Spring has sprung

Well what a fab day we had here - it was really beautiful and sunny, in fact t was so warm I had to go and change into my shorts. I dug over one of the vegetable patches ready to plant my potatoes, although I am not sure if the ground is warm enough for them - maybe next week it will be OK. I sowed some seeds - lettuce, radish and spring onion, although I have to say I have limited success with the spring onions here - I wonder if the pigeons have them.

This little chap came down and helped too, and posed for the camera....

Yesterday we popped down to the scout hut and helped clear out a lot of the junk to make way for some new equipment for camping. I think we could have thrown a lot of the old tents away....but they are still there. Apparently we were the only cub group that looked like something out of carry on camping a couple of year back....tee hee Big thanks to Waitrose that had a fund raising event and donated the money to the Scout group.

I have launched the latest Rubber stamping challenge...this week it is accessories...I hope that there are quite a few stampes out there featuring these, I used the template challenge for this one. Last weeks was a bit hard as many people didn't have food or drink stamps...thank you to all those that joined in I know everyone likes to look at all the designs.

I have taken a photo this time rather than scan - and I am not surewhich I prefer maybe I should take it with a flash rather than rely on natural light, I thought that it may give them a feeling of depth which the scanner fails to do.


Mark said…
Hi, I Love the picture of the bird! nice blog as well :)
Greets, Mark
My Blog.. I guess
Rachel said…
well done on the gardening and isnt it great to get summer stuff out. I wore a summer skirt the other day instead of jeans and it made a lovely change hehe. great piccie of the Robin, good luck with the seeds xx
Carol said…
aaaw carolyn - what a fabby picture of the robin.

I'm not a mad keen bird fan but the little robins are so cute x
Anonymous said…
My daffies get eaten by squirrels - maybe they like spring onions, too!!

The weather is great - long may it last!! though I'm a bit chilly in summer clothes as yet.