Titles are so hard....for a blog

Well I have not travelled far this weekend!
I did have a nice time making cards - I needed to make a wedding card - and really need to make something different, which was pretty hard for me. I shall post it next week sometime after the wedding has happened! I also made lots of other cards, just need to start selling them really, I have even wrapped them ready
I thought I would put a couple on here as I printed the paper, long time since I have done that sort of thing, and with so many lovely fonts around I thought it was high time I made use of them.

Also got a bit sidetracked looking through Ancestry.co.uk at some census records and the fact that I couldn't find the lot I was looking for in 1861 but found all other years quite odd really. I shall return to it another day. I would love to go and visit a records office - but wouldn't kow where to start, I shall have to find a friend to take me. Really enjoying the "Who do you think you are" on the BBC atm.

Mum & Dad are coming this week so must get on making the bed...and got off here!


Kathy said…
Lovely cards Carolyn

I should do the same as you and make myself some new backing paper - I did one with "football" on, but I should do more - great for the dreaded men's cards to have hobby related backgrounds.
Sue said…
oooo a wedding..I love a wedding *wink*
Saffa said…
OOh those are lovely cards boss!

By the way you've been tagged!!
maggie said…
Great cards Carolyn.