Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Card making

I had a relaxing day today, started out with orders then decided to make a few cards - should really have done housework (well - I did some washing and a brief tidy up...then I made cards!)

I made a few that are similar to previous creations, catching up with some cards for men, then some more black dresses - I have to say I love that die (thank you Carol).

Then I decided to get Robo out again. I fancied using the tiny hands and feet in the shop so made a couple of baby cards, doing some big letters with the Robo - I inked them slightly to give some more depth. I kind of think maybe I should add a few more bits to them, but you know me I like to keep it simple!

I had already got some bits stamped up so I used added them to cards - I also used the shoe stamp again - glad Sue persuaded me to buy this one!

Em has just lanuched the latest scrapbook challenge on the Crafts by Carolyn Forum...follow your heart.

Don't forget the card template challenge continues, along with the ATC challenge. So if you are not busy - you should be - visit the forum and check out what is on....

I am doing market duty tomorrow, I have kindly swapped with my friend, at first I thought she was trying to get out of a cold day when my duty was not until March, but it looks ike the weather will be quite pleasant tomorrow.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Robo, robo how do I love thee Robo

Or something like that....I have been having a quick play today and it is great fun. I would never in a million years had 4 or 5 alphabets - I just couldn't justify spending £100s and on lots of different alphabets and number sets - so this is the ideal solution - although I could have had several alphabets for this money (teehee) - but never any welded words.

So quick play tonight has lead to this dead simple card, but I like it!
I have launched a quick Rubber stamping challenge on the forum so have made some cards for that - I will show some more tomorrow, but these are the two so far:

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Farmers Market

It was the Farmers Market in Ampthill today. It is the last Saturday of the month, but we always miss December, so November was the last time we had one. The County Markets (fka WI Market) always have a stall there, the last one was a disastrous weather day - and they abandoned ship. I did a 'shift' doing the second half of the morning, which started out sunny and then got quite grey and overcast and cold! I did manage to sell 17 cards which was quite a record really, so that pleased me. I sold mainly all the new ones that I had put on here in the last few weeks, the new stamps were popular, and orange was too!

So I did get stamping this afternoon, and made a few more. I got a bit sidetracked tidying up the gallery on CraftsBycarolyn and thinking about some new things we could do on there.

Frgot to say that Paul got me lots of little drawers from Wilkos on Thursday and they are fab for my new stamps - so I need to make some room for them all and get them labelled up.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

CJ done

Sue popped round as well and brought some stamps for the CJ. I demo'd the Robo - I think she was impressed - but not sure if she will be getting one! As soon as she had gone I got the orders out of the way and played with the stamps...and have now completed my CJ. I might just add a word or two - will see what pops in my head, but it is as good as done!

I am doing the Farmers Market on Saturday - it is always a slow one in January - bit will have to wrap up all the cards that I have been making.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lunch out

I had a lovely lunch out with my friend Vicky, at the Olde Coffee Shop in Ampthill. As it had snowed we were not sure if it was going to continue - so thought a walk into town was the best option, as it was by lunchtime all the snow had gone!

Vicky gave me a lovely necklace thingy. A big dangly pendant thingy on a thong from Next! Ok so maybe not the best description - but you know what I mean! She is over from Australia for the year and I can't believe that she has been here almost 6 months and we really have not seen each other enough....last time she was over here I sued to see a lot of her as we were always at the school picking up the children - but now they are older we never go, it is a shame when they get older 'Mums' miss out on the social scene.

Been making a few changes on the shop and need to clear out some of the stock - so am still having a sale on a lot of the items, and I have also added some pics of cards using the products - it always helps when you can see what you can do with them. If you want one of your cards featured in the shop and send it along to me, and I will add it on.

Lovely Day

Well that is my birthday all over and done with....if I had been prepared to get up early I could have got to MK and seen a firework display as they decided to celebrate their 40th birthday on the same day as me (not same age tho!)...needless to say I decided to not get up early!

I came home early and Owen and I sat and watched the Pirates of the Caribbean...very good although the end seemed very much like they expect to do another!

Paul gave me some lovely pressies - although really the Robo was my birthday pressie....BUT apparently there is another surprise pressie that is out of stock! So had some new crafty bits and some rubber stamps, and some bits for my Creative Zen - I can now charge it in the car! I also got some cash from Mum and Dad and Paul's Mum. And Paul bought a birthday cake - and I had candles too, only 3 we didn't want a fire hazard!

I still need to make more cards - stocks got very low before Christmas, I have added a few that I have made on on here. Stuff from the shop:
Little house - isn't it cute? and great selection of colours, string of pearls, baby shoe brad (on ale now), metal rimmed tag and blue grosgrain ribbon, lilies and yellow striped ribbon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I took the cakes into work today - just in case I was snowed in tomorrow and couldn't get it....well wishful thinking! But we have not started them yet - I have plenty to go round as there are only 7 of us in tomorrow!

So as promised here is the lemon cake recipe, I hope it is inspiring you to get baking:

175g/6oz Margerine or butter
125g/4oz Sugar
1 lemon (juice and grated rind)
2 eggs
175g/6oz Self Raising flour (or 6oz plain and tspn baking powder)

Beat margerine and sugar, add lemon rind
Beat in eggs, then fold in the flour
Bake in a greased tin 40 mins for a 2lb loaf tin 180c/ gas mark 5
Measure out 4oz sugar and gradually add the lemon juice until it is a thick paste, pour over cake as soon as it comes out of the oven. Leave to cool in tin.

You can always make a syrup and pour that over the cake for a stickier finish.


Em and Carol have launched a new Scrapbook Challenge - All About Me - so if you fancy a bash then check out the Crafts by Carolyn Forum for all the details.

I still have to scan the cards I have made - I will get them on tomorrow.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today I made some cakes for work, as the tradition is that you bring in cakes on your birthday! So to ring the changes and not go to M&S I decided to make some. (although my boss suggested going to krispykreme (sp?) doughnuts!)

So I made chocolate brownies and lemon I will do the recipe for the brownies:
4oz /115g butter or marg
2oz /55g cocoa
2 eggs
8oz /225g sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1.5oz /45g plain flour
3oz /85g chopped walnuts (I didn't have any in mine)
3oz /85g raisins

350f /180c gas 4 8inch sq tine (I use a swiss roll tin/tray bake tin and added half the ingredients again) It makes at least 15 portions and it is very rich!

Melt butter and cocoa together, either in a saucepan or I do it in a bowl in the microwave

In a large bowl beat eggs and sugar and vanilla essence, until light and fluffy

then add cocoa mix and stir

sift flour and fold, add fruit/nuts - basically you can add anything you like so long as it adds up to the total weight

bake in centre for 30 mins - do not overbake, leave to cool in tin. cut into 2in squares. (if doing in the larger tin bake for around 40 mins

It should be gooey in the middle, so don't overbake.

I have also been making cards and will put some on later, and the lemon cake and recipe will be on tomorrow.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mid life crisis?

I decided that my hair was far too grey and with a birthday looming thought it would be best to cover some of it...before the day arrived. So I am now a chestnut colour - tee hee. I did ask the boys if it took years off my life, Paul said it did, Owen said you have only coloured your hair! A friend of mine that is a little older said she has been having a mid life crisis which apparently why she now has a dog and a sports car...I hope that I am only effected by the sports car! As her dog now answers to the name of the 'damn dog' - I don't think I am ready to go there! He he she is quite a cute dog really and was bought fabby pink sweater for her Chistmas pressie.

We are all off for a meal in a while so will report back tomorrow.

I managed to make a few cards using the new stamps - this cat it so cute! the ribbons, button and prima flower are from the shop....I will have to make some more tomorrow, but need have go a block on ideas....maybe the new template challenge will help me along.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Quick card

I had started this yesterday and just finished it tonight...I really must do some more in this colour. I love the 'Ocean buttons' from the shop and they match the ric rac perfectly.

It was a real work day today - so no playing with paper! I did manage to get to Smiths at lunchtime and decided to buy this months issue of Beautiful Cards, I nearly bought another mag - but was put off by all the Valentine themes as it is not a theme that I make much. I couldn't believe how many mags there were everytime I go there seems to be more and more.

Also my new stamps arrived from Pixie dust so now I need to set aside more time playing!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Playing with the Robo

Today I actually sat down and worked some things out on the Robo...I played with Inkscape and starting to get the hang of it...although I spent ages preparing a sheet of cuts and then it said error occurred and nothing is saved and nothing is recoverable - bye bye bog off - well words to that effect, so that was the end of that. I then gave up, had boring things to do instead. So I will have another go later, if the weather carries on like this we shan't be venturing far at the weekend, other than out for a meal on Saturday Evening. We will be popping down to the local Ampthill Italian - Donatello's for a family meal to celebrate my birthday...I really wish my birthday was in the summer!

Finally installed the font thing and have been setting up groups to add font types to it - hope it can help, atm I am not altogether sure tee hee. Amazing the stuff I had on the old PC I had forgotten about - just put the Creating Keepsakes CD back on that I got last Christmas. Something else I never devoted much time.

I also had a play making cards this afternoon after I had got the orders out of the way. I cut a metre or the orange ribbon with the stitching and challenged myself to use it - have to say it looks really nice, and I needed to make something other than pink - so I decided that was the best way to approach it! I shall try another colour tomorrow.....

So you can see a few that I made (a pink one crept in the end as I had the letters already cut, and were perfect for the latest template challenge on the CBC forum!) Have you been challenged yet - or maybe you fancy having a go at an ATC - Wendy regularly sets a challenge - some great titles.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Robo demonstrator

Clare came over today to see my Robo - he was very well behaved! Although I am no expert she was most impressed at how easy it is to use, so looks like another one that will be buying. I just love welded words - so easy to use and easy to create.

We had lunch over at Poplars Nursery, Toddington and popped into Craftability - I have to say I really didn't need anything but did buy a couple of sheets of paper. Just don't know what we had to chat about but as usual the day seemed to just fly by.

I have bought a few more rubber stamps from the Ebay seller that the rag doll stamp came from "Pixie Dust" - they are her own designs and so sweet - so couldn't resist. Here is another that I got for Christmas, I thought orange would make a change from pink - as I notice the basket is looking a bit over done with pink cards. I have been using the H2Os again - great fun - perhaps I need more of those.....The ribbon I have used is from the shop - on offer at the moment. also looks great with mini buttons.

The template challenge is still continuing on the forum, I hope to make one tomorrow, and don't forget if you fancy having a go at knitting the knit along is well on its way.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well we have finally got Owen's bike sorted out - I can't believe how many phone calls it took. It is still not the actual one we ordered from the web site - BUT he likes this one - so we are keeping it. Trouble is they delivered the new one - but would not take the old one away - so now we have a garage full of bikes! Maybe I will sell it on Ebay if they do not collect it soon!

It looks like the MP3 player is behaving itself now and no longer 'locking' so maybe it was a being 'new' thing!

No idea where the weekend has gone - I spent most of yesterday sorting out orders and the I appear to have done very little.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Catching up

Well I have caught up with all the orders now and everything is in the post. So I have launched a 10% sale today for today - and I may extend it until get shopping now.

What an awful day - I was going to pop out - but am going to do it later perhaps it will have stopped raining by then.

I have just got round to downloading the photos from the camera....

I did manage to pop a 'pretend ticket' in a bottle for my Dad for a present at Christmas, it was not an amazing work of art - I didn't think flowers were appropriate for him - but did manage to do something and used the new Robo for it. The ticket was for the submarine museum - but as I only put the cash in he can spend it as he wishes. I included the opening times and the instructions on how to get there and money to include a lunch was quite fun!

Mum (and Dad) were so pleased with their 'exploding box' and she had been busy showing the neighbours - I didn't add it here in case she looked before Christmas, so for those of you that missed it here are a few photos

I did have some fun looking through the photos and didn't realise Owen was so active....

I will have to get round to scanning some of the old photos so that I can play with them and maybe add them to scrapbooks etc..

ON the forum we have started a number of challenges and some swaps will start soon - so if you have never visited - come along and join us - we would love to see some new members.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Don't you find the titles of the blog difficult to compose.....

Well once again I have been neglecting the blog and neglecting everyone else too - so must make some time to catch up on what everyone is up to, there are a few new blogs on the go too! :)

The new computer has been taking a bit of my time...but it is pretty much loaded now. Paul managed to get into the old one and I could copy across any of the images on there as they appear to be virus free. It seemed to effect all of the HTML pages - which may have blown its mind as we had over 6000 of them on the PC! All of Paul's software has HTML pages as part of the help! It was certainly a busy bee!

OH well we will live and learn - and all sorted now.

I am now using the old speakers for the MP3 player and they work fabby!

Crafting has taken a back seat the last couple of weeks, but I shall get back to it very soon. Went shopping today and managed to find some Christmas present 'replacements'...handy working in MK - so was lucky enough to get a couple of tops in Next and a pair of trousers in Debenhams.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh dear - catalogue of disasters!

Sorry I have not been blogging...several reasons....

Firstly my parents have been here for the past few days and so I have been busy wth them. We have had a lovely time exchanging pressies, going for walks and doing some shopping. We also spent some time playing Rummikub which made a change.

Then disaster struck and the transformer on the router blew.....which meant we had to instal the modem and just have one PC running....and then even bigger disaster struck the one remaining PC managed to catch a virus......which seems to have ground it to a hlat now and we are not sure why.

So what a disaster.

In addition to this we are still trying to sort out Owen's Christmas pressie and exchange the bike that was delivered with the Barbie pink writing, as yet we have had several promises and they have not yet come to fruition. We have managed to successfully exchange the broken flash drive and the broken torch. But the flash drive did not arrive before the virus struck so I hadn't backed up for a few weeks.....but hey ho - we are stll happy bunnies really!

Worked and worked last Friday - quite enjoying doing 1 day weeks - but I think next week I will have to do 3 days!

Hehe the other funny thing we did was send Owen off to school on Wednesday - when in fact he wasn't due to go to school until Thursday....just not been our two weeks really. I even managed to break the car temporarily - but it is better now!