Thursday, September 09, 2010

Time to Create for Christmas

Sue has put up a great challenge to get us all started on our Christmas why not log on to the forum and join in :)

TTC006 - getting into Christmas

she started with this:
So what I want you to do is make a CHRISTMAS CARD or a TAG the challenge? - well you HAVE to use punches or dies you can use additional items as well BUT you MUST use punches and /or dies any style and from any machine.

So I have dug out some dies that are suitable for Christmas, I don't have too many.   This is an old Quickutz die, with some ribbon that I have had for ages....left from the shop.

I have made another - so will add it on later.

good to see the sun out on my day off, but I need to bring up to date some boring paperwork....think I need to get outside in a minute though!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh dear

I just forgot about this - always posting on the forum and adding pages to the web site, and somehow my little blog has been left!

I hope that normal service will be resumed in September :)  In the meantime I didn't post here that I had updated the website, hopefully everyone received a newsletter.

I put a FREE digital image - these victorian girls - isn't the picture lovely.  Check out the web site to download it.

New stuff

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local Craft Matters

There is a local publication that is produced for the Milton Keynes district, I was lucky enough to write an article for Carole for this issue, the third I have added - but it was extra special this time as it is printed in colour:

It is not available on line yet - but it is distrubuted widely around the MK area and reaches Bedfordshire as well - so look out for it in a craft shop if you are local to me.  It lists local clubs and classes as well as shops, and lots of craft articles.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Garden – a little tidier

So we have had the paving around the conservatory tidied up now, and a patio re-laid where the shed used to be – it is all looking much better.  But still loads to be done.garden_14
I smartened up the furniture – I won’t be buying new things for the outside this year – the bench is definitely on its last legs though – but I reckon it will see another summer.


The gravel brightens it all up – we just reused paving slabs that we already had….sadly I did not think of this until a lot of them had gone on the skip..I will clean them up soon.


Monday, May 10, 2010

My card from the recipe

ttc003_caw_090510 I have no idea why I found it so hard to put an arrow on my card….but I managed to do this in the end.  This was from a free download that I got from Amber Ink – she has some great sets – she has been doing stamps for a while and is just branching out into digi images.

The flowers are once again from the vast stock I have Flowers for Sale….the leaves are cut with the Robo using a QK silhouette file.
The sun finally came out here and I did get out into the garden and managed to plant a few lettuces that I bought a while back, apart from that just did loads of filing…I really don;t know why I let things pile up really.  Has anyone seen my driving licence?
I have taken a few of the garden (again) will share tomorrow.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Windows live writer

Today I have just installed Windows live writer and I just wanted to have a play and see what it could do.  It has more than my standard blogger editor although I must confess I have never checked to see if I could install more on there.  

It certainly lets you link to previous posts so easily and it even lets you some styles around your photos

link test, and it lets you select it to a new window - yay  sale

This is a drop shadow


Rounded corners – and even a watermark – any font any size any position – you need to click on the advanced tab when highlighting the image









The preview is a proper preview as well – how it will actually look on your blog.


Looks like there are loads more plug ins – will have to have a proper look later.  I might even be able to post something new next time.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


I made this card the other day using a beautiful bright green Prima flower.  and I used some of the many paper flowers that I may take me a while to use them all - but I have started trying!  Sadly the light isn't as bright so the photo looks a bit dull.

SO as I have so many I thought I would pass on a bargain to you guys out there - they were already cheap as I have had them for a while - but can see they are back in vogue - so have listed:  paper roses and tiny ricrac on the forum - such as these lilac open paper tea roses, at 40p a bunch - who can resist:

I have also some lovely organza bags - which are ideal for gift wrapping you small craft projects - perfect for jewellery.

So do you have "Time to Create" Well pop on over to the forum and see the fantastic recipe that Sue has launched for us to follow on the forum - your creation must include the following:
a leaf
an arrow

Here is the card she has made - she has also added a scrapbook page - isn't it fab  

Monday, May 03, 2010

Summer card

We had a stamped image swap on the forum a few weeks back and I made this card with one of the images.  I foolishly have stuck it all down and forgot who sent me the image - but isn't she sweet?  The edge was cut with the Robo - and the free file is available here if you want to use it.

The prima flower was from the collection given to me as a prize from Tracy at Creative Treasures.

I have not been up to much - just working, gardening, and things - I have made a few cards this weekend - but somehow keep getting sidetracked on the computer!

I have been looking for a squirrel proof fat ball feeder - but as yet not seen anything I fancy - they are all so expensive - so have now started looking for a bird bath instead!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Around Ampthill - back up

I forgot to let everyone know that it is back up....see you there

...the weekend has flown by as usual - next weekend is another long one yay!  Will do a proper update later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Digi images

So do you like digi images? I have only recently started using them, I do find sometimes that the ink will run if I get the images too wet, especially if the image has quite a lot of printing.  I stumbled across this blog recently that has links to lots of free images.  Particularly useful if you have not tried before....

..some of them are just not for me - there is a wide variety out there.  What I have found is the ones that I do like when I go to save them there is rarely anything in the filename to indicate who it was from - so I have been changing the names as I save them, so that I can revisit their blog/shop/site and see all of their images.  I have only realised that I should have done the same with all the free downloads that are available on the site - so I will have to gradually get around to changing them!

Some do seem to have strict copyright notices, but others are happy to share freely.  I am not sure how you keep track of a copyright notice once you have saved the image - and as there are loads to choose from - I have decided to steer clear of any that won't allow me to publish or sell my cards, that way I can't make mistakes.

Here is the site:

And the card here is a bear from wendymade check out her blog and download him for yourself.  He can be made into any size you fancy...I just chose him to be small and cute

Monday, April 19, 2010

Site update

I have just started sending out a newsletter for the CraftsbyCarolyn - there is a copy here if you want to take a look.  I have just released this image for you to download for free, I hope you like it.  Please let me know if you have any problems - I have never done anything like this before - so bear with me while I am learning :).

There are also folded cards, scrapbooking and some papers all in the update - if you have not already registered for updates (or the forum) - enter your details on this form, also I have a market research form - would be lovely to hear your views about the site.

I am now getting the hang of this blog lark again - how long will it last!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just a quick note - is not available at the moment.  We are taking the site back on - so while it is being moved it will not be available.  so call back in a few days time and it will all be back to normal

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Swapped images

I organised a stamped image swap on the forum recently with a summer theme and have used a few of them already..and this is one of them.  I can't remember who sent it - and not sure what the stamp is - I really like it and may end up buying it!

I chose the papers first and then coloured the image to match,  It is just done with watercolour pencils and water after.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sue introduced me to the Denami stamps - they have some lovely designs.  I don't have many but love to keep up with their blog and see the designs - Denami Blog The shoes in this card are a set of 3 stamps, and I often find they just fill a 'gap' if not make the entire can never go wrong with shoes!

I know I had a some comments on this card: this is another Denami.
You will love Sue's new well as beautiful creations - well worth a visit :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

At home and in the garden

A lot of my time has been taken up with non crafty things for the last few months as we have had a conservatory built...which has led to work in the garden, and other things indoors.  I sat down and made a very long list of things that needed doing, and I am amazed at how much we have got on with :)  There is still a lot of work in the garden to be done - but it is starting to take shape and some of the shrubs are now growing back after a severe haircut!

this was what it was looking like:

We have taken out old shed down (the pile in the corner - now needing to be disposed of!) and painted the new one, sowed grass seed on patched of 'flowerbeds' that have been removed (the big brown patch in the middle of the lawn).  I now need to plant some new shrubs etc at the here it is so far - still very much work in progress...but now that the plants are coming into leaf it feels better already.

So now we have a big space where the shed was.....

I have put some pics of the conservatory here if you fancy a nosy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So what do you like to see in a blog?  I thought I would occasionally post some links to blogs I enjoy wandering through - often may include a freebie or two!

This time I thought I would let you know about the Silhouette blog.  This is a machine that is the same as the Craft Robo but has slightly different software...the software is free, and there are literally thousands of files that can be bought for 99c once you have installed it.  I have written some guidance all about it here:

And on their blog they announce free files from time to time - and well worth keeping in touch with it:
Silhouette Blog

This skier was a freebie - although I actually didn't realise until I went to pay for it!

Don't forget to stop by the forum  to see what we are up to! :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

I am back

Back from where....well actually nowhere I just have been posting on the forum and doing other things!  So how is life with you guys out there?  I never actually know what to put on a blog....I tend to use the web site for posting all of my creations on there, but never sure if the same people visit.  So once again I thought I would try to remember to post here too!

So on the forum we have started a new section "Time to Create" - everyone wants to 'challenge you' but I thought it would be nice just to craft and share creations.  Hopefully we will come up with some themes to give us a start on what to share, and maybe with a few other items thrown in.  We will put up a new one probably fortnightly, but again no strict rules - just time to have fun and get inspired.

SO to start with I have chosen lilac as a theme - this must be the main focus (can be more purples etc if necessary).  I started with one card and have now made another to share.
It would be lovely for anyone taking time out to create with us...follow the links to the forum and join in.

Monday, March 08, 2010

We broke it...but now it is better

I have no idea why the forum went wrong - but it locked last night and was down for today....sorry everyone - but it is all mended now...and the challenges are back on :)

so come and join in there is still plenty of time.

Friday, March 05, 2010

BIrthday celebrations

The 8th birthday celebrations of the forum have started...pop along and see. The first prize has gone already - donated by Rachel B - a great gift from StampinUp.

Sue has put up some excellent challenges already plenty of time left to join in with them and I know there are some fun quizzes planned, or why not come along and start your own game.   There will be a prize every day :)

So how has your week been? Mine was a bit different this week - as I had a small op to remove a 'blob' on my cheek - near my eye. Apparently a form of skin cancer - but nothing to worry about...tis all gone now and stitches have already been removed. Just got a nice 'cut' about an inch long that needs to gradually disappear.

So I have not been up to making cards this week - I did make this one a while back and as the sun shone in the conservatory I could take some photos...the border and the scalloped edged message were cut with the Robo.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The husband of a friend is keen on ski-ing, so decided as he was off on a ski-ing holiday on the day of his birthday this would be the ideal subject for a card.  I search the QK Silhouette site and found this, it was free as well - not sure I cut it on the craft robo..

I am sure if I had time I could have incorporated the greeting with the cutting - but tbh I had left it a bit late and it was a last minute flash of inspiration!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

and yet another

OK it may not last but thought I would do another post today.  I have have just spotted that Sally-Ann from the digi-stamp boutique is offering some blog candy, her designs are lovely.  I still use her stamps that I bought ages ago.

As Mother's Day is fast approaching I thought it was worth reminding you that I did some word circles for you to print and then punch them out - here is one that I used with one of Sally's designs:

DON'T FORGET 5th March will be the day that Sue will be start the birthday/spring week - there will be loads of things - it would be lovely to see you there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last year I had a play about and made cards using tickets.  There are rubber stamps available, but you can't personalise them -  so I thought it would be fun doing them in MSWord so that you can custom make your own.  Did any of you have a go - or even see the article?  

As well as the downloads there are some useful links to other ticket makers along with some lovely tickets and cards made by Ruthie .

I have just looked back over last year and can see I made no mention of them on the you might have missed them.

I hope that I have managed to send everyone a newsletter by now - it was a real struggle this time - I had many problems - and I am sorry if I have sent you it twice.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Robo file

Just letting you know that I have added another file - this one is for scallops and printing too, and also some lovely borders.  No need to worry about getting a punch now...Scallops and tags


I have made some cards with the borders - but need to get them photographed - so will show them later.  so what are you up to?  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New pages and freebies

I have updated the web site today with new Craft Robo templates and also some other projects.  I still have more cards to add and will hopefully do another quick update, so check back soon.

craft robo template

I am now clearing my craft room out - as I am going to swap rooms with Owen - so I seriously need to downsize and get tidying - I can't see it being done overnight, but I really want to get stuff has got too untidy and sprawling.  If you have any ideas for my new room let me know.

Monday, February 01, 2010

ONLY 2 weeks since the last post

...I am at home full of cold today, so been vegging out on the sofa, I guess I was guaranteed to be struck down with it seems everyone I know had been poorly!

I made quite a few cards a couple of weeks ago - I took some down to the Leanne at Flowers with Flair in town, and thought I would share a couple with you. As usual...simple....I just love this stamp of the Edwardian couple, and stamped in sepia with the prima flowers it looks fab. I borrowed Sue's several time and eventually tracked it down and bought my own.

I bought this pretty dress at Stamp Addicts on my birthday as it was half price, it is just so cute - my kind of thing...shame I don't have any little girls to share it with!

I hope to update the site fairly soon - I did manage to do a little change around on the Robo menus a few days ago and have added a new file there for Robo/Silhouette and other GSD file users - I would love to know if you make use of it:

Scallops - borders and messages

We have a frosty day here, seems like a lot of the UK is the same, judging by the traffic news - not that I have ventured out here but can see that the conservatory roof was very frosted, not that I spent much time out there, sitting on a deck chair isn't that much fun unless you are on the beach! I have ordered my furniture for the conservatory - so can't wait for it to arrive so I can sit out there.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine Cards

I decided to make a few Valentine cards, I hope to put them in the local florist of she likes them. I made them fairly simple to keep the price down, and just used Robo cut words, along with die cut hearts that I embossed - or didn't whichever took my fancy. I like to try and sell some cards - that way it pays towards all of the 'stash' that I feel compelled to buy, but as you will all know it never actually 'earns' money just a small contribution towards costs! BUT at least it means I can make a few more which I like to do, so I hope she likes them.

My cards are mainly simple and 'less is more', I don't see many like this around these thought I would share! As you can see I made them all similar - I just had a box of bits in front of me...and it was quicker that way.

So what style do you like to make?

The Robo lettering is available on the web site - and I can provide a complete sheet of the words if you would like - let me know I will pop them on the web site too. I did them all in white and inked them in different colours.

Don't forget to pop by the forum and have a natter - we are a friendly bunch and always happy to welcome new 'friends'.

There is a local free magazine called Craft Matters - if you see it pick up a copy - it has loads of information on local shops and classes. I had a piece published in there last time and may have another editorial in there this time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MORE snow

We have had more snow it came down very fast this morning - although tiny little flakes...and once again the "Woodlands" estate in Ampthill have been stranded unless you have a 4 X 4 - I tried our hill from Rushbrook Close, then did try and do a 'run up' by going from Ailesbury - but my (and most other cars ) were having none of it. Lots of unhappy people losing money/holiday just because they can't get out. Why we can't have the grit bucket back at the bottom of the hill I don't are a few snaps of 3 attempting to do it....they are in you can spot the differences which way they are going!

Where I was standing to take the photo there were a queue of cars all waiting to take a turn...apparently someone made it in a Fiesta - but I didn't see that....just a Land Rover and a pick up

IT is still snowing steadily now - so I hope it clears as I need to get to work tomorrow instead of today now.....

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 - already

My updates have become very sparse...I am still busy and am always on the forum and keep adding new bits to the web site - but just never get around to updating my blog/facebook/twitter.....

Today I have made some quick and easy Valentine Cards and will take some pics when they are dry....I thought I would share my little Christmas cake that I made in a muffin tin - I made 4 small cakes like last year and there was enough mix left to fill 2 muffins tins. I spotted this polar bear on Kirstie's homemade Christmas - I am sure he looked better in real life.....I really got behind this year with working 4 days a week and having the conservatory and bathroom done. We finally had the floor fitted in the conservatory on 23 Dec, and we had our Christmas decs out there, which we put up on Christmas Eve. We had our Christmas dinner and lots of time out there...but have to say it is pretty cold out there now that it has snowed, and I guess it still needs some drying out time and in this weather it isn't getting it.

So like everyone else in the Uk we have had some snow this week - I walked into town on Wednseday - and there was this much snow. We have not had much more thankfully - although it is so cold it just hasn't gone, and this road is still treacherous. I didn't go to work on Wednesday - and went in on Thursday and Friday...very icy was glad to be back home!

Just found out that one of the 'celebs' in Dancing on Ice is living in Ampthill - Emily Atack - so Ampthill is on the map again!

If you are bored and fancy making a card I have posted a Gingham challenge on the forum.....challenge