Monday, May 29, 2006

Another few days have slipped by....

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Well it seems to have been a busy few days, Owen went camping with the Scouts for Friday and Saturday night - so we went over to help him pitch his tent. By all accounts he had a great time - even if he got very wet. Climbing walls, bbq, cooking breakfast, zip line - and even washing up (that was the worst bit!) He was at home on Sunday night and has now gone away for the night with the school to York...back home tomorrow evening. I think he may be a little worn out on his return.....

I have been making cards for the Farmer's Market and for the Garden Show at Wrest Park - both of which were hampered by the bad weather:

you should be able to click on these to see a larger image.

Wrest Park is a lovely place (English Heritage) - especially if it is sunny and warm - but this time it wasn't a perfect summer's day. I did make sure I wore my walking boots and notice that many people were walking around in fab wellies...

I certainly was serving many people with marmalade and chutneys - although sadly not many were buying my cards. Oh well that is life - made me knuckle down and make some - which I hadn't done for a very long time.

And finally we have decided on what to do with the kitchen - only taken 5 months - so I will go and order it on Wednesday.....just before the sale ends.

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