Playing with the Robo

Today I actually sat down and worked some things out on the Robo...I played with Inkscape and starting to get the hang of it...although I spent ages preparing a sheet of cuts and then it said error occurred and nothing is saved and nothing is recoverable - bye bye bog off - well words to that effect, so that was the end of that. I then gave up, had boring things to do instead. So I will have another go later, if the weather carries on like this we shan't be venturing far at the weekend, other than out for a meal on Saturday Evening. We will be popping down to the local Ampthill Italian - Donatello's for a family meal to celebrate my birthday...I really wish my birthday was in the summer!

Finally installed the font thing and have been setting up groups to add font types to it - hope it can help, atm I am not altogether sure tee hee. Amazing the stuff I had on the old PC I had forgotten about - just put the Creating Keepsakes CD back on that I got last Christmas. Something else I never devoted much time.

I also had a play making cards this afternoon after I had got the orders out of the way. I cut a metre or the orange ribbon with the stitching and challenged myself to use it - have to say it looks really nice, and I needed to make something other than pink - so I decided that was the best way to approach it! I shall try another colour tomorrow.....

So you can see a few that I made (a pink one crept in the end as I had the letters already cut, and were perfect for the latest template challenge on the CBC forum!) Have you been challenged yet - or maybe you fancy having a go at an ATC - Wendy regularly sets a challenge - some great titles.


Donna said…
Lovely cards. Are the stamps from pixiedust on ebay? I have some of theirs and they are great.
Donna said…
Whoops! Should have looked at the previous day's entry, I would have answered my own question! Sorry!