Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Site update

I have added new pages to the web site - so if you have not visited in a while it is worth stopping by to check out the new stuff. I have added some pink papers that I have used for this card.

I am also looking for some more sponsors if you fancy joining in and getting your site noticed, for a small investment. Around 200 people visit the forum everyday...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Craft Robo files

I am still busy adding craft robo files to the web site - so this month I have added some for Mother's Day, I have made one into a PDF file, and would be interested if they are of any use. I forgot I had these flowers so dug them out from the back of the cupboard and thought they were ideal for a spring card for Mum.

I have started making Mothers Day cards early this year - I am determined to have some in time this year for the Country Market stall and work!

I have also added new pages to the web site - and will hopefully add a few more soon.

We have not had a recipe challenge for a long time on the forum - so I have added this one today, I hope you have a go at making it:

So you must make a card with the following:

2 different ribbons
flowers (more than 3)
the colour green somewhere in your card

This week I did a demo at the Maulden WI, which was great fun and the ladies there seemed to have a lovely evening.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Even more Snow!

Today I had to take my friend to hospital in MK - we were supposed to be there for around 7:45 - so we set off at 7:15 (a bit later than intended but they had assured my friend that we didn't need to be there that early in the end!) We arrived at wasn't snowing when we left but was soon becoming quite a blizzard by the time we arrived....I then waited until 9:15 as the Doctor hadn't arrived. BUT all was well and she had arrived - so I went off to work.

The first pic is of my journey in MK from the hospital - although it was pretty much like that all the way..

However the journey home was much better - I did leave at 2:15 as they were threatening more snow, I followed the gritter lorry with a snow plough attached to the front up to the motorway.

The final picture is the hill down into our estate - a little hair raising driving on the slush...and the last piece of my journey was completed with the aid of two men and two shovels - as my little car was having none of being put back on the drive.....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More snow

I can't believe that we had more snow today, I was due to go into work - but it apparently MK was as bad as Ampthill, and the boss suggested I stay at home.

I have taken some more pics - some are the same as the last except with more snow!

I walked into town - the Country Markets had set up a stall under the shelter of Richardson's the jewellers as there were no market stalls. The Fish man had made it down from Grimsby though!

Check out Jennies blog for some great includes one of those Tim Holtz Rulers.....

So the first few pictures are in the town:

A big turn out as everyone is at home!

Here is Owen - but he couldn't be bothered to walk into Ampthill with me.

these are the back garden and beyond the same as Monday - but more snow

followed by views out the back - looked the other for this one - and can see the trees towards the Church

The very last photo is one of the Lime trees out on the 'Meadow' that we look at from our bedroom window - looking very spooky

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Mother's Day card

So as promised here is a Mother's Day Card!

I have been playing on MSWord again and made these little circles - I have put them on the web site if you want to use them. I have put them under free downloads - themed paper packs - but will probably find a better home for them eventually...!

I used one of Sally Ann's downloads for the cupcake - it looks good enough to eat!

I have made a few more so will have to get some photos together.

So the snow has started to melt, a big change between driving to work and coming home this evening. I didn't even take anymore photos - was kicking myself that I forgot to take the camera out this morning as it was glorious, the sun was shining, so pretty.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Well it looks like a lot of the country has been hit by snow. I umm'd and arr'd whether to go into work as the snow wasn't too bad and the roads were apparently ok with care. I was concerned having travelled to MK I would end up just coming home soon after as the weather was forecast for more snow. Well they weren't wrong - it has been snowing for most of the day on and off now.

Here are a couple of pics the first one in our back garden from the bedroom window....I have not ventured outside!

The next picture is looking over next doors garden to the 'meadow' beyond, the trees certainly look fantastic. i was hoping it would stop snowing and the sun would come out - it made a brief appearance for 5 mins or so and that was it!

I hve actually made some cards you will be pleased to know....