Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clophill scarecrow festival

Just posted about this on the country market blog, so thought I would share here too

Clophill is a village just down the road from Ampthill, it is a pretty village with a long road through and some interesting narrow lanes that go up quite a steep incline, every other year it has a open gardens and it also has a scarecrow festival (not sure if this is every other year too).

We popped along for a look at them today and here are some of my personal favourites, there were loads of them and so good, great fun, and got everyone out walking.

This first one I notice that the house is even partially painted, so much detail, with the two relaxing nearby.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Milton Keynes craft and vintage fair

Went to MK this morning to visit the fair, was most impressed with it, lots of interesting things to get, although I really couldn't think what I needed!  Noticed that there was someone selling bags made from jeans there.

I did find this little chap made by someone fairly local to MK, and her friend was also selling some lovely items that she had sewn, had a lovely chat to them.

So I have my very own pin dog now.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Owen's Jeans

This is a smaller bag that I made from the left overs of Owen's jeans.

I used the back pockets first, and then realised I messed it up and could have used the front pockets had I cut them better:

first one and second one here

I know for next time to cut past the seams so that there is some fabric that can be used to join rather than cutting up to the seams.

As I didn't have enough to make a strap I used the lining fabric to make handles by folding them in four, like on the little bags I have been

Of course I added a flower and a pocket inside, and then made a tissue pouch as well.  I struggled to get the machine to sew through the bits where the flowers are sewn so have hand sewn that bit and put flowers so that you can't see so obviously.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Pink fabric with jeans

This one is the other front pocket and has a great zipped pocket on the front that I put some pink ribbon through the zip pull. and the other bit is a pocket on the front too.

As it was a bit tricky to turn the top over, I decided to bring the liner out to the outside and then add the straps on the outside.

I cut off the press stud that was on another part of the jeans and added it as part of a closure at the top, lace is covering up bits and pieces :)

and of course pockets inside too.  I have had great fun making these has been a real challenge and took me a while to figure things out, but my kind of what next?

I have bought another pair of jeans with lots of studs on the pockets, but these are mush smaller and not as many pockets!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Yellow fabric with jeans

So here is one of the front pockets, luckily these were a reasonably big size pair of jeans so was more easy to make them go further!

I had run out of denim to make the strap, so used the lining fabric folded in four.

I added a flower (of course) button to close, 2 pockets inside and some pretty mini crocheted lace that I found on Mk market along the top of the pocket.  I also made a tissue pouch out of the same fabric.

The fabric was one of my bargain buys from Florida - so have used some at last and have stopped stroking it!

This has 2 pockets on the front as well :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

First 2 finished

So here are the first two that are finished, I lined them with the same fabric on the inside as the flowers, and they both have little pockets inside, 

And of course the jean pockets all work too, and these both have nice closures on them which makes them more interesting, the reason I bought the jeans in the first place.

The top pocket on the blue one is not 'real' it is just for show sadly otherwise it would be even better :)

I used the waistband for the strap on this one, so left the button and button hole visible.

So I just need to finish the last 3, just a case of finishing off threads and decided to hand sew a bit of lace on one.  So watch this space.