Alameda Summer Fair

The Alameda Middle School (Ampthill) Summer Fair is one that is always organised with a big participation from the children. Many of them think of ideas to run stalls, there were all sorts of things going colouring, crepes, chocolate fountain, ping pong balls in jars, Hoops and bean bags, decorate a cake to name a few...along with the several of them ran a cake stall jointly. Many of the children made cakes, although I know some of them were made by Mum's and other were from a the Co-op!...Neverless they laid out the cakes neatly on plates and got to work selling them at 10p each. I reckon they could have charged more! The boys wandered round with signs trying to drum up business...their entrepreneurial skills clearly shining through....must be how Richard Branson started out!
We started worrying that we would be left with some at the end as overall there was rather a lot of food to be consumed at the event, so we sold a plate of 7 for 50p and manged to get them selling, offering to wrap them up to carry them home!

The builders have finished the kitchen now, although I think I will gett he utility kitted out by them, just using similar budget cupboards from B & Q in a few weeks time. I like these tiles, and want a selection of these, but not sure which ones.