Savoury Turnovers

We sell quite a few savoury items on the Country Markets in Ampthill, and a lot of people are looking for something for their lunch, or even to nibble there and then.

I have a glut of courgettes so I decided to knock together these turnovers. I rolled out a pack of puff pastry (half at a time), and cut into 12 squares in total.

I chopped an onion and fried it gently and added a diced courgette. I then put this mixture from corner to corner, and then added some diced feta and some sliced tiny toms. Folded over the two corners, and sealed with milk. I brushed with milk - maybe egg mixture might be more interesting - I will have to have a go. Then I cooked them for 15 mins in a fairly hot oven. They all sold - although I did keep a few back for us to try first and they were very nice.

I wonder what else I can put in these? I wonder about dicing a butternut squash - I would love to hear you comments.

I have loads of bananas - so if you have any fav recipes....lmk!


pinkpuppy said…
O they look yummy!!!
CraftyC said…
yummy, maybe I should go make some lunch! Thanks for the piccies!
tiggertastic said…
WOW these look so yummy, what a fantastic make

Sarah x
Max said…
I reckon you could fill these pastry pockets with anything and they would go in a flash ... I can almost smell them from here LOL!
Hi Carolyn - thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely lovely to hear from you.

Wow - what an inspiring blog you have here....I'm going to have a good moooch about at all the yummy baking ideas....and your cards of course...

We had a lovely time in Cornwall favourite place in the world...

Take care...Sally-Ann...x
Melissa said…
Your in the wrong job !!! They look fab!