Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back Home

Well we have been away for 2 weeks to Green Spain, we stayed in a small village called Albuerne in Asturias. The 'e' on the end is pronounced 'a'. We had a great time even though we did have some rain we had quite a lot of sun too.

Did a spot of sightseeing visiting Luarca, Aviles, Gijon and Cudillero, along with a couple of places more inland. We went to Luarca twice and both days they were having a festival so they town such after the parades!

The guide book didn't reckon much to Aviles - but I thought it was very attractive and quaint. Each of the buildings have their own style, and are al higgledy, piggledy. We did eat out that day - but had a pizza, as Owen said he was really fancying one!

Well worth visiting, but have to say that they really are not geared up to promoting tourism, although lots of tourist offices - and very helpful, you have to ask them all the questions they don't seem to be able to tell you about the things going on!

We find a local beach, San Pedro, which was lovely and sandy, it had a cafe selling ice creams which were sampled most days - and we managed to 'chill' on there most days for some of the time - along with game playing and kite flying, and Owen bodyboarded. I even ventured in the sea - although it did take a lot of persuading, and by the time I was finally in there swimming Owen had got cold!

We left the car at Gill and Phils, on the way home I knew that Gill was away but was assured that Phil would remember that we were coming home and make arrangements with the key. So on arrival at Stansted we get in a taxi to their house and there is no key and no Phil. No worries Gill said Phil ALWAYS has his mobile...so I rang it and got the anwser phone. Owen points to the cornerof the road and says 'I bet he is down the pub'! So off I trot - walk in the pub - sure enough he is there....but his first reaction was 'Carolyn - hello' like I was always popping in the pub....bearing in mind I have not lived that way for 20 years now....then the penny dropped. 'Oh No - I will be in big trouble with Gill now - I forgot!' left his phone at home - beside the note he had written to remind himself....tee hee

I shall put some more photos on in a few days time....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sorry Blog

I have forgotten to do my blog for a whole week...

This week has been a lot different Owen went to Scout camp at Thriftwood in Essex on Sunday and doesn't return until Sunday, missing him being around - seems so strange. The weather hasn't been anything like it was last week. He went off in baking sunshine and then it changed Monday! I only sent him with one jumper and a raincoat...loads of other clothes so I hope he is warm enough! He was so excited to go - and they have so much planned for the week, a visit to Colchester Zoo, trip to the seaside, Adventure Island, Superman at the cinema, and activities on the site include: archery, laser tag, ice climbing, pedal cars, canoeing.

I thought he may have phoned or even sent a postcard, but we have had no contact.....but I guess he has been so busy!

Had a good week so far - sold a few cards, and just been making a few more now. Although struggling to get motivated tee hee, I shall get on with few more in a while...just made this card - I made two last week and they have both gone - so thought I should make some more. Got a new QK die a few weeks ago - have to say many of these dies I lose the will to live after a while...this one is bordering on the edge of this - just to make up a pram...I shall see how it goes!

I went out to lunch with friends the other day too, and lunch seemed to turn into the entire day. It was great to catch up and have a giggle.

You may remember that the girls from the forum made cross stitch squares, and then produced two fabulaous quilts and the project has made the World of Cross Stitching Magazine this month thanks to Susan, you can see the article here Quilt Story

Finally the sun has started shining, it has been a very windy overcast day today, seemed very dreary compared to the days we have experienced recently.