Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Infrequent blogger

I just don't seem to remember to post on here as well as on the forum! I have no idea if the visitors here are the same or I apologise if you have seen/heard it all already!

Last week I took Friday off as it was my birthday, and I decided it would be nice to have a lazy day rather than working. I posted on the forum that I was doing nothing and Clare suggested lunch - so that seemed a good idea to me! I had already arranged to go to Bedford in the morning to see Sue at a pottery cafe called The Kiln. She wants to stock some of my cards as she has just taken over the place. She has some lovely new ideas and is really friendly so I hope that the business does well. Needless to say she was too friendly and ended up chatting far too much and was a bit late for Clare oops. We had a lovely lunch - and the weather even brightened up. I had a lovely lot of cards from the forum - which are now proudly on show.

Paul bought me my own DSLite in blue - so I can now play with Owen.....

I have been busy making cards - but nothing too exciting - as I needed to get some stock up. I made a batch of Golden Wedding cards - using the Robo to make the number 50. Was dead chuffed to discover that I could stick gold tissue paper onto card for cutting, as all of the metallic card I had was very thick, and I am sure the Robo wouldn't go through it. I stuck to simple designs - I do find if I go too fancy for this occasion they are not as popular.

I have also launched a couple of challenges on the forum - a pocket one and a Valentine one without come along and have a play.

Owen is at the age where he has to choose his options - wow it is hard - and all of the subjects seem so different to 'in my day'....not sure how he will choose really

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas all finished

Well that is another Christmas finished - the decs came down Sunday and we were all back to work and school today - well I worked last Monday, but only one day!

Mum is still not recovered so they are both here and so I have not managed to get my crafty hat back on properly. I did manage a little spend at Stamp Addicts on Saturday - as it was the last day of their sale, just some Woodware clear stamps and some basics like stamp pads.

...I have been wandering around blogs and notice that mine is beginning to look the plainest of them maybe when I feel lively I ought to give it a change.

The snow is still hanging around here - although I notice most of it had gone in Milton Keynes today, wow it is cold though.

We are getting busy on the forum - and have started some challenges and some swaps - so if you fancy something to do pop along and join us :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Coconut Ice

I made some more coconut ice as promised for my Mum, and used another empty jar (the Syrup in Tesco's comes in these and they are a nice size for filling0. Mum was really pleased, she also had one of the Christmas cakes and some homemade chocolates. Unfortunately, she is really poorly now and in bed, and seems to have caught this dreaded bug and the doctor is due to call later today, so not such a nice end to Christmas.

I did do some crafting in the run up to Christmas and did all of Sue's challenges - I did show them all on the forum, but have added a couple of things here. The photo card was one where you had to incorporate a photo into a christmas project...and the jar was supposed to be a gift bag - well I really didn't need a gift bag so I cheated with another jar.

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2009 will be a great year for you. We have started the challenges again on the forum - so if you have had some new craft stash - break open the packaging and get using it! I have some prizes to send out as well so will have to sort those out for everyone.