Thursday, July 26, 2007

kitchen finished

Now I know it has taken a year but we have finally had the floor laid in the kitchen and am very pleased. We do actually have to have the wall tiles done in the utility, but I don't think I will get that sorted until after the school holidays now.

Things seem quiet on the forum - so I presume everyone is busy with children and holidays and days out. So sad that the weather is so bad, I hope it picks up very soon.

I went to the park on Tuesday with Vicky and Wendy and all the children for a picnic, I had swapped my working days around as it was forecast to be the best day. AND the sun did shine for us. The children all seemed to have a nice time....:)

I have made a few cards but need to get some pics of them - will catch up at the weekend. It is the Farmers Market in Ampthill so hopefully I will sell a few there, only managed 2 on the market this morning. I did make this card a while back and it is amazing how some stamps prove to be excellent buys - this one has been with me for years - and every card just sells. The card was on a pearl card - but you can't really see it on the photo.

I made some choc chip muffins the other day, I need to get some more recipes together....

Forgot to mention I did pick some french beans the other day - I am sure this chilly weather is slowing up the growing of my veggies. I used the last of the loganberries to make a summer pudding at the weekend which was rather yummy - actually there are still a few left but not any real quantity.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

This week - recap

I don't find the time to blog everyday - and in fact my life 'just ain't that interesting!'

So this week I went out to lunch in the Tea Shop in Ampthill - we had to share the last piece of Rhubarb cake....lovely food - freshly prepared. Vicky will be going home soon so probably the last 'lunch' we ill do.

Then on Thursday I met Sue and Clare for lunch and a shop. We started at Card Inspirations at Tewin - and didn't actually realise that it was closing down and that everything was half price until we had been in there for ages! So I had to 'reshop' and managed to spend just over £20...everything in the pic - plus a tombow pen and some buttons.

The brayer, lavender stamp and green Christmas tree were all ex class bits and only cos £2.50 for charity. I presume I can change the brayer bit with some textured ones - and I need you all to give me some guidance on what on earth I want it for!

We then had a great lunch at the Plume of Feathers, the food was fab and the service, the views in the garden and the weather was also perfect. We had a lovely natter about crafting and families etc etc.

I then went on the WGC and saw my Auntie Rose in Hospital - she was both surprised and pleased to see me, my cousin was there too, so was nice to have natter.

I made another card for the RS challenge on the forum, but as yet have not actually used my new stamps! Still needing some cards for men - this rediscovered cricket stamp is popular.

I also made the card on the left with an image I stamped when I saw Susan a few weeks back - I just love this stamp - and maybe tempted to buy it some time.

I guess holiday time is upon us and many of you are now away, or going shortly, I hope you all have a great time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last week before

...the school holidays start, not that we are up to much next week. Getting the kitchen floor done on Tuesday and the oven has been fixed - so that will be great. Now I am seriously thinking of extending the lounge and making a downstairs study!

Worked for two days so no cards made since the weekend. I went to the second meeting of the 'book club' last night. I have to say not sure we talked about the book (The Accidental Mother) that long....but it was a lovely evening! We gave the book between 6 and 7 out of 10 and generally felt that the characters could have been discovered a lot more.

So we now have a new book - The Alchemist - to read and really not sure this is my thing....It is only a little book so should be OK! and I have until September to read it. MiL gave me a load of books when I went in May so I shall take those on holiday...and report back!

I did read a Lesley Pearce book a couple of weeks back, I can't quite decide whether I liked this one or not, it did seem a bit too 'coincidental' at times too many things were connected, but I shall try another book by her for another time.

Off out to lunch with Vicky in a while - she is going back to Aus next month so it is a sad farewell. Tomorrow out for some crafty shopping at Tewin, and hope to got to WGC hospital to see my Aunt Rose who has had a stroke.

I am sure the garden could do with more sun - the veg patch is doing well tho - especially the courgettes - and I think I may have a glut of them. So to recap I have dug up the last of the potatoes, lettuces are fab - but the next batch are way behind, the runner beans are Ok - although some are doing much better than others, some little beans showing, a few tomatoes are there too, not ripening. The Loganberry has been giving me a ramekin dish full of fruit every day, Owen has been eating loads making them into smoothies! I even picked 5 raspberries from a bush Dad gave me in May. I have also got sweetcorn in, and french beans. Would love to hear any suggestions on things to grow for next year.

We got a digital recorder the other day via Top up TV as they had a great deal - very impressed - although it has turned Owen into a TV addict overnight....I think the novelty may wear off eventually!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yesterday I thought it was about time I got together the stuff for my tax return. So for most of the afternoon I filed and entered things onto spreadsheets. I think I am pretty much there now - so will have another go next weekend. It really is the most tedious thing on earth...yet I play with numbers at work and I am fine with that! I guess it is because I get paid for that...this I have to make a payment!

I managed to make a card for the forum challenge for Rebecca, she was 12 yesterday, I have been friends with her Mum since the children were born. They went to different lower schools but now Owen is in the same class as her...not that they communicate much of course....

I made the card using the new Penny Black stamp that I got free with Beautiful Cards subscription, very pleased with it and will be using it more. The purple paper is glittered and from the DCWV range.

I then finished a card I had actually started on Thursday for the New Home challenge - a really big cheat as the paper said it all! This week is the last week before school is finished - so I have planned lunch on Wednesday and on Thursday I am meeting Clare and Sue from the forum.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tollhouse Cookies

Jackie - OkeyDokey has challenged us to try a new recipe - so I decided to make these cookies a few days ago, and have finally got round to getting the recipe on here. I didn't have any chocolate chips so I chopped up a bar of chocolate instead. I think as this caused some crumbs with the chunks made them very chocolatey. Owen and his friend Will thought they were yummy.

Tollhouse Cookies
115g 4oz Butter or Marg
50g 2oz sugar
75g 3oz dark brown sugar
1 egg
2.5ml ½tsp vanilla essence
125g 4½oz plain flour
½ tspn bicarb of soda
pinch of salt
175g 6oz choc chips
50g 2oz walnuts ( I don't like these so added dried fruit!)

180c 350f gas4
Beat together the fat and sugars until light and fluffy. Gradually add a beaten egg and vanilla essence. Sift flour and bicarb and salt and gradually fold into the mix. Finally add choc chips and nuts. Placed heaped teaspoons onto a baking sheet and cook for 10 -15 mins until lightly coloured. Remove from the baking sheet with a spatula whilst still warm. I made 18 the recipe said 24!

Sue has launched three challenges this week - two cards and a scrapbooking one - my, she has been busy. I did add a couple of simple New Home cards, so if you fancy achallenge pop along to the forum.

On a personal note the floor is ordered for the kitchen - only taken a year BUT the oven is now coming to fix it Monday - luckily we ordered from John Lewis as they have two year cover on all their appliances.

No lunches this week - did po round to friends for coffee yesterday morning and did my turn on the market this morning - worst sales for a long time only 2 cards. Should have taken my courgettes as the ones we had all sold - never thought about it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Warwick Castle

Well I survived the school trip! It seemed a long day as we left at 9 and didn't get back until 6 - but have to say although very exhausting, it was fun. I had 6 children in my charge 3 girls and 3 boys. Apart from one incident they were all very well behaved and we got along fine! It didn't even rain on us - although the sun didn't shine either

The journey there was quite funny as the coaches got a bit lost and we nearly went to Kenilworth Castle instead! Luckily they realised as they were in Kenilworth so we just went around the one way bit and came out again

We did seem to tour the castle at enormous speed I think they were worried that they might miss something - but in the end we could have done it a fair bit slower...I did every step available - so that must have been well over 600 in total, the children did do some more on their own, with me watching....I was too exhausted to do anymore! The falconry and bowmen displays were excellent.
Not entirely convinced that the £2.75 was worth paying for the ghost tower...although the children did seem very scared - the girls screamed and cried their way through it, but I felt it was unnecessary to make another charge.

On Thursday I spent the day with Gill - I have not seen her since Christmas - not sure where the time goes - we went to Milton Keynes - looking at furniture and a general wander around - bit of a busman's holiday for me - but lovely day anyway. She is just buying an apartment in the Algarve.

Over the weekend I painted all the woodwork in the utility twice and also the garden furniture - so all in all a tiring weekend. I did manage to make a few cards later this afternoon and I will sort them out tomorrow - another Rubber stamping challenge to be launched. Unfortunately by the time I had finished the sun had gone in so the photos were a bit naff!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wednesday Blog

The days just race by don't they? The weekend was a busy one with the Farmers Market in Ampthill on Saturday morning - unfortunately it was a wet one, so only 5 cards went from the basket! Luckily I stayed at home in the dry - it was just the cards that were in the wet, it had stopped by the time we packed up so not so bad.

Sunday was the Ampthill Gala Day - which means a procession to the park and then a 'fete' type of thing for the afternoon, and some things go on until the evening. The Scouts put on a tea tent which is a big fund raiser for them. So I went and did a couple of hours setting up and serving. The weather actually stayed dry fo the whole event - so that was great. Although I am sure a lot of people were nervous of getting caught in a downpour. As they had threatened bad weather for the whole weekend I did not bake any cakes for them - I normally do 2 or 3 but I thought that they wouldn't sell, but I should have really.

I mananged to make a card for the latest rubber stamping challenge that has been set by Okey-Dokey, - stamp on fabric - do you fancy a go? Check out the forum for details.

Off out to lunch with Vicky later and meeting my friend Gill tomorrow, so a busy social calendar to keep up with!