Thursday, February 21, 2008

Card challenges

So how are you all getting on with the downloads on the site? Would you like some more? I thought I would have a look at the weekend if I get time to do another set...they maybe similar but just different colours. Don't forget this is where I have been adding the updates

I set a nice easy challenge on Sunday - Mother's Day cards - as simple as that - but would be lovely to see what you have created. It is Mother's Day cards that I sell the most - no idea why - but al of these three that I have made have gon not bad.

It is Ampthill Farmers Market this Saturday so I have tried to make a few - but somehow keep getting sidetracked with blogs and the web site etc etc. Yesterday, I did quit a lot of baking, just as well as there were only 3 of us baking! I should have done more...but decided by 11.30 I had had enough baking!

It was back to work this week - I loved being lazy and having no work to go to - especially as it was quite busy when I got back due to leave and sickness!

I still have not managed to do either of the cooking challenges on the cooks Journal - I feeel really bad - I must do something.


Cazzy said...

Nice cards Carolyn.

Hazel said...

I've just been having a catch up on your blog. Great classy cards. Thanks for your comment on my blog - still missing Josey - yes, Guide Dogs will keep in touch and let us know what happens to her.

Max said...

Super cards Carolyn ... am finally catching up with everyone's blogs and there is some super eyecandy here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations.


Max said...
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Max said...

Hi again Carolyn.
You have an award waiting for collection at my blog. :)

Em said...

You've been busy! Love the colours in the first card...

Tullavilla said...

Love your blog, your cards are beautiful, and your recipes look gorgeous.
I have nominated you for an award on my blog!