Thursday, November 05, 2009

getting there...

Well after loads of decision making we are getting there, and the bathroom is almost finished - just need to decorate the little bit that hasn't got tiles, and get the flooring down. The conservatory is up and almost finished, just needs some power and lights and other bits and bobs. I think we have decided on the has a fantastic glass roof, it doesn't show on the picture I will have to take some more later.

We now have lovely new windows on the back as well.

We also need a patio laying, the shed pulling down (well I think it will fall down!), and I have loads of work to do in the garden...although have made a start. The new shed is going further up the garden too and I have even ordered that! I have never made so many decisions all at once!

This was what the garden looked like a few summers ago with the shrub bed in the middle:

And I have now dug up a lot of them and will put grass down...and plat a bigger border at the top. The trellis has gone too - but I did that after the pic!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Life gets in the way

...ooh dear sorry bloggers not been posting for a VERY long time - I am busy - not sure what at! I have made loads of decisions and am having a new bathroom, new conservatory and got a new car...Got promotion too - so you see not been letting the grass grow under my feet.!

I have not updated the web site in ages now and am looking for new content - anyone want to write a project for it? I can soon sort out a goodie bag....

If you have not visited the forum in a while then pop along and have a natter....

I have made a card this morning and decided to challenge you to make a card using a doyley....or to have that effect....I have used glimmer mists on mine - but you can't see that very well in the photo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long time no post...

I am so sorry - just never seem to find time to update this as well as the site and other things. Today this is just to let you know that the site is down - I am not sure why yet - but have reported it and hope it will be back soon.

When you can get in - don't forget there are new pages on the site and new challenges on the forum: A competition run by Carolines, a christmas challenge, scrapbook challenge, stamped image swap, monthly ATC swap - lot's more besides.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

A card

So have you all managed to download your free birthday papers. I have downloaded them all and have had a play with a couple and came up with this, I got the tags out that have been in the shop for a while and have had a lovely time stamping up a few. I have lent a little elephant stamp to a friend and need to get it back as he fits nicely on these tags. The pic is maybe a bit too bright as I took it in the sun!

I will have to make a few more with these tags - making a lovely change - you do forget what is in the cupboard!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


OK - I am not sure why - but I have joined twitter - I feel left out so thought I should give it a go...have now installed TweetDeck, but no idea if I can keep it up!

I am CBCarolyn on there...maybe I will see you there.

Lovely to see the entries coming in for the Wordsearch - it is nice that people read the newsletter and join in, makes it all worthwhile. I must get downloading Kanga's card kit too.

The newsletter is here in case you have missed it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots and Lots to see

I just thought I would let you know that I have added loads of new pages over at Crafts by Carolyn there are projects, free downloads, craft robo files, templates and more - just check it out and see. Also the forum is keeping busy with a variety of activties, challenges, swaps, and chat and lots of advice. There is more to follow...and hopefully a prize or two...

Crafts by Carolyn forum

A BIG thank you to all the contributors...if you have something to offer I am always looking for more content - so let me know.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A wanderer returns

Where does the time go - all you blogging guys are amazing that you find so much time for this!

Well the forum seems to have settled down and I think I have got it as folks like it. I have just changed something so that you can choose another style if you don't like the standard one, not sure if I will keep it - will depend on what you guys think!
Crafts by Carolyn Forum

So I have finally made a few cards - we had rubber stamped image swap on the forum and I got these two yesterday. The top one I did and then realised it fitted Nikki's challenge on her blog

The next one is one of Nikki's stamps that hs been drawn by Sally-Ann - I just love her designs. Isn't he cute. I don't do many kids cards - so was a bit stuck tbh - and have made it look a bit grown up!

We have some new sponsors on the forum now - and a really nice selection of people - a lot that make and design their own products so are very unique...check out them here

I have been busy getting some new web pages together, a bit of everything - some have already been seen on the forum - but I need to get all the menus sorted out. So hopefully by next weekend I will have everything together and will send out a newsletter.

Finally I have been playing with the craft robo and set up this - you can use it for post it notes - or just a card...details to follow later. Along with a template for you to trace and cut

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well I have amazed myself - with only a little bit of help from Paul I have upgraded the forum to a nice new shiny new home. It is the latest version of phpBB3 so it has lots of new features and I decided to go for a new colour scheme.

I has a new destination and is at - so if you have it bookmarked you need to change you bookmarks - and also your 'blinky' if you have one on your blog.

I am still tweaking it and happy to take on comments - I really hope you like it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ok so I haven't posted in a long while...

I just don't know where time goes - I do keep things up to date on the site and the forum and don't always post on here as well!

So today the weather is yuk and I am going to attempt to convert the forum to the latest version - so it will be unavailable for a little if you are desperate for a chat you could see if anyone stops by the chat room

and if you are bored the latest challenges are:

All that glitters - CBCC094
This stamp was given to me in a swap - isn't it fab.....she just had to be glittered your challenge this week is all that glitters.

I used metallic watercolours from The Works and some H2Os to paint her, that paper is a big cheat and is from a DCWV stack that DH gave me for Christmas.

Pop your entries in the gallery or link the picture from another hosting site if you prefer but we'd love to see them! You will be entered into a draw for a CBC CREW FABULOUS prize each time you show us a 'never seen before' project for this challenge.

If you add your card to the gallery enter keyword CBCC094 and we'll be able to see the Entries

Sheer Elegance - CBCC093

I thought that this card was pretty, and worth putting up for a many things I could have asked you to do but decided on "sheer elegance"....and will let you read into the title what you want.....

I stamped my card with versamark - although nor sure it shows that well in the photo, and also used glimmer mists for the pink centre card.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Wow spring already - amazing how the snowdrops and crocuses are flowering after all of the snow. We even have some tiny daffs just coming into flower in the garden.

I played with the Robo at the weekend, and did these cards. The files are available on the forum - I will add them to the web site fairly soon. I must admit to wandering through M&S and noticing that a lot of their cards had the greeting as the design, and thought this idea would be perfect for using the Robo. Anjim posted a great link to the new version of inkscape, showing you how to make swirls. I have yet to download the version yet as it was still beta...but it certainly looks great fun and perfect for the it is still on my list to do!

I would love to hear from other Robo users and hear what they are up to.

I am also looking for some more sponsors if you fancy joining in and getting your site noticed, for a small investment. Around 200 people visit the forum everyday...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Site update

I have added new pages to the web site - so if you have not visited in a while it is worth stopping by to check out the new stuff. I have added some pink papers that I have used for this card.

I am also looking for some more sponsors if you fancy joining in and getting your site noticed, for a small investment. Around 200 people visit the forum everyday...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Craft Robo files

I am still busy adding craft robo files to the web site - so this month I have added some for Mother's Day, I have made one into a PDF file, and would be interested if they are of any use. I forgot I had these flowers so dug them out from the back of the cupboard and thought they were ideal for a spring card for Mum.

I have started making Mothers Day cards early this year - I am determined to have some in time this year for the Country Market stall and work!

I have also added new pages to the web site - and will hopefully add a few more soon.

We have not had a recipe challenge for a long time on the forum - so I have added this one today, I hope you have a go at making it:

So you must make a card with the following:

2 different ribbons
flowers (more than 3)
the colour green somewhere in your card

This week I did a demo at the Maulden WI, which was great fun and the ladies there seemed to have a lovely evening.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Even more Snow!

Today I had to take my friend to hospital in MK - we were supposed to be there for around 7:45 - so we set off at 7:15 (a bit later than intended but they had assured my friend that we didn't need to be there that early in the end!) We arrived at wasn't snowing when we left but was soon becoming quite a blizzard by the time we arrived....I then waited until 9:15 as the Doctor hadn't arrived. BUT all was well and she had arrived - so I went off to work.

The first pic is of my journey in MK from the hospital - although it was pretty much like that all the way..

However the journey home was much better - I did leave at 2:15 as they were threatening more snow, I followed the gritter lorry with a snow plough attached to the front up to the motorway.

The final picture is the hill down into our estate - a little hair raising driving on the slush...and the last piece of my journey was completed with the aid of two men and two shovels - as my little car was having none of being put back on the drive.....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More snow

I can't believe that we had more snow today, I was due to go into work - but it apparently MK was as bad as Ampthill, and the boss suggested I stay at home.

I have taken some more pics - some are the same as the last except with more snow!

I walked into town - the Country Markets had set up a stall under the shelter of Richardson's the jewellers as there were no market stalls. The Fish man had made it down from Grimsby though!

Check out Jennies blog for some great includes one of those Tim Holtz Rulers.....

So the first few pictures are in the town:

A big turn out as everyone is at home!

Here is Owen - but he couldn't be bothered to walk into Ampthill with me.

these are the back garden and beyond the same as Monday - but more snow

followed by views out the back - looked the other for this one - and can see the trees towards the Church

The very last photo is one of the Lime trees out on the 'Meadow' that we look at from our bedroom window - looking very spooky

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Mother's Day card

So as promised here is a Mother's Day Card!

I have been playing on MSWord again and made these little circles - I have put them on the web site if you want to use them. I have put them under free downloads - themed paper packs - but will probably find a better home for them eventually...!

I used one of Sally Ann's downloads for the cupcake - it looks good enough to eat!

I have made a few more so will have to get some photos together.

So the snow has started to melt, a big change between driving to work and coming home this evening. I didn't even take anymore photos - was kicking myself that I forgot to take the camera out this morning as it was glorious, the sun was shining, so pretty.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Well it looks like a lot of the country has been hit by snow. I umm'd and arr'd whether to go into work as the snow wasn't too bad and the roads were apparently ok with care. I was concerned having travelled to MK I would end up just coming home soon after as the weather was forecast for more snow. Well they weren't wrong - it has been snowing for most of the day on and off now.

Here are a couple of pics the first one in our back garden from the bedroom window....I have not ventured outside!

The next picture is looking over next doors garden to the 'meadow' beyond, the trees certainly look fantastic. i was hoping it would stop snowing and the sun would come out - it made a brief appearance for 5 mins or so and that was it!

I hve actually made some cards you will be pleased to know....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Infrequent blogger

I just don't seem to remember to post on here as well as on the forum! I have no idea if the visitors here are the same or I apologise if you have seen/heard it all already!

Last week I took Friday off as it was my birthday, and I decided it would be nice to have a lazy day rather than working. I posted on the forum that I was doing nothing and Clare suggested lunch - so that seemed a good idea to me! I had already arranged to go to Bedford in the morning to see Sue at a pottery cafe called The Kiln. She wants to stock some of my cards as she has just taken over the place. She has some lovely new ideas and is really friendly so I hope that the business does well. Needless to say she was too friendly and ended up chatting far too much and was a bit late for Clare oops. We had a lovely lunch - and the weather even brightened up. I had a lovely lot of cards from the forum - which are now proudly on show.

Paul bought me my own DSLite in blue - so I can now play with Owen.....

I have been busy making cards - but nothing too exciting - as I needed to get some stock up. I made a batch of Golden Wedding cards - using the Robo to make the number 50. Was dead chuffed to discover that I could stick gold tissue paper onto card for cutting, as all of the metallic card I had was very thick, and I am sure the Robo wouldn't go through it. I stuck to simple designs - I do find if I go too fancy for this occasion they are not as popular.

I have also launched a couple of challenges on the forum - a pocket one and a Valentine one without come along and have a play.

Owen is at the age where he has to choose his options - wow it is hard - and all of the subjects seem so different to 'in my day'....not sure how he will choose really

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas all finished

Well that is another Christmas finished - the decs came down Sunday and we were all back to work and school today - well I worked last Monday, but only one day!

Mum is still not recovered so they are both here and so I have not managed to get my crafty hat back on properly. I did manage a little spend at Stamp Addicts on Saturday - as it was the last day of their sale, just some Woodware clear stamps and some basics like stamp pads.

...I have been wandering around blogs and notice that mine is beginning to look the plainest of them maybe when I feel lively I ought to give it a change.

The snow is still hanging around here - although I notice most of it had gone in Milton Keynes today, wow it is cold though.

We are getting busy on the forum - and have started some challenges and some swaps - so if you fancy something to do pop along and join us :)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Coconut Ice

I made some more coconut ice as promised for my Mum, and used another empty jar (the Syrup in Tesco's comes in these and they are a nice size for filling0. Mum was really pleased, she also had one of the Christmas cakes and some homemade chocolates. Unfortunately, she is really poorly now and in bed, and seems to have caught this dreaded bug and the doctor is due to call later today, so not such a nice end to Christmas.

I did do some crafting in the run up to Christmas and did all of Sue's challenges - I did show them all on the forum, but have added a couple of things here. The photo card was one where you had to incorporate a photo into a christmas project...and the jar was supposed to be a gift bag - well I really didn't need a gift bag so I cheated with another jar.

I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2009 will be a great year for you. We have started the challenges again on the forum - so if you have had some new craft stash - break open the packaging and get using it! I have some prizes to send out as well so will have to sort those out for everyone.