Saturday, July 19, 2008

Craftability craft week

I popped over to Craftability this week - twice in fact. I nipped in earlier on in the weeky as I wasn't expecting to be around today, but as I was unexpectedly available I went down there for an hour and it was realy enjoyable. If you live nearby it is well worth popping over. I have now managed buy two new stamps, an embossing folder and some brads...oh dear and I was determined not to buy anything else....

Jane had rang so I met her there, and we sat and watched Anna Davenport cover some fab chipboard albums. She is into a bit of cooking so I have suggested that she stops by and tries some of the recipes. Another lady (sorry I forgot her name) was showing her stamps from Willow crafts, and Jane had a go at stamping and painting Wilfred Rabbit...who I just happen to buy....

There was jewellery and Trimcrafts products being demo'd as well.

Great afternoon - and a great way to see some new products being used.

In the meantime I have made some cards - I caught up on some of the challenges on the forum. two simple ones...the first was to use an image from clip art or similar, so this cute baby pics was from Karen's Whimsy - thre are some really fantastic images on there.

The other is for a sport at the Olympics and as I had this sailing stamp it seemed the obvious choice. Then I found the Chinese character stamp that I have had for years and means wind - so I thought a perfect match.

Both are fairly simple cards - but suitable for the occasions.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Today I didn't work as I worked yesterday.....I went in for a special meeting that was cancelled when I got in.....tee hee

But it worked out well in the end as Sue was free and we went off to Stamp Addicts I know this will surprise you all but I spent more than Sue...although I think she may have spent more than me in the previous week or so! So I treated myself to two new stamps and the new look Craft Stamper mag and a couple of other bits. We then had a nice Lunch at the Chequers just outside Ampthill, on the road to Bedford.

Not had time to play with anything yet and one was a Christmas stamp.

I have finally finished all of the updates to Crafts by Carolyn for this month and I hope that you like all of the new stuff and all of the changes - if you aren't on my mailing lists here is the newsletter. I am off for a lie down now....

So I have not had much of a chance to make many new cards, although have sold a few over the last few I have just this one to show you - this is using the FREE download paper on the site.

BTW MikeH is now running the site and I am still in the forum, but not in charge :) So if you live in or around Ampthill pop across and see what is going on.

Bread Pudding

after loads of trawling around the internet and asking on my forum I managed to work out a recipe that works for a traybake. I have now made it a couple of times and use mainly the crusts from our loaves.

Bread Pudding
Bake 1 hour in a traybake at 170c
15 oz Bread soaked in
14 fl oz of Milk (can do some water)
3oz Sugar
10oz Dried fruit
2oz or 3 oz margarine - melted
1 egg
I add some Mixed Spice and some nutmeg

Basically soak the bread for at least half an hour, mash completely – I use a use mixer to get it smooth
Add everything else and bake
Line the tin with silicone paper not greaseproof it sticks!

And you should have some nice Bread pudding. I sprinkle with sugar on top. This quantities are very 'loose'!

I cut it into 15 as I have laminated card marked out for this as standard - these are nice sizes.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday sun

Today was a lovely sunny day - sadly as we have now moved offices we don't see the sun much, as we are in a sort of basement. However I did go for a wander at lucnhtime and get some sun. The garden is growing nicely and my 'food' is growing. I have been picking loganberries - not many but there are loads on their way.

Crafting has taken a bit of a back seat as I have been updating the site, I will send out a newsletter soon...I have also been doing other things - although I did have a play and make some cards with charms for someone at work. Such a shame she wanted 18th birthday card and not 21st! Never mind I can change the it in time!

I also made a card for the challenge - there are loads of great challenges on the site - some fantastic ideas - pop along to the forum and join in it would be lovely.

Around Ampthill

You will be pleased to know that MikeH has taken on the forum and you can now pop by for a gossip....