Well here he is with his new Ampthil TFC trophies.....he gets a trophy for the year and one for the Players player of the year. I even got a nice smile out of him this time rather than the normal grimace.

Today it is much cooler we seem to have a lot of cloud cover - was planning on sitting in the garden later.

Yesterday I bought a new toy - a cordless hedge trimmer - and wow what fun I have had with it this morning - the bushes out the front have been attacked big time.....easily pleased! These days I have been getting mainly craft toys - not had new tools for a long time!

The strawberries are still disappearing - seriously thinking of getting a camera rigged up just to see who the culprit is....

Owen and I went a shopping trip yesterday to get a better water pistol, well it certainly was much bigger than the one he already had, but didn't appear to be much better. We had a water fight last night and I am sure I won as I was dry and he was soaking wet.


Rachel said…
Hi Carolyn, and welcome to your "new blog"

Congratulations to Owen - a fab photo, and looking so grown up. How quickly they do grow (Jack is 20 weeks today)

Shame about the "cooler weather" is cold Up North too! infact the Fathers Day Bar B Q ended up under the grill (boo!)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend
Sue said…
you have moved!!

Well done Owen
Carolyn said…
Well the forum is moving so thought I would set up one of these!

yep def a shame it got cooler