A little tardy

I have been really busy doing this and that I forgot to write here! Where shall I start - there have been 3 card challenges on the forum since I last wrote, I made a couple of baby cards for two of them, but still have the last to do. Unfortunately the light wasn't too good when I took the photos. The sign of the times was a great one - and had the printer not been playing up last weekend I would have done a couple more!

I have updated the craft web site - the menus have been reorganised on the project section and I have added a new page so you can see at a glance what is new. I have then added a page all about vellum and some new downloads. (pic at tope of the page uses them). Now the downloads are the thing that has taken my time - as I was on a bit of a learning curve on PaintSop pro - but I have mastered some basics. And am now ready to move onto some more complicated stuff....so if anyone can recommend any good tutorials that would be great. A lot of them tend to presume you won't be printing them or that you want to play with photos, I would love to know how to produce a swirl!

I sent out a brand new style newsletter to all of those registered on the guest book - that is over 1100 of you - that was exciting as I found out my ISP offers the facilty for mass email and it was very neat....so if you are reading this I hope it was Ok and you didn't get loads of copies!
I did also try a new recipe for orange loaf cake this week and I must write up the recipe...trouble is I put them out for sale and they both went - so no idea what they tasted like...certainly looked yummy


Rosie said…
Oh these are beautiful Carolyn :)

Rosie x
Anonymous said…
These are lovely Carolyn!