Can't keep up with this....

Somehow things seem to be so busy - the weekend was taken up with clearing the utility room - can't believe the junk we had in there. So have thrown a lot of things away. Then the fitter came and fitted out the room so it looks all nice and neat now. So I need to decorate the room, and get the floor sorted and it is all done.

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning - thought I had better make the effort as parents were arriving! So they arrived and we just stayed local. Today we areoff for a wander around Bedford.

Just seemed to have neglected my crafting apart from a few odd ones. I need to get some photos taken.

The weather has been awful - although nowhere near as bad as some have had it. Terrible news to see peoples lives so disrupted.


Classroomfree said…
The weather really has been dreadful hasn't it. Last Saturday I was huffing and puffing about having bowls and buckets on the windowsills of the lounge and bedrooms, but then turning on to see the news and what other people were going through, well I counted my blessings!

I'm looking forward to seeing your piccies.

Jules x