Lunch out

I had a lovely lunch out with my friend Vicky, at the Olde Coffee Shop in Ampthill. As it had snowed we were not sure if it was going to continue - so thought a walk into town was the best option, as it was by lunchtime all the snow had gone!

Vicky gave me a lovely necklace thingy. A big dangly pendant thingy on a thong from Next! Ok so maybe not the best description - but you know what I mean! She is over from Australia for the year and I can't believe that she has been here almost 6 months and we really have not seen each other enough....last time she was over here I sued to see a lot of her as we were always at the school picking up the children - but now they are older we never go, it is a shame when they get older 'Mums' miss out on the social scene.

Been making a few changes on the shop and need to clear out some of the stock - so am still having a sale on a lot of the items, and I have also added some pics of cards using the products - it always helps when you can see what you can do with them. If you want one of your cards featured in the shop and send it along to me, and I will add it on.