Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yay for another bank holiday weekend, although we don't have anything planned!

Been to the Ampthill Farmer's Market this morning, and was nice to see a good range of stalls, I bought some Goats cheese, they were selling goats sausages too - but not being a sausage lover I left them. Got a good selection of veg, some seedling veg plants to put in over the weekend. Got a cornish pasty for lunch, and my joint of pork for dinner tomorrow, and some turkey mince for Owen. I even bought some Sorrel cordial off the Caribbean stall, tasted like mulled wine really - a bit different and worth the taste. And some nice young Rhubarb that I shall roast with brown sugar, and have with yoghurt. So had a good 'shop' on our little market - I really hope it stays. There was a lot more there - enormous American Style cheesecakes, honey, pottery, plants, flowers, indian sauces, pies, cakes and lots lots more.

Have you checked out River cottage web site - lots of foodie things to read about on there, he loves farmer's Markets and regularly attends:


Unfortunately, the market didn't get me many customers for my cards - but did sell 7 or 8, but still enjoyed being there. Maybe once it has moved (hopefully) and the parking is better it will go from strength to strength.

Must get busy, will report back later...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The End of Tuesday

Well I have done my two day stint at work this week, and now have my craft shop hat on! Been quite busy at work clearing our cupboards, and trying to make do with everything like you have to in Local Government. We are on the move down the corridor, we have not moved for over a year so I guess we were due another move!

It does make me annoyed when I read that it is unfair that someone working in the Council has to work in rubbish conditions. I am sure that other people do have better conditions to work in. Where I work - the carpet is threadbare, the blinds are falling down that we can’t touch them, and they have paper stuck to them where slats are missing and the sun blinds us. The fridge is rusty and absolutely disgusting and we have not other refreshment facilities, I can't remember when the walls last saw a coat of emulsion…..moan moan!...sorry had to get that off my chest!

Got some cards to make tomorrow and craft orders to catch up on, I notice quite a number of new customers this week! I have been searching the internet for something new to stock but have yet to find that new product – it is proving very elusive.

Looking forward to a long weekend again this weekend – such a glut this time of the year!

I did another scrapbook page at the weekend, I shall put a pic up when the challenge on my forum has been release!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Weekend yay!

Well having updated my blog the other day and when I pressed the button it all disappeared I am a little late with my posting!

Been busy trying to find parcels that have taken an age to arrive from the States, but at long last they have arrived this week, so now my lounge looks like I am moving and full of boxes! Must get it all unpacked and tidied up in case someone comes round!

Interestingly I got an email from Royal Mail – eventually – telling me that one of the parcels was not even in the UK – on Thursday sent at 5.33am, then the postman delivered it at 10.10 that day! Posted on 8 March, so I guess it took the wrong route!

I love receiving parcels it is so exciting looking through everything even though I know I have ordered it so should know what is there! I have to put it all on the web site now, I have managed to get quite a bit on already need to add some more later today.

Owen brought his second mock Science SAT’s test home today and got 38 out of 40, we were really pleased. But have to say it was really nice seeing him pleased with his achievement. The tests seem to give him a real boost, unlike the ones when he was little that seem to knock him back!

I also ordered a new printer, but unfortunately not the lead…so it is still in the box atm!

A fab sunny day today, Owen has an afternoon of St George’s activities planned with the Scouts this afternoon. They are then having tea a DVD and are sleeping in the scout hut, so we are going out for a meal. An Owen free weekend until 11 tomorrow! Tee hee

Monday, April 17, 2006

Busy Day

Busy day in the Woodruff household - we all did some gardening today. Digging the veggie patch, Owen and I were busying ourselves at one end why Paul had moved onto the bigger weeds...they must have been the size of Triffids (sp?) as he managed to break a decent spade...our very own Popeye. So most of it has been dug now - well forked as the spade is now gone! I just can't believe that so many weeds can arrive - where do they all come from?

I have put in my onions (as you do) and also sown a row of lettuce. Could really do with a shower of rain now!

I have almost finished my order of 50 cards and gift cards, hope to get that posted this week. And made quite a few other cards too, so maybe I might sell some this week. The Farmer's Market is not far away and you never know - if it is sunny it could be a good turn out. Although it is a Bank Holiday weekend so everyone might be going away.

Back to work tomorrow, although should be a quiet journaey as the schools are not back until Wednesday....

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well went out into the garden first time this year really - and a jungle appears to have arrived at the very end of out garden. I attacked with a vengeance, but it attacked me back - and have a rather nice rash up my arm from a very young stinging nettle

Built a bonfire and had fun getting rid of all the rose clippings which are always a problem getting in sacks/bags. Lit it first time - just like Sid (Ice Age) King of Fire, and I was never a boy scout.....not that I could have been in my day as they wouldn't allow girls in...not like now.

Need to get digging the veggie patch as I have onions to get in...and I have left it a bit late....anyone want to do some digging?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back Home in Ampthill

Well back home now in Ampthill - sunny Bognor turned into rainy Bognor yesterday so drove home this morning in the sun rather than the rain!

Went and saw Ice Age 2 - and had a fab time - Owen keeps quoting scenes from it - so it must have been a hit...!

Oh well back to reality now and have catch up on the crafts shop and some cards to make.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sunny Bognor

Just eating my breakfast and catching up on the forum - nice to see a new member on the site popping in perhaps and see we have made the magic 50....

Well I am down in sunny Bognor for a few days, and it is sunny but chilly! Just mooching around and about really and having a relaxing time. Although I did manage to find the best bargain toy around...a pack of elastic band for my 10 year old to make into a rubber band ball....and I got him to pay for it out of his money.

Woolworths had loads of CD's in the sale - cheaper than downloading atm - so worth a visit.