I hope that you have all voted in the BIG competition, if not pop over to the forum and get it done. This week we have a template challenge, and Bookworm is doing a special challenge to win a prize...well worth a look. At the weekend there is a challenge on all over the weekend, so make sure you are around for some of it - if not all of it.

I am popping over to Sue's this morning to see the vast amount of items that she has bought from Florida, so will report back later!

I plan to make a few bookmarks later from thonging and beads - so will try and get a pic up. Would love to hear ideas for bits and pieces that can be made.


Donna said…
Hi Carolyn, just clicked across from the comment you left on my blog, thanks for that!
Your cards are lovely, I make a few myself but nowhere near as good as yours!
BTW my step-dad is a Woodruffe, but with an "e", wonder if we have a connection?