Thursday, November 30, 2006

December 1st

christmas lights
coo had a girlie day today - went out to lunch with my friend Jane, and then wandered around Craftability at Poplars Nursery, Toddington...I did buy some paper - well you have to really don't you - and now I have just returned from the Milton Keynes theatre and saw Me and My Girl, with my another friend Wendy. We had a nice night out, I saw it years ago - and have no recollection of any of it! Great fun. I also saw Bradley Walsh sitting in the ViP lounge - should have waved at him I suppose at he looked straight at me!

Well here is the first question for the advent calendar competition, each question will be published around this time - but you cannot enter until after midnight. The winner will be the one with the most correct entries, and in the event of a tie a winner will be picked at random.

All the answers are somewhere on the site including the gallery and the forum, and these are the only accepted right answers.

"Who is the most likely person that originated the first Christmas card?"

Once you have found the answer go to the advent calendar to submit your must be on the right day

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Advent soon

I am planning a competition throughout advent on here - but you will have to be a forum member to be able to enter. So if you think you may want to join in then join the forum now and make a note of your username and password....then wait for Dec 1.

I have not managed to make much over the weekend - was a bit busy with the ribbons etc - but just had to make sure my new stamp worked, sorry not very edventurous - but a great funky stamp - will have to crack on and stamp some more. Now I have gone back to stamping I need more room in my room.....

Check out Carol's sweetie jars on her blog link on the right - they are fab!

I will try and make some cards in the next few days - a friend of mine has an empty box that I must refill, and I am seeing her next week.

Monday, November 27, 2006


So do you like lime? I have ended up with a pad of pink and lime green as the other was out of stock - and have to say I am loving it, you probably have realised with a few recent entries in here.

They just seem to go together so well...and this ribbon is a perfect partner, unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice I will have to take another at the weekend. The deep pink and plae pink grosgrain are both back in stock now and can be teamed up with the apple green grosgrain - another perfect match.

Wow the ribbons have started to go - I shall have to order some more - there are always so many to choose from I never know which to choose...comments and fav colours are always appreciated.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Progress so far

I have added the ribbons to the shop have to say that this is my favourite, unfortunately the pictures are a little dark as the sun didn't come out until after I had taken the photos. These are all the new items

Cracking on with some things ready for next weekend and am quite pleased with the progress, so make sure you visit the forum for December.

Have you entered Sheila's Challenge - the closing date is November 30th - so you had better get making. I have to say there are already some great entries in and the end result is well worth making.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another template

Susan has launched another template today - looks complicated - but I bet some great cards can be made from it.

I have a fairly packed weekend in way way or another...first off need to pop down to the Ampthill Farmers Market (if it is still there in this wind!), and drop off my cards. With the weather as it is I don't really expect to sell much. TBH if it is too windy I can't leave much as it will blow away. Then I have several things I am doing for the web site...first off I need to get the ribbons on that everyone is keen to buy, then there are two things that are a secret for the Crafts by Carolyn Forum advent calendar.....well that is if they hopefully something for you to look forward to....

Lastly, we will have a take away Chinese as it was Pauls birthday on Tuesday and Owen didn't feel up to eating last weekend so it has been postponed until this! We were going out but have decided to work on the projects (aforementioned!)instead.

If I have some time at the end I will have a go at the template. Don't forget that Sheila's (bookworm) competition is still running and I have to say there have been some fab entries - so go on - you know you want to......

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

The ribbons have arrived - I shall get them in the shop as soon as possible, but just thought I would give you a sneak preview.....I have not even checked if they are all here yet.

Not much else to report at the moment - the moderators of the Crafts by Carolyn forum are planning for the countdown to Christmas on the forum and are trying to think of a few things that will keep you amused....

The Christmas stock is selling well, especially the brads and green and red ribbons, so you must be a busy lot.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back now

Well we had a lovely get together, there seemed to be more chat than shopping - although we did all manage some shopping. We had a demo of the Cricut - which have to say looks great fun - but not sure I can justify the spend as you still have to but new 'cartridges' to expand the range and at £60 a time and it seems a lot. I managed to buy some paper, some rub ons and a rubber stamp. Lythan nearly persuaded me into the perfect pearls - but not sure I am ready for those yet...but there is still a chance yet - I have my new stamp to play with so will maybe need something like that soon!

I don't think people visit the Garden centre for the happy smiling staff in the restaurant - they even managed to run out of jacket potatoes and borwn bread, last time we went they ran out of eggs!

Sorry I didn't manage many photos - there seemed to be a reluctance to have photos taken!


Yes clips, that seems to be the top seller at the moment - I would love to know how you use them all, and are not just using them as paper clips! I guess as ribbons are also a best seller - you are using them with the ribbon.

Off to meet some of my forum buddies at Royston today - a sort of early Christmas get together. Apparently too early for Christmas Crackers at the restaurant. I will report back later to tell you how it went!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Quiet weekend

Well it certainly will feel like it after last weekend with the challenge. The sun is shining here and looks like a lovely autumnal day.

I have posted my CJ (Circle Journal) and the first instalment for me to complete should arrive on my doorstep this week. So I will start panicking on Tuesday!

There are so many activities on the CraftsbyCarolyn forum I don't know which to mention. There are several Christmas swaps being organised...tags, cards, toppers, two secret santa one for crafty bits for making things and another for gifts. Lisa is keeping us up to date with what we should be doing on a weekly basis....
this week we still have the template challenge running - not many people had a chance to have a go last weekend...
Here is my card - the middle bag was made with a circle punch, and the handle did take a bit of fiddling around with scissors and a tiny tag punch. There are more to see on the gallery

Here are a couple more items from the weekend challenge a clock from NickyNoo and a scrapbook Layout from AlbaJane....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still indoors

Owen is still off sick, but a lot better today and has started eating. I let him sleep in this morning as he had been up in the night, so finally have finished my CJ. It is probably the hardest thing I have done with regard to crafting...and I used to ice cakes and make sugar flowers...tee hee
My pages will be a surprise when the book had been completed - but I can show you the sign in page - although Owen did point out that if it was at the back it should be the sign out...

I took my cards to the market this morning, but the weather was awful - only sold 2 cards - but at least I didn't have to stand with them.

Here are another couple of entries from the weekend challenge - just chose from random pages, so many to pick from - I am still completely overwhelmed by the respone...These are by Angelnorth and Bookworm......if you want to see all of the challenges they are here

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Still Ill

Owen is still poorly today - he was very sad this morning as he was sick again. But seems to be perking up a bit now. We sat and watched Madagascar this afternoon, yesterday we watched Valiant...we have another lined up for tomorrow - so catching up with our viewing.

Still lots of activity on the forum loads of swaps for Christmas, and everyone is still talking about the big comp and the challenges. Adele, Saffa, Suzy and Lisa were winners of the big comp, and we decided to award everyone a prize that completed all 11 challenges over the weekend.

I have picked a few of the challenges at random to show you
this was a coaster by Lulu
A great idea from Clare (Kenspeckle)
and a CD from Suzy...with over 330 images I am finding it difficult to choose I will show some more on another day...if you want to see all of the challenges they are here

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weekend Challenge - Wow

I am truly overwhelmed by the activity over the weekend on the forum, I really didn't expect there to be so much response. There were over 330 items made over the weekend - last week I was panicking thinking it would only be a few....

Everyone was so excited and a special thanks to Sue who started it all - but thank you to everyone - lots and lots of help from the mods and of course lots and lots of participating - which in the end was the most important.

I did enter a few more things, I managed an ATC with sewing and a notepad, and a coaster

I also did have to stop to do the orders - luckily there weren't many over the weekend, now every parcel has to go through the Royal Mail gismo to find out the cost of the I did have a valid excuse to stop a little.

Then Owen was not well...much better today tho!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another CD

I have made another CD for the sister of the first...I hope they will be pleased with them - I knitted them scarves last year - do you think they might think what a cheapskate!

this card hasn't scanned too well - it does look much better in the flesh - maybe I should have taken a photo.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weekend Challenge

Well the Crafts by Carolyn Forum launched a weekend challenge this weekend and it is going well....I have even been challenged today (and I should be doing some orders - sorry will do them later!)

I can't believe how fab all entries have been so far - at the moment we are up to challenge 5. My stuff is not a patch on some of the entries - but I am really enjoying having a go, I have not been able to do them all....there are still 6 more challenges to do - so you can still join in if you have not started.

I have made another CD, just waiting for the glitter to dry and I will add that too.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


These are bookmarks that are just made by threading some beads onto each end of some thonging (Sue gave me this idea last year!).

I did tie a knot in the centre of them so that the beads didn't get on a muddle, and the knot can stop it slipping through the book if you don't bother to put the threads in different pages. Quick and easy to do if you have some thonging. Make sure it is not too thick.

I took 5 along to the Country market this morning and actually sold two - mind you I did have to keep telling everyone what they were even though I have a book on the stall as a sample.

AND now I went into the Cookshop in Ampthill and she had 4 coasters at 50p - so I have bought them in the expectation to 'alter' them for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I hope that you have all voted in the BIG competition, if not pop over to the forum and get it done. This week we have a template challenge, and Bookworm is doing a special challenge to win a prize...well worth a look. At the weekend there is a challenge on all over the weekend, so make sure you are around for some of it - if not all of it.

I am popping over to Sue's this morning to see the vast amount of items that she has bought from Florida, so will report back later!

I plan to make a few bookmarks later from thonging and beads - so will try and get a pic up. Would love to hear ideas for bits and pieces that can be made.

Monday, November 06, 2006


I made a few of these last year and they all sold as stocking I thought I had better do a few this year, maybe I can pick up a few new customers in the office as we have had a change of staff in our building. I have to say I really haven't a clue what to charge - I have used a mix of beads some cheap others not so, they are certainly not quality jewellery - just really for fun. What do you all think?

I have actually sold a few cards this week through some friends, the office and The Country Market - so I had better get making again

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bonfire Party

Well we had our annual event - the Woodruff bonfire party. It all went very smoothly.
Paul and Owen (well mainly Paul!) spent the morning building a bonfire, I cut down some extra stuff from the garden, which was added later. Somehow Owen seemed to have lost the enthusiasm for helping - I guess he is at that age - lazy
After lunch we all set to making a guy, took a bit of planning and scrunching of paper. This year he was more smartly dressed - more office worker style rather than casual...what do you think?

I then spent the rest of the day tidying the kitchen and getting some food ready (well OK not that much time!)

Aww and here is being burnt at the stake - what a strange tradition.....

I did a nice potful of mulled wine - and did it in the slow cooker - it kept it at an ideal temperature and would definitely recommend it. Shame only Wendy and I drank it.....! Wendy brought some fabby gingercake for us all to eat after we had munched through sausages and chicken drumsticks!

We all had sparklers - there seemed more than enough - and the kids had a lovely time.

I didn't take any pictures of the fireworks - too complicated for me - especially as I was in charge of lighting - with Wendy being second in command! She brought extra rockets and the man in the shop said give them a good shake before you light them.....and she believed him. I can honestly say it didn't seem to make any difference - but caused great laughs....

I know I have posted this link a few days ago - but if you didn't visit it, and you are doing a craft fair, she has added loads of guidance on doing a fair: tayloredexpressions

Saturday, November 04, 2006

BIG competition and more pads

The voting has started on the BIG competition, the entries are here:

Altered Art
Handmade Cards

vote here - you will need a forum log in to vote - so if you have not joined yet - just join and then you can vote.

I have had response about the notepads on the forum and thought you might like to see these that Sue made. The first she has used a pad from a 'cheap shop', and has added a ribbon page maker and the second she has used 'Post its'. It does look as though green and pink is in atm! I am surprised at the coincidence as the paper I used wasn't the paper I had ordered it was a substitute!

I would love to see your projects and ideas for presents and craft fairs.

Yet another fabby gallery Cards by Carla - I have yet to see a bad card on this site!

Friday, November 03, 2006


I have been busy making again - seem to have got the bug, although will have to return to the CJ next. I have had these notepads in the cupboard for a long time now. I made quite a few and sold them on the Country Market stall a couple of Christmas's ago, and never returned to making them. So with a new paper pad that arrived - which in fact was not my choice but had been a substitute - I thought I would have a play with paper.

I covered them first with plain card and then covered with paper and punched things.

I will make some more in some different colours and it will be something different. Trouble is they take quite a lot of fiddling about - more than a card and actually cost more - so not sure what to charge, around £1.60 I reckon?

Here is another great link to some really fab cards and projects Michelle Fischer

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The postie has arrived

AND I have just had my anniversary present delivered. I knew it was coming as we had chosen it when we were at Rye - I think Paul saw it as something easy to buy as I had chosen it on the spur of the moment!

I would have loved to have something in silver/white gold - but thought it wouls look silly with the other rings - perhaps I could have something for the other hand for Christmas. But it is rather pretty, and in a few years time I guess gold will be back in - tee hee....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Busy day making

It is my wedding anniversary today - so I thought I had better make a card.....OK so I had left it a bit late, but Paul was at work all day so he wouldn't be able to look at it until he got home anyway. I thought I would use the template that is currently running on the forum as inspiration - cards for boys are always so difficult. So I decided to play with some rubber stamps that I have had for years. I started with a chalk ink pad and didn't like that as you couldn't read the writing, so ended up with a versamark pad and some chalks, I think the stamp goes well with this method, making it look Olde Worlde. Paul likes Pooh Bear too - so I knew he would like the card.

I then cracked on with my CJ - now this is something I have never ever attempted and to be honest I really haven't a clue what I am supposed to be to stop me worrying it is better to get started.
So far I have now done the cover, the introduction and the rules pages, so I have 2 pages and the sign in left to do - here they are so far. Once I got started I did get into it - but there seems to be so much decision making - and I had to get so many things out too.
Once I have done them all I will bind the pages together and take another photo, it is quite scarey to think I will have to make pages on a subject that I have not chosen in a few weeks time. Struggling with a theme I have chosen!

I had another wander around the internet this morning while having my tea break and found this fab site:
TaylordExpressions she is really making some fab things and makes some lovely cards too.