Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local Craft Matters

There is a local publication that is produced for the Milton Keynes district, I was lucky enough to write an article for Carole for this issue, the third I have added - but it was extra special this time as it is printed in colour:

It is not available on line yet - but it is distrubuted widely around the MK area and reaches Bedfordshire as well - so look out for it in a craft shop if you are local to me.  It lists local clubs and classes as well as shops, and lots of craft articles.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Garden – a little tidier

So we have had the paving around the conservatory tidied up now, and a patio re-laid where the shed used to be – it is all looking much better.  But still loads to be done.garden_14
I smartened up the furniture – I won’t be buying new things for the outside this year – the bench is definitely on its last legs though – but I reckon it will see another summer.


The gravel brightens it all up – we just reused paving slabs that we already had….sadly I did not think of this until a lot of them had gone on the skip..I will clean them up soon.


Monday, May 10, 2010

My card from the recipe

ttc003_caw_090510 I have no idea why I found it so hard to put an arrow on my card….but I managed to do this in the end.  This was from a free download that I got from Amber Ink – she has some great sets – she has been doing stamps for a while and is just branching out into digi images.

The flowers are once again from the vast stock I have Flowers for Sale….the leaves are cut with the Robo using a QK silhouette file.
The sun finally came out here and I did get out into the garden and managed to plant a few lettuces that I bought a while back, apart from that just did loads of filing…I really don;t know why I let things pile up really.  Has anyone seen my driving licence?
I have taken a few of the garden (again) will share tomorrow.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Windows live writer

Today I have just installed Windows live writer and I just wanted to have a play and see what it could do.  It has more than my standard blogger editor although I must confess I have never checked to see if I could install more on there.  

It certainly lets you link to previous posts so easily and it even lets you some styles around your photos

link test, and it lets you select it to a new window - yay  sale

This is a drop shadow


Rounded corners – and even a watermark – any font any size any position – you need to click on the advanced tab when highlighting the image









The preview is a proper preview as well – how it will actually look on your blog.


Looks like there are loads more plug ins – will have to have a proper look later.  I might even be able to post something new next time.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I made this card the other day using a beautiful bright green Prima flower.  and I used some of the many paper flowers that I may take me a while to use them all - but I have started trying!  Sadly the light isn't as bright so the photo looks a bit dull.

SO as I have so many I thought I would pass on a bargain to you guys out there - they were already cheap as I have had them for a while - but can see they are back in vogue - so have listed:  paper roses and tiny ricrac on the forum - such as these lilac open paper tea roses, at 40p a bunch - who can resist:

I have also some lovely organza bags - which are ideal for gift wrapping you small craft projects - perfect for jewellery.

So do you have "Time to Create" Well pop on over to the forum and see the fantastic recipe that Sue has launched for us to follow on the forum - your creation must include the following:
a leaf
an arrow

Here is the card she has made - she has also added a scrapbook page - isn't it fab  

Monday, May 03, 2010

Summer card

We had a stamped image swap on the forum a few weeks back and I made this card with one of the images.  I foolishly have stuck it all down and forgot who sent me the image - but isn't she sweet?  The edge was cut with the Robo - and the free file is available here if you want to use it.

The prima flower was from the collection given to me as a prize from Tracy at Creative Treasures.

I have not been up to much - just working, gardening, and things - I have made a few cards this weekend - but somehow keep getting sidetracked on the computer!

I have been looking for a squirrel proof fat ball feeder - but as yet not seen anything I fancy - they are all so expensive - so have now started looking for a bird bath instead!