Windows live writer

Today I have just installed Windows live writer and I just wanted to have a play and see what it could do.  It has more than my standard blogger editor although I must confess I have never checked to see if I could install more on there.  

It certainly lets you link to previous posts so easily and it even lets you some styles around your photos

link test, and it lets you select it to a new window - yay  sale

This is a drop shadow


Rounded corners – and even a watermark – any font any size any position – you need to click on the advanced tab when highlighting the image









The preview is a proper preview as well – how it will actually look on your blog.


Looks like there are loads more plug ins – will have to have a proper look later.  I might even be able to post something new next time.


Unknown said…
Glad you have discovered Windows Live Writer. I wouldn't blog without it to be honest. You can have it sync with more than one blog as well. Try everything out and take a look at my blog over at to see some of the great picture effects you can do AND the fantastic photo album! Have fun