Still Ill

Owen is still poorly today - he was very sad this morning as he was sick again. But seems to be perking up a bit now. We sat and watched Madagascar this afternoon, yesterday we watched Valiant...we have another lined up for tomorrow - so catching up with our viewing.

Still lots of activity on the forum loads of swaps for Christmas, and everyone is still talking about the big comp and the challenges. Adele, Saffa, Suzy and Lisa were winners of the big comp, and we decided to award everyone a prize that completed all 11 challenges over the weekend.

I have picked a few of the challenges at random to show you
this was a coaster by Lulu
A great idea from Clare (Kenspeckle)
and a CD from Suzy...with over 330 images I am finding it difficult to choose I will show some more on another day...if you want to see all of the challenges they are here