Garden 4th May 2020

My afternoon sunny spot, with mini waterfall - super relaxing there.
I have finally (well almost) finished the edging around the flower beds, so can now strim around them, hopefully it will be easier than all the shears and edging tool - only time will tell - super neat at the moment.  

Today I mowed the lawn and took these photos, I have now removed all the forget-me-knots that have self seeded around the garden, easy enough to remove and give colour when not much else in the garden.  I have started planting so hopefully I will have some colour in the summer.  

 A stretched landscape photo of the garden, the arbour is the morning sunny spot, and welcome shade in summer.

There still seems to be a lot of jobs on my list...
  • put lots of plants in
  • plant up veg plots - all seeds sown and plants ready - just waiting for frosts to be gone
  • finish painting fence (paint being delivered tomorrow)
  • tidy up that top corner
  • finish painting arbour (roof and seat done)
  • give shed another coat of Sadolin (just collected more paint)
  • paint table
  • paint footstool again
  • get a mirror (I think it will be nice) - maybe 2 in both seating areas
  • finish slabs by waterbutt
  • DO THE FRONT GARDEN (this is a mess...stressing me out just thinking about it)
And finally 2 new additions to the garden - I thought they were cute - and fill a gap!