Not much to report today, but thought I would pop up the tiling photos from yesterday. I have actually finished the emulsion on the walls now - so there is no yellow - and I should have taken some pics today!

The tiler worked hard to do the job, he was due to go on holiday after he left yesterday!

Owen played cricket today and was put in as man number 4 - so it was the first time he has had a chance to play properly, but the team they were playing were the best around so he didn't stay in that long - BUT he scored a 4 and stayed in for the whole over....which was one of the best performances of Eversholt. He also made a fantastic catch (I wasn't there but was reliably informed by Paul!).


maggie said…
Love the kitchen Carolyn we really need a new kitchen but i cant be bothered with the upheavl.Love the tiles nice & bright