Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photo cards

I have been walking at the weekends a lot recently so have started taking local pictures, and decided to make them into cards. I had already shown the one that I swapped with Melis, and here are a few more in the same idea. Sorry the camera one is out of focus and I don't have it anymore to take another pic...but do have more planned. Would love any ideas that I could theme some more. I nipped down and took some of the allotments and also a friends garden, that maybe I can add some garden embellies to them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Double up swap

My challenge - I have already put this on the forum but thought I would add it here - this is what I was sent from Melis:

and I will admit that I struggled with this as it was such a 'blank canvas', and so much paper just didn't know how to incorporate it all on one card! So I decided to make some roses by cutting spirals using deckle edged scissors and rolling them up from the outside in - iykwim. I added some glitter and then used a brad for the centre of the flower.

All became very clear once Melis had showed me her creation, what a fab card:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I saw this link on one of the crochet sites, and just knew I had to give it a go.

I have the crocheted cotton from long ago, but didn't have any suitable beads. I managed to get some when I went to the NEC recently, and so finally got around to finishing it this morning, as I was off out to lunch with Sue and Clare, and it matched the top I was wearing!

I did need to make it a few more rows longer than the pattern - not sure if it is because I have large wrists or tight crocheter...I assumed the second reason....

We met up in Baldock for coffee wandered to Scrap Revolution and Wool n Things, then went back to the coffee shop for lunch. It was sunny enough to sit outside :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Double up swap

Net organised this on the forum, and I have been partnered with Melis. Melis has made hers and sent me all the bits - which I keep staring at....and I made mine and sent my bits to Melis and she has made a brilliant card.

So this is the one I sent - which includes a picture of a walk in Ampthill Park, I did leave the 'title' off the one I sent so that Melis could use the card without it being too far away for her!

This is what I sent:

And this is what I made

Monday, May 02, 2011

Flitwick Moor

I have vowed to get out and about a bit more and see the countryside, and also get a bit fitter. So for the past few months each weekend I have been going on a walk with a friend, and we do try and go at a reasonable pace, and then I have been doing occasional walks - more of a stroll with the other half!

So I have been taking pictures and not really doing much with them, although I have made some cards which I will have to put on a post. So I thought I ought to put some of the walks on here....

Today it was a stroll around Flitwick Moor and also some information here

I have never been before so we drove to the car park, if you are not sure where to turn off the Maulden Road - it is literally the track by the farm buildings. On arrival the car park was empty, and we commented how quiet it was. We walked into the wood to be greeted by a 'marshall' and was told there would be about 140 runners just going past - apparently the Flitton fun run :). None of them were laughing and joking so not quite sure that it was fun......We let them go past - puffing and panting - and then continued with our walk!

The actual Moor is quite small and won't take long to follow the paths around, there is a longer walk entitled the Two Moors Heritage Trail, and I hope to do that another day.

We just followed the paths around the Moor which takes you out to the meadow, and then brings you back into the Moor once more. I really have not learnt much about the history around here and was fascinated to read that peat was extracted here up until 1967.

The land is iron rich and so the streams running through are coloured orange - just like the Worsley Canal in Manchester. The place is indeed very boggy, and the reeds are starting to grow and in the summer I am sure the place will be much more interesting, if you have not been it is well worth a visit.