Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons

The ribbons have arrived - I shall get them in the shop as soon as possible, but just thought I would give you a sneak preview.....I have not even checked if they are all here yet.

Not much else to report at the moment - the moderators of the Crafts by Carolyn forum are planning for the countdown to Christmas on the forum and are trying to think of a few things that will keep you amused....

The Christmas stock is selling well, especially the brads and green and red ribbons, so you must be a busy lot.


Rachel said…
CAROLYN you do this to me every time I order - make me order again to get at the ribbons arghghghgh

They do look good though :-)

Anonymous said…
WOW, looks great!!! Such trendy colours too!
Rachel said…
Hi Carolyn

just thought Id pop in and say hi, hope you are keeping well and I have to say those ribbons look scrummy - shame my bank balance is looking so bleak. I keep popping into the forum to keep an eye on you all. Your lunch meet sounds lovely. Take care xxx