Sunday, July 26, 2015

Garden and tea

I bought these stamps before holiday, and actually made them before too, but only just got around to taking some pictures.

Love the watering can and table - my kind of thing, from Little Claire

Not much to say about them really, just my normal simple cards, but keeps me out of mischief :)

This one I got from Ebay, having been given some stamped images from the forum years ago, and always wanted it!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Jeans bag

I had made this before I went away using the rest of Owen's jeans.

I made a longer strap so that it goes over the body - although probably maybe a bit short if you were tall!

It has inside pocket too like the other and the pocket on the front is all 'working'  I cut it down as it had the name on it and also was frayed, but then realised I should have just covered it as I needed to do that with the raw edge all a learning curve!

Whilst on holiday I saw a stall full of bags she had made loads...a lot of them had belts too, she must have a lot of people that give her old jeans!  Thought it was worth a look at her fabulous makes :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fabric and Craft

Well as you probably saw on the Florida photos I did a bit of shopping whilst I was in Florida....I found a shop called Hancocks fabrics, they appear to be all over the US, but this was the first time I had seen them.  Everytime I walked in they had something else on offer, so I got various yards and half yards, I have no idea what I am going to do with it all, but at that price I thought it would give me something to do over the winter!

I have just spotted a pattern for a Japanese Knot Bag, so that is next on my list.

There was also  Michaels and Hobby Lobby really near, a Joanns a 20 min drive away, and I also went to Tuesday Morning and found some crafty bits in there.

I did also buy some other crafty bits, which included 3 sizzix dies that I hope will work in the Cuttlebug (still not tried it yet) - these three - each were just under £5  bird;  Flowerowl

 Then once I got home I folded it all up neatly into a box, now it seems too nice to use :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


We have just returned from a lovely holiday in Florida.  We stayed in Bradenton, not that far from Tampa where we flew to.  We were pretty lazy and didn't venture as far this year, but did pop around and visited Coquina Beach, with its market under the trees, It tales a break for the summer months so I think it was smaller than normal.  Was fascinated to see that someone was selling bags made from recycled denim jeans, like I had done :)  Realised I could make a lot more from one pair of jeans if I go for alternative need ideas!

We also went to Longboat key beach a few times and sat in the shade watching the sea and took my nook.

St Petes beach was so hot and so was Fort De Soto Park.  Definitely would like to go back to De Soto on a cooler day, we even saw some dolphins in the sea.

The village of Cortez is 'old florida' and worth a quick visit, along with Longboat Key and its peacocks

We had a pool at the villa and it overlooked a lake, that was full of birds and turtles :)

All of the photos are here:


Monday, July 20, 2015


I bought this stamp on my travels, and decided to use the technique that I had seen ages ago by
Art impressions where you colour the stamp with watercolour pens and stamp onto watercolour paper.

Then you use a wet brush, I would say not too wet, and then create something like this.

My stamp was a big stamp, I need some stamps that I can build a picture like the video.

I made one for Kath on the form as it was her birthday at the weekend and I couldn't share until now :)