease/line etc your tins and set the oven at 325F gas mark 3 (I made this 160c)
Mix the dry ingredients together. Put the marmalade and fat into a bowl or saucepan and melt together. (I did mine in the microwave) Add this to the dry ingredients, and then add the eggs and milk.

Cook for 1 hour 10 mins.

I had some chocolate icing as I made a chocolate cake - so I swilred this on top along with some zest from an orange. The picture is not the best - I didn't realise until after it had gone!

Challenges for cooks

We have two challenges running on the Cooks Journal this month. The first is to produce a Canadian dish and a the other is to produce a dish using chicken, cheese and tomoto. I would love you to pop along and join in, invite your friends too. I have just bought a prize to award to the chicken dish - tis only a small rpize - but thought it would add to the fun.

It is half term here this week - and Owen and I went down to Bognor to see my Mum and Dad. The beginning of the week was glorious, we just pottered around, and went to Bognor, Bosham and to Tangmere RAF museum. Owen sat in a real plane - which he thought was great fun.

Boshm is well worth a visit if you have not been - it is a pretty little village with a building that has been converted into craft units, they are mainly 'finished crafts' but there is a fabulous bead shop there. There is a tea shop where you can have lunch, and there is another place near the water that does lunches too (but more upmarket). There is a pretty shop opposite too - so don't forget to visit there.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little tardy

I have been really busy doing this and that I forgot to write here! Where shall I start - there have been 3 card challenges on the forum since I last wrote, I made a couple of baby cards for two of them, but still have the last to do. Unfortunately the light wasn't too good when I took the photos. The sign of the times was a great one - and had the printer not been playing up last weekend I would have done a couple more!

I have updated the craft web site - the menus have been reorganised on the project section and I have added a new page so you can see at a glance what is new. I have then added a page all about vellum and some new downloads. (pic at tope of the page uses them). Now the downloads are the thing that has taken my time - as I was on a bit of a learning curve on PaintSop pro - but I have mastered some basics. And am now ready to move onto some more complicated if anyone can recommend any good tutorials that would be great. A lot of them tend to presume you won't be printing them or that you want to play with photos, I would love to know how to produce a swirl!

I sent out a brand new style newsletter to all of those registered on the guest book - that is over 1100 of you - that was exciting as I found out my ISP offers the facilty for mass email and it was very if you are reading this I hope it was Ok and you didn't get loads of copies!
I did also try a new recipe for orange loaf cake this week and I must write up the recipe...trouble is I put them out for sale and they both went - so no idea what they tasted like...certainly looked yummy