Went to work today as an extra day....and the stationers on the corner of our building has closed down. Out the front of the shop they had a huge pile of racks and spinners - that I just couldn't resist having a good look through. I found a few things I fancied and was getting them out of the pile just as the Managing Director walked past.....not sure he knows me, but the last time he walked past I was in my frayed jeans sitting on the floor clearing out a cupboard. So I guess he must think I am the local bag lady!

So now I have a variety of wire racks in the garage. I went back at lunchtime to have another look through and some had already disappeared!! But found something else I fancied, I mean it is recycling

I had to go into work to co-ordinate a mini office move - so that may be a recipe for disaster, all will be revealed when I go in Monday

The capacity women have for just hanging on is depressing to contemplate ....Stevie Smith in Tribune c1945

Born on this day - Dodie Smith (1896- 1990)