Don't you find the titles of the blog difficult to compose.....

Well once again I have been neglecting the blog and neglecting everyone else too - so must make some time to catch up on what everyone is up to, there are a few new blogs on the go too! :)

The new computer has been taking a bit of my time...but it is pretty much loaded now. Paul managed to get into the old one and I could copy across any of the images on there as they appear to be virus free. It seemed to effect all of the HTML pages - which may have blown its mind as we had over 6000 of them on the PC! All of Paul's software has HTML pages as part of the help! It was certainly a busy bee!

OH well we will live and learn - and all sorted now.

I am now using the old speakers for the MP3 player and they work fabby!

Crafting has taken a back seat the last couple of weeks, but I shall get back to it very soon. Went shopping today and managed to find some Christmas present 'replacements'...handy working in MK - so was lucky enough to get a couple of tops in Next and a pair of trousers in Debenhams.